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So these here are playlists I haven't shared anywhere yet. Not all my playlists can be found through public searches. Playlists that I share are embeddable elsewhere. Some of these are old like tattered feels from days of yore, I'm just getting them out here. I left out the ones that really trigger me. (I'm fine now.) I also left out the 'rescues', vids I reupload because someone else deleted theirs for some reason.

You can see I compile a wide variety of artists and music styles when I do tv character searches. A lot of my playlist compilations are constructed like mood therapy. Some on loop help me sleep, some are great for workouts, some help me redirect some of the rougher mood spiking and falling I go through (I'm not medicated). If I put a variety of different moods into one playlist and get used to listening to it, I can expect the next song because it's in my memory in a certain order, and then an expected song change can kind of pull a mood back from the abyss or away from a euphoria cliff. I've been living in youtube since 2006. Despite how the playlists look, as I match up my obsessive tv rewatches du jour with character fanvids, it's mostly about mood control. I need to reconstruct the really old playlists I had before I started making them on youtube.

I think it's clear by now that I love all the ways fans can evoke response in me. 2019 truly sucked, as did the early dark years before I came back out public, and youtube pretty much got me through ALL of it.


merlin (I originally had hundreds I downloaded and backed up to flash drives while I wasn't public, but I'd never made a playlist, maybe that will come back.)

=/ (all the sad had to wind up some place)


Ug (I can't even explain this)






2020 (baditude)

LNMwait- A playlist I doodled together and kept on loop while I was waiting in chat for the movie gang one night



Princes (because it's not just princesses)

Feldspar (Once I got Jacky and Pinky nailed down, I was able to move forward again from 2019. The fights inside myself used to be pretty epic.)

Wells- And from there I skipped (recklessly skidded) into a new adventure with myselves starting to confer with each other instead of fighting. It was quite the novelty I hadn't felt in all my life, being more in touch with my fragments. Like they say, it's not that I have more people in me, it's more like I'm torn into pieces and not whole.

W3- an attempt to weed out the crack vids

Tom- This showed up on the side, it's actually from months of skidding around youtube. There's quite a lot to compile for hardcore fans, but I'm not that into stuff like that.

2021- let's try this again, stupid covid twisted up last year's playlist




The Cabal Takedown

Ronald Bernard (ritual child sacrifice witness, whistleblower)

L-Cuomo As I wrote on twitter, "If citizen journalism can find all this, that means official mainstream medias posing as news are complicit in covering this up."

I had a number of other worthy playlists but youtube sucks for freedom of information.

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