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Monday, November 23, 2020

this would be working better if they had thought of a funner way to control us


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If I had my money back on every bag of tea I've wasted forgetting about my cup in the microwave... 😑

I can't help thinking about yesterday's twitter spasm like Tucker vs Sidney Celebrity Deathmatch or something. Wouldn't you love to see that? You guys know these two are probably both indicted, right? I have no sauce for that.

But really, we don't know what the what and Tuck is probably part of the show and Sid was probably media bait and it's all good. We knew ages ago white hats had control of the media. But don't auto assume that is Q-ctrl.

Right now we've got two major timelines competing for dominance. They both use Q in their future-speak. One talks about global financial reset that will require vaccination and other controls if you want to keep your rights as citizens, the other talks about the world revalue to gold standard and says the tech coming is free to everyone and that we'll be experiencing a debt jubilee. They are opposites, but they both say the world is about to change.

If you are floating on twitter for your 'news', you're still not getting it. Yes, they have digs and sauce, and some of it is brilliant if you are actively pursuing truth and sourced information. Don't limit yourself. I just linked you to something no one is really talking about yet, something that seems to have been under our noses for years, yet something we don't have familiar lingo for in news and across medias yet.

We've been brain trained all our lives to trust 'news' sources. Authoritative articles and news segments slide easily into our brains and we adopt incoming info like that regularly. It all seems congruent and matchy and, as mentioned, authoritative, so we assume it is truth. People who know more truth beyond what we are being shown, real scientists and researchers around the world, have been very aggressively blocked for months by tech giants controlling our social medias and keeping us in doubt about 'truthers' and 'conspiracies'. If we become tempted to research on our own and then share what we find, our own accounts become censorship targets and it's really hard to understand why the tech giants want so badly to stop us sharing verified and sourced info that we worked hard to find. Some of us certainly work harder than 'journalists'.

Truth is a funny thing. We can create self fulfilling truths that we make up. For instance, if you tell a bunch of already health-compromised people that they must 1) mask everywhere, 2) stay indoors, 3) withdraw from society, 4) listen to their doctors, and 5) follow all mandates or face legal retaliation, we get a bunch of people growing even more health-compromised. We know many of those people already have airway risks and low immunity, so rebreathing their own germ-laden air can actually cause bacterial infections back into their lungs that can literally kill them. We know that going out into the sunshine and fresh air is crucial to our health, so not replacing the vitamin D lost by staying indoors for months greatly enhances chronic illness. We know that withdrawing from society markedly increases mental health issues and spikes suicides and drug abuse. We know that people like this can become very afraid of their doctors diagnosing them with the mysterious new disease that 'everyone' seems to be dying from and no one gets to visit in hospitals or attend funerals, which is extremely scary, the thought of dying alone in a very scary situation like that, so patients needing treatment for other issues like heart disease and cancers aren't getting treatment out of fear. And we know the fear of legal retaliation means that this group of people won't stand up for their own health care rights.

That is very self fulfilling. Some scientists and doctors are predicting this next flu season will be rougher than usual because so many people have become even more immune compromised the months before, and if flu gets diagnosed as covid (we saw how that went down over the summer), that will triple and quadruple the absolute fear of getting covid. All this looks like, to me, higher death rates just because the whole thing is rigged to contribute to higher death rates whether there is more covid or not.

Then there is the media. No covid numbers anywhere the few tense days around the election, like suddenly it didn't matter, then a severely nasty spike in covid numbers once it was clear the election couldn't immediately certify a winner. And now the 'news' is hammering the nation with more covid fear that the governors don't seem to share in, like breaking their own rules and stuff. If covid is that dangerous, the leaders wouldn't be breaking the rules. They are evidently not afraid of it. 🤔

With all this covid distraction, we are being trained to tune out what doesn't seem dire and to go on full alert over the word covid. Let's get real. If this had been a smallpox scenario, like in the real Dark Winter simulations, a third of the world would already have died off by now.

Smallpox, because of its high case-fatality rates and transmissibility, represents one of the most serious biological warfare threats to the civilian population. In 1980, the World Health Assembly announced that smallpox had been eradicated and recommended that all countries cease vaccination. Although labs in two countries still officially store smallpox samples (U.S. and Russia), its re-appearance would almost certainly indicate an intentional outbreak.

Aerosol release of smallpox virus disseminated among a relatively small population could result in a significant epidemic. Evidence suggests the infectious dose is very small. Several factors are cause for concern: the disease has historically been feared as one of the most serious of all pestilential diseases; it is physically disfiguring; it bears a 30 percent case-fatality rate; there is no treatment; it is communicable from person to person. Vaccination ceased in this country in 1972, and vaccination immunity acquired before that time has undoubtedly waned. Prior to eradication, data on smallpox outbreaks in Europe indicated that victims had the potential to infect 10 to 20 others. However, there has never been a smallpox outbreak in such a densely populated, highly mobile, unvaccinated population such as exists today.

In 1947, in response to a single case of smallpox in New York City, 6,350,000 people were immunized (500,000 in one day), including President Harry Truman. In 1972, after disappearing from Yugoslavia for four decades, a single case of smallpox emerged. There are two ways to control a smallpox epidemic - vaccine and isolation. Yugoslavia's Communist leader, Josip Tito, used both. He instituted a nation-wide quarantine, and immunized the entire country of 20 million people using vaccine supplied by the World Health Organization.

As you can see, the 'covid exercise' is not new. This is not a new thing. What has been going on this whole year is more like a test over world control than a real apocalypse. So many of us have become so immediately responsive to screens updating us all day long that we have become very malleable, as populations go.

I'm not happy with being malleable. I like being able to use my own brain to figure things out. The best way to get brain exercise and build up your brain abs is to go find things that you're not sure about and dig up all the pros and cons and settle for yourself what is right. We're not a dumb species. Unless we let other people do all our thinking for us.

I don't trust billionaire oligarchy. They could care less if we die from bacterial reinfection from masking all day. And now some of them are telling us to wear them at home around people who aren't even sick.

Did you know that airway problems is one of the fastest ways to kill people? If you are reinfecting yourselves with icky masks that you aren't changing out through the day and washing, you have been trained to literally poison yourself. I wonder why proper masking isn't being taught in all this big fear. Maybe because, to them, it doesn't matter.... 🤔 As long as you *wear* the mask, you don't get in trouble for not wearing a mask. Just "wear the damn mask", as they say.

'Wear the damn mask' means "Shut up and do as you're told. OBEY." 

Find who you are. Go inside yourself and test what feels right, what feels wrong. Families torn apart. Business owners losing everything they have. Freedom to move around and shop and travel and enjoy one another taken away. Can those stuck on the controlling side escape?

What happens if all the screens go down and you don't have someone telling you what to do?

Bless the poor souls no one sees fighting on the other side. As Roseanne says, WWFG1WFGA.

In case I disturbed some sensibilities, we can get back to some fun. I started this playlist today.

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