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Thursday, June 25, 2020

walking thru tornadoes

I think I've talked about my tornado dreams somewhere. Once in a great while I have a big scary tornado dream, and they used to be really terrifying until I noticed a pattern. They're still scary, like witnessing something horrific, but they have changed a bit since I saw the pattern.

I've never been in a tornado in real life, and I'm not really a weather enthusiast. I love chaos theory and the modeling simulations, but I'm not keen on watching weather chasers drive right up to tornadoes.

The first dream years ago was nasty bad, and it was long before real time footage on TV. An elementary school I've never been in before was about to be hit, and I was an aid or a teacher getting kids through a hallway to a more protected area when the wall tore out.

Instantly everything froze. Or nearly froze. I could see everything around me very clearly, but it was all moving so super slowly that I could see how to walk around projectiles flying through the air, how to sidestep and duck and keep walking. I saw a little kid on the other side of the wind wall in the darkest part of the storm, and that kid was about to be ripped up with carnage.

Since everything was nearly at a standstill and my group of kids weren't in nearly the immediate danger that one kid was, I decided to pick my way through the debris all around us and pull the kid down to the ground so that stuff would miss hitting him. It was weird picking my way through all that 3D debris in the air. I felt like if I touched it, it would hurt me very badly, so I was very careful. It's was really hard because in some places there was barely room to squeeze between so much junk in the air, plus it was still all moving, even that slowly, so I couldn't map ahead and expect the path not to change. I eventually reached that kid, but it felt like it took ages, and was quite exhausting, like it took everything I had to be that alert.

The next dream was a bit different, the people more scattered, the building completely shredding apart, and I was in the thick of it. The debris move a little less slowly, so I had to be a little quicker with my dodging and ducking, and a couple of times I'd bump a shard or a board and it hurt like crap, but I kept moving and eventually wound up clear of the flying debris. I didn't have time to even look at anyone else to see how they were doing, the particles being more profuse and difficult to navigate.

That happened a couple more times, and by then I was noticing a pattern. I could walk through tornadoes in my dreams if I stayed focused on immediate action and didn't let the fear grip me. If I had fear, I got hurt, and that would snap me back into focus very quickly because I knew if I stopped at all, I would die. 

Other dreams after that one would be somewhat similar, but over time I seemed to develop a sense of the tornadoes even before they arrived. The dreams would have me watching tornadoes bearing down, but from far enough away or just enough time to avoid actually being in them, or having them pass by or overhead like a close shave. In those dreams, I was able to get to other people and talk them into moving out of harm's way, although sometimes we cut it really close and they were being difficult. Some people can't function when they see danger, others argue, still others, do everything wrong and backward. Not everyone believes when they are told something and they can't see it happening yet.

Over more time the dreams seem to have morphed into me knowing where and when they would form in the sky, and it's still very scary to watch them show up in the clouds and reach down and start tearing up houses and even cities, but I'm starting to notice that if I can get my focus on them more quickly, I can kind of push them back a little with my mind. I was about 5 dreams in on looking up to find them and seeing way worse than real life when I realized they could sense me watching and then I'd have to hide, or pretend not to notice so they'd pass by, and finally started mentally commanding them to go back up and not reach down to the ground. At first I didn't understand I could affect them, but over the last couple dreams I'm noticing that what I want to happen can change what is really happening, even it it's only just a little.

It hit me yesterday that all these years of tornado dreams might have been preparing me for The Storm. I used to be a nervous wreck in real life. I often planned for the worst because I didn't hope for the best. I was prepared every day for calamity to strike after a lifetime of chaos and calamity striking.

Ever since I started reading Q drops and deep digging with qanons, I have been becoming more confident and much less nervous. I am ready for the worst, so I don't worry about it. I stay focused on what is really going on and I move out of the way so I don't get hurt any more on social medias. I find my way through the debris flying all around and I'm doing pretty good.

The Storm is indeed shredding the entire global banking system and toppling authoritarian regimes. The Storm is affecting our judicial structures, our institutions, and our ways of life. The Storm seems like it is mercilessly ripping up everything we know about how to live while we feel caught in the debris.

But after The Storm we will find our freedom is no longer just a concept 'protected' by flimsy doublespeak, but genuine. We won't know how to restructure our own lives because they've been structured for us since we were born, so we'll feel vulnerable and afraid, but true freedom means we own ourselves, and governments will no longer be telling us we can't be who we deeply want to be.

We felt safe in our shackles. The herd felt safe in the corral. What we didn't realize was how much of the world was not safe at all because they didn't show us that. They withheld information that was crucial to our well being. They withheld cancer cures, free energy, part of our paychecks, and much more so that we'd stay trapped in a daily survival grind. The only ones who broke 'free' were the ones who cheated. The ones who cheated were allowed to keep cheating if they played the game. The game was about keeping the rest of us afraid to break free.

Thought crimes are punished on twitter. Free speech isn't tolerated on twitter. The Storm on twitter is wreaking havoc to those breaking free without cheating, trying to show others how to do the same.

It's possible to walk through The Storm, the slings and arrows, without harm. Slow down and look at the debris, and duck around it. Personally, I have my settings turned to muting all notifications from anyone not mutually following, regardless. If you are strong enough to reason, great, but I'm not that good yet. After the 2-day onslaught of hateful notifications coming in every 5-10 seconds over a mistake I made in one tweet, I just turned those notifications off. I'm staying focused on what's really happening, not the distraction. They can't flood my vision if I can't see them. In the meantime, I can keep sharing important information and having discussions with people I already know without hindrance.

Some of the accounts shut down by twitter knew they were front lines and risking that reaction. They continued provoking to make points, but in so doing, lost histories of information and links that are no longer available to the public.

If you don't want to lose accounts, slow down. Dodge the debris. Learn to draw less Twitter Big Brother attention to yourself by letting go of hashtagging everything, learn to leave key words out, edit your bio to change the way they mark you as watch material.

Q said- 

Digital warriors ready. 
Surrender to None ['Digital Battleground']. 

Memes prep. 
Music prep. 

Use 'topic' as target practice. 
Test your strengths. 
Know your weaknesses. 


The goal, from my point of view, is to learn to walk through The Storm. Learn to stay on the battlefield and hold the line. Learn to keep your histories intact so the truth will stay available. Rushing up in the the face of opposition and taunting with raspberries will only get you kicked from the playing field, and then running off to Parler to cry about it isn't how we win in information warfare.

You are digital soldiers. Learn stealth, learn patience, learn target, learn attitude, learn goal. Learn what your true value is and how to apply it so that you remain on board as a valuable part of the team.

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