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Monday, November 30, 2020

the point

Saturday, November 28, 2020

I know this looks unreal because your TVs aren't telling you it exists

In the technology of QFS, the AI will be the one to operate all the trades and transactions whether it will be of currency investments or intercontinental transactions between the countries. AI will act according to the balance of trades and will remain unbiased which is the major quality of QFS.

I haven't checked analytics on Pinky twitter since at least 2018, I think, possibly longer. Pretty sure I've never had this many profile clicks in one month in all the years I've been on twitter. My top tweet had a Macy's parade hashtag in it, but not a single profile click.

My busiest linked post here in the last 30 days is QFS (Quantum Financial System).

I've been sharing stuff about QFS on another account since June. This should have been huge all over media, instead we got riots, violence, and virtually unpunished damage of entire city blocks dotted across the nation. When you guys finally find out what QFS is, you are NOT going to like any of your favorite news outlets for not telling you about this.

And another account. You wouldn't believe how many accounts were censored over this.

Anyone still cranking at each other on medias about the election, y'all need to wake up and figure out what's going on already. I've known for a couple years, I see it actually going down now, and it's so awesome that I'm not worried. I'm smart and cautious, yes, because the world is still very on edge, but after we get through this transition, we are going to have a great 2021.

I know it's hard to trust that things will be ok, and it's hard to stay positive when the world around us is so negative, but if you could plug in and know all the things I know, you'd be so relieved.

Nearly there.

Also this. Billionaire technocrats and the media companies they own hating on POTUS is because he's busting up their trafficking networks. Ask why 'news reporters' can't seem to uncover what's up with this kind of stuff continually leaking out the last couple years while social medias keep shutting down accounts trying to share this stuff.

Friday, November 27, 2020

turkey salad

Kinda taking the day off. Sorta. 

Let's see what I've got in my phone. Most of this stuff was slinging around social medias.

I need to wrap this up and go eat a cookie. Here are some beautiful cookies for you guys, thanx for popping in! Happy weird long month now till Christmas, stay safe, ok.


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Feliz día de acción de gracias


Cranberry Ambrosia

Boil 2 c water and 1 c sugar until syrupy, about 10 min.

Wash 1 bag cranberries, add to sugar water, boil gently until nearly all popped. Turn heat off.

Immediately add 1 small box cherry jello, stir until dissolved.

While still hot, add 10 large marshmallows, stir until melted.

Pour in bowl and refrigerate overnight.

2 days ago...

Holiday prep blowing by like 

  • Thawing turkey in the fridge had a hole and soaked the towel it was on and overflowed to everything else, so cleaned out entire fridge, literally washed packages and containers full of food with dish soap.
  • Cooked that thing off early just to get it out of the fridge.
  • This wasn't a problem since no one was coming out.
  • Boom, the second it went into the oven we got a call about canceled catering and coming out.
  • So I can't eat that cooked turkey whenever I want now. 😂
  • The baked turkey tacos I figured I'd make are now burger tacos while the turkey sits in the fridge.

Don't forget part of what makes this Turkey Day so great. Regardless of whatever sides you're on, we are already experiencing law changes taking our rights away in pockets all over America.


I'm like half here, spaced out and numb. Been kinda like this most of the autumn, seems to be working well. Better than being forgetful and disoriented. This is my first holiday season with no parents, so however I float through is fine. Being soul weary and going on emotional sabbatical is probably normal, and I'd rather focus on my preggo kiddos anyway. 💕

Don't know yet what the second one will be, but we have a new little girl probably popping around Christmas, so me and my pink tree are ready.

Scott is taking over his mom's recipe book this year and has a pot of beans soaking for her special baked beans that they've had every Christmas for the 30 years I've known them. I'm doing my totally from scratch stuffing, except in the stuffing loaf I'm making I added extra herbs and dumped some sage in. Cubed up and toasting in the oven, going to hand toss that with dried cornbread cubes. I usually made homemade broth and freeze back, so I've got broth out thawing. I'm gently poaching chicken livers this morning to mash up. My family isn't crazy about that flavor in their stuffing, but that is my mom's original recipe and I like it. This afternoon I'll saute minced celery and onion in a little butter and stir that into the dried bread cubes with some of the mashed chicken livers, probably toss in a little more sage, and slowly drizzle hot broth over it all, folding it all over gently, till I feel like the density is right. Put that in a dish and bake it off.

Other than a punkin pie showing up somewhere in all this today, not really sure I need to do much else. I'm going with Bob Evans garlic mashed potatoes this year, gravy in a package (I saved the turkey drippings), and have stuff for a relish tray- olives, deviled eggs, a few raw veggies, cheese nibblies.

I think I need a playlist going so I'll get off here and focus.