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Monday, August 2, 2021

back when nursery rhymes survived cancel culture

 Blurbs while I pack.

When young step-father William truly breaks free of the real shackles that bind him, 2.7M cicadas will emerge.

Those of you who know exactly what I'm saying with this visual, yes, you know.

Yeah, imagine someone not having a clue about the true mind blowing Jedi power they have.

This came in an email about a post I could care less about called Mirkwood's Finest. That was probably the last time I ate venison. I dunno if that post gets flagged by readers or what, but this isn't the first time I've been alerted to 'difficulties' with that particular post. Read more about 👉server side error codes.👈

Given what I've been through over the last year from social medias and google with majorly canceling my web presence (seen in full in other browsers), I'm not at all surprised that one tiny little post out of 17 years of blogging keeps catching their attention over and over, and sometimes content is just quietly cut from search engines because there is no legit reason to shut someone down. I can't prove that was venison, I can't prove it was obtained legally, and I'm not a verified food blogger, so who knows, I may have triggered someone.

Standing ovation to this person who actually figured out how to contact me CORRECTLY, lol. Just for that, I'll give full kudos and share the links. This email was in response on July 23, 2021 to this post-  https://pinkyguerrero.blogspot.com/2016/06/base-reality.html

Dear Janika,

I trust you and your loved ones are healthy and safe at this most unusual time.

I’m writing because you shared the HorrorNews.net site on this page at Pinky Guerrero. 

We've just published new research on the most popular horror movies in each U.S. state. 

Here are some fun facts we discovered:

  • The Devil's Backbone, by Guillermo del Toro, is the #1 horror movie in our nation's capital.
  • The Shining, inspired by Stephen King's stay at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, is the most popular horror flick in that state.
  • Oregon leads as #1 for horror film watching, and Host is their favorite movie.

You'll find more entertaining results here at KillTheCableBill.com:-

We've put weeks of hard work into the research, and I hope you'll agree that the results are fascinating. Do you think Pinky Guerrero readers would find our article fun to read? If so, would you please insert a link for your readers? 

Either way, thank you for your consideration.

Best wishes,


PS. KillTheCableBill.com was recently featured on USA Today and PCMag, and it’d make my day to see it on Pinky Guerrero, too ;)

Helen Back
Outreach Manager

Alternatively, since I've still got questionable publishing agencies leaving messages today about my nonexistent book, here is proof that even google alerts doesn't associate my name with being an author of a published book. This is the absolute closest the biggest search engine in the world can get to putting my name with a book being published in real time. This latest guy today (a repeat caller) is using the same name as a verified sports writer in Florida and a big league radio president and a few other people doing their own podcasting, so putting that together with the last info I got, just not an easy person to verify as legit.

I dunno, maybe pay attention to what's being said and the visuals sliding around our brains our whole lives and ask  if it might possibly be related to what's going on now in alt news.

If you are still new to this, the tunnel rescues have been going on wordwide since 2019, and troops have lost lives over this.

I've got some packing to finish up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

that time we already had a worldwide free energy grid

Someone is bugging me to get busy finishing this post I started days ago...

I mean, if I can game like this, I can write blog posts like this.

Lefty isn't at all happy about being commandeered into gaming.

This super cracked me up and now I'm getting serious deja vue with it. Has this trend happened before and it slipped my mind, or is this an old set of photos? It seems really familiar.

I'm going to be discussing these videos.

Questions and concerns about the last post's video link- (the top vid up there)

  • How did astrolabes cross over from flat earth to global earth? Does that still work?
  • If our world is all about being an energy hypertorus and what we experience is a variety of vibrations and stuff, how is the argument for flat vs global even still valid? Neither one is a satisfactory visual to me.

Cool takeaways from that video-
  • If that is the truth about the architecture, that the entire world already had free energy and it was destroyed to capture and then entrap humanity into a debtor slave system, then we have a way more interesting history than what I was taught in school, and we need to rise up in fury over that being so forcefully taken away from us.
  • If that is the truth about orphanages and the social engineering that created the need for them and then the reassigning of identities, then all our lineages are probably extremely corrupted and genealogists need to rise up in fury.
  • That map in the moon was awesome. I already knew about being able to see stars through the moon, but the U.N. flat earth map being mirrored on the moon was weirdly exciting.


A couple of days and more vids later, I'm having more thoughts, and I think I can summarize this into a cohesive think piece. I'm about to include stuff from other videos in this think trail, which I'll share below near the bottom of the post.


There seem to be at least three historical versions going on, between all these vids, of what actually happened to humans and how our belief and education systems have been used since then to keep us blind and stupid.

All three versions seem to agree on parasitic invasion, whether insect, artificial intelligence, or other humans or human-type beings.

All three versions agree that our earth was far more technologically advanced in our past compared to what we are capable of now.

All three versions recognize that 'ancient' architecture was part of a world-wide energy grid system.

All three versions agree that our world history has been falsified, changed, and rewritten in very exaggerated ways to cover up what really happened.

All three versions agree that our world was attacked and destroyed all at once and billions of people vanished, although there is very little speculation where they went or what happened. Obviously we'd find evidence if a couple billion people had just suddenly died all over the world. (That last sentence just deja vued me into the movie Edge of Tomorrow and the STNG episode Cause and Effect.)

Overall, the research in all three versions is extensive and well thought out.


Discrepancies show up when they start discussing dates, perpetrators, intentions, and who the 'good guys' were in our historical records.

Some of the discrepancies are assumptions without evidence or logic behind conclusive statements, per their differing viewpoints of what was really going on.

One of the discrepancies is over our own ancestors being the architects vs outsiders being the architects, with a hint in at least one version that outsiders either are our ancestors or mixed with our ancestors, and from there further hinted at species subjugation. There is a very real chicken/egg debate inherent in this, which I'm not sure any of the researches quite noticed they were setting up.

One version might include other information or research that others don't, which lends a different quality to conclusive outcomes.

My own interjections immediately beg the question of whether the ancient architects were the good guys or the parasites, and each different point of view wildly changes the historical perspective, as such- 
  • If the architects came from outside our world ecosystem, one must wonder why the energy grid was set up in the first place, and who it was set up for. That alone is invasive, even if well intended.
  • If the architects originated from inside our world ecosystem and set the entire world up on a free energy system, who in their right minds would want to destroy it.
  • If the parasites came from outside to an energy grid set up by architects apart from them, one natural conclusion is that invasion destroys in order to subjugate, 
  • OR if parasites came from outside and were themselves the architects, and this is where all the researchers missed this completely, they set up the energy grid in order to capture and the destruction was a well coordinated offensive by the original inhabitants to dismantle the parasites' power structure, which backfired horribly into a new slave grid replacing it wherein we are all monitored and controlled.

That is what it boils down to for me, one energy grid replaced another. WHY? It's obviously about control.

Short version- 
Once upon a time we had a beautiful world and awesome tech and very high level science that far outstrips our 'modern' science, and the earth was peaceful. Then one day a world invasion flipped us upside down, the world energy grid was very thoroughly destroyed, a couple billion people went missing, and history ever since has been about convincing us that we crawled our way out of the mud into this modern age of rocket science that can't seem to replicate the ancient tech at all, and most of us are fairly destitute compared to the handful of elites running the world, and we keep getting sicker and uglier and poorer while the world gets meaner and tighter until most of us are so depressed and cynical that we sit around watching TV and drinking ourselves to sleep in between our life schedules and local calamities, more or less.

Very cool takeaways- 
The moon having the U.N. flat earth map on it. O_O This clicks out to wikipedia.

Keep in mind that the map depiction may not necessarily mean anything substantive about anything corporeal on our earth as we know it, or in our past. I'm not advocating or debating flat or globe, just pointing out that Globalist are very obviously flying a 'flat earth' map flag.

The original colour the group chose in 1945 was a gray blue that differs from the current United Nations flag. The globe used in the original design was an azimuthal projection focused on the North Pole with the United States, the host nation of the conference, at the centre. The projection that was used cut off portions of the Southern Hemisphere at the latitude of Argentina, which was acceptable at the time, as Argentina was not planned to be an original member of the United Nations.[10] The projection was later altered so that no country will be at prominence within the flag. The new logo was now designed so that the globe is bisected in the centre by the Prime Meridian and the International Date Line.

In 1946, a UNO committee got the task of making a definite design, which was presented December 2, 1946, and adopted by the plenary session of the UNO on December 7, 1946. The earlier version had the globe 90 degrees turned eastward compared with the present flag, which has the Prime Meridian and the International Date Line forming the vertical diameter. According to press statements, the change was made to move North America away from the centre of the emblem.

There is just one teeny problem with that. That map is replicated possibly upside down and/or backwards on the moon somehow, a moon that apparently people can see a star through the dark side while in crescent, apparently.

As a diehard lifelong scifi enthusiast, yes, I am utterly familiar with light bending around spherical objects, so I'm not going into a science debate here. Just pointing things out.

We keep hearing echos of "There are no coincidences" during the big Q intel drops over the last few years.

Let's get back to that architecure, which we've obviously never been able to truly replicate.

I used to ask as a kid why columns of ruined buildings were left standing. It makes no sense to leave them up. Unless you don't want anyone to know what they are made of on the inside, so you leave them up for historical value.

I used to ask as a kid why the streets were so crap in old westerns when obviously they knew how to make decent buildings. After all, there are streets set up all over the world, even in small villages. Why did TV keep showing us dirty muddy streets as a rule of thumb? Unless they were instilling in our minds that was a natural state of things for humans in order to cover for older pictures of big beautiful cities full of muddy streets, which aren't generally available to find.

Ok, that was where I left off. Time to finish this.

I think I need to get some focus back, plus I've had more time to think. First of all, I'm pretty sure our world wasn't exactly idyllic before the parasites and the big world cataclysm. Second of all, if Atlantis is truly synonymous with the bad guys, we need to define who exactly the bad guys were and probably still are. Third, we need to recognize that there could have been layers overlapping and nothing can be read in architecture and bits of historical evidence at face value, especially if anyone is purporting that history was rewritten and bits of it erased and whatnot.

So, again, basic question, did black hats or white hats build the original worldwide energy grid, and was there a deeper purpose than simply providing power? Because if the entire grid was destroyed, that means whoever destroyed it was both organized and had access, right. I can't help wondering if the destruction was in part due to both sides and possibly even a third party with very flexible relationships with both the other sides to the point of pulling off subterfuge.

These things are never easy to untangle, so I'm not taking any of the vids at face value. You can put all the pretty music you want in front of pretty buildings, but that doesn't mean 1- the people were good, 2- the intent was good, or 3- they were us in any form, even as ancestors.

And I'll tell you why.

THAT information, as compelling as it is, completely leaves out another huge bit of historical information coming to light that begs everything about the entire question of who did what and why. And that is our human trafficking issue, thoroughly documented as being supported and covered for by every government on our world going back throughout human history. The mix of good and bad guys is so messed up over so long a time, the cover stories and ridiculous legal structures and scam bankster fraudulent Feds, that it's incredible and very time consuming to sift it all down into a coherent history, much less an ongoing war being very strongly silenced by complicit medias.

So you tell me. Did the 'benevolent' human trafficking bloodline families pose their way into creating a power grid for everyone in order to keep us in bondage? Did a well organized slave uprising take down the worldwide grid system so that people could go free? And did that backfire terribly into another big world cataclysm cleansing the rebel populations down to more manageable proportions to start over with an all new grid system? Because the bad guys that we know of now, the elites of the world, have been lying to us all this time about science and how we are so lucky to have this life encumbering energy grid now that keeps us all monitored and debt enslaved to the point where they have the power of life and death over us if, like, the power stations all simultaneously and very needlessly go down in a big Texas ice storm, for example.

So I'm questioning everything. I have no problem believing our history is fake and that our world really had a free energy grid, because that makes scientific sense. What doesn't make sense is the very simple explanations I'm hearing as to what happened.

I think it all boils down to human slavery from the very start. Whoever the "parasites" were and probably still are, this is what the entire Q operation is all about, and this time it won't backfire. This time they get purged.

In my opinion, the whole fake moon thing and flat earth vs global earth is a big distraction from what is really going on. None of the side taking matters as long as people are still being farmed, tortured, and sold as products. Nothing else matters until we make that stop. Because until that stops, the rest is just a cover to keep our eyes and minds off it so we'll dismiss it and let it continue.

And shrugging that off in favor of arguing about the moon isn't any different from walking by a person being kicked and raped to death on the street and pretending like you didn't see it happening.

And that is why they say we live in a Matrix. We create this illusion together. What is real? If you choose not to see something, it isn't real to you, is it?

Do you want the reality of knowing what is the truth? Then we need to stop human slavery. Once the baddies are purged, we will get all the truth they hid from us.

And now to explain the screenshot at the very top of this post. I was in a multi-person convo on the phone about covid being a political excuse with the same results as communism when I was a kid while I was gaming on this laptop. Sometimes my game will freeze up and I have to refresh the page, but during that convo, the laptop froze and completely locked me out, something I've never seen it do before. I could move the mouse, but I couldn't get it to click anything. I killed and rebooted twice, same thing. By the second time I was able to right click and get menus, but the reboot wasn't coming up properly at all. I did a third reboot, finally got a power menu, and used the mouse to 'restart'. After my laptop finally booted up normally, the very first picture to come up was that screenshot at the top of this post, which was astounding since it has everything to do with this research that I stalled out on. What are the odds that my laptop would freeze up and lock me out during a live covid convo and then come up with that particular picture out of all the dozens of nature and city shots I've seen while I'm literally researching buildings like that?

Because that building is part of the ancient free energy grid.

Twitter often blocks me out of my analytics, I have to go back days later to see numbers. Wonder why they do that.

At least I haven't been banned on that account yet, which is still surprising me to no end.

For readers who feel they've suffered through this one and made it to the end, here, have a cookie.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

taking each other's bait


So this was a real thing, got another phone call today, didn't pick up, they left a voice mail, different place around town this time from the last ten who called, BUT actually look-uppable because they stated the business name and whatdayknow, it was literally their web address as well right down to the 'agency'. 

Which immediately didn't impress me because it was obviously either a quick hack job with poor mobile support and literally no links out to real services or published examples, or they just really don't have a clue how to make a website. Maybe all of that. I mean, a person could slap that tiny amount of info up in about 3 minutes flat if they did know what they were doing, like being really good at making cover sites for scams or something.

But I got a street address to play with, huzzah, so my long boring day in a way too thick surgical dressing on my recently sliced open hand suddenly got more exciting. Note- This says "call us" and doesn't have the same phone number that just called me...

And you know what an unmatchy phone number means. That's right! 😀 It means I go on the hunt because fake phone numbers are so prolific in my life.

Karamel? 😗 That site was super broken or something, didn't go anywhere, who knows if it was even related. The internet is so full of fake crossover crap leading to dead ends that most of it is useless, unless you are of the notion that all that fakery is Alice through mirrors kind of stuff, which I discovered once was freaky real when webmii in France crossed into trucker school in the U.S. with the same phone number on both official sites.

Ok, let's skip to the address, I'm bored with the phone number already. Wait, a literary agency uses a mailbox service street address in its official website? 

Ok, that was interesting. What else can we find at that street address? Maybe someone else's business logo or something. Nothing like not realizing your business is tangled up with two other businesses in search already. Not a terribly bright publisher, perhaps.

Wait, what's this? 😮 A real client, perhaps? On possibly an older website that doesn't yet look official? Same address, though, so they've had a mailbox at that place for awhile, at least. There is also a notary named Fay connected to the mailbox street address.

Oh, nevermind, false alarm. Must've been a test site or something. Or a hack site selling books that weren't theirs, perhaps. One can only guess at these things. The Burning Girls book is real, though, easy to find that on legit sites.

Another other business entanglement. Doesn't anyone use legit street addresses in Beverly Hills? I'm starting to think I might need to check that mailboxes site out a little bit more.

Noice! Verr purty. I think I found Fay.

And her doggie.

Time to hit the streets for some down and dirty recon.

That was surprisingly more underwhelming than I expected, and I was already expecting fairly low. But when I finger drove around the neighborhood, I ran into other surprising businesses.

Closer look.

Like a one stop chop shop.

At that point, I was extremely fed up with that giant bandage, so I dropped the recon and rebandaged my surgical wound with a much simpler gauze pad. Already healing fast, yay!

So you guys remember my challenge, right? Hang on, lemme grab that.

Ok, here you go, that clicks out if you need to go back and catch up.

I had written this- 
Stats are my aspie train obsession, and I really don't need to go back to that level of stalker games. I guess I'm mildly pointing out that if you aren't who you say you are, I could conceivably still find you and see if someone in your areas would be interested in checking out whether you are really legit for me. Wouldn't that be a fun game to play... I could Easter egg the results across random blogs...

Now, I have no idea if today's caller saw that challenge or not, but the game has begun! 

My surgeon would probably croak if she saw me using my hand this much already.

I'm 3 hours into this cool documentary, like how much of our old architecture all over the world is literally set up as giant capacitors for free energy and ever since world pop was taken down in the 1800s (seriously check out those city photos all over the world with no population, super creepy, our entire world has gone through some kind of massive amnesia event), we have been really dumbed down into rockheads living consumer frenzied debtor lives and doing what we're told.

earth moving and baby farming


Monday, July 19, 2021

p.s.- hi, Los Angeles

I don't know about the series of L.A. hits over the last year, because you guys seem to be coming from several different publishing companies judging by the phone calls, but I just wanna say that even when I am being a snarky b*tc# about it, I actually do appreciate being told that my content is good enough to want to pick up and make money on yourselves.

I really want to be transparent about how yes, I know some of what I write is pretty decent, because there are things I've written on blogs over the last 17 years that have gone a bit viral around the world, even being translated and republished or used in other writeups and stuff, and my content being on my own blogs has allowed me to see this directly in real time via pingbacks, linkbacks, contacts across several mediums, but mainly just loads and loads of lurkers that I used to be able to verify, with paid trackers, were return readers who would sit and read everything I ever wrote. (This paragraph is awkward, I'm not going to fix it, whoever it bugs, deal with it.)

When I first set out to create a blog fleet, I was amusing myself as much out of boredom and depression as anything. I thought it would be fun to Easter egg my content and drive traffic around, like a big game (can't do that in a book), but I've never seen that blow into such a big combing all the blogs frenzy as this last year. I finally opened up and really wrote stuff over the last couple of years, and I guess it's a big deal now that I've dared to openly challenge 'the narrative' with my actual real life.

I used to be happy with 40 impressions on any random tweet. I'm not clever with social medias, and I often wish I'd done things differently. But one thing I've been is honest. I can't definitively say that is the magic ingredient, but a random tweet sample pulls up several hundred impressions nowadays, and that's me being very careful NOT to hasthtag, @ anyone, or quote tweet trending topics, on top of my followers almost never, ever retweeting or even liking. My twitter looks pretty dead, and yet... impressions. Do you know why I like that? It makes the content more important than me. I'm clearly not hustling for hits like I used to make a game of.

Honesty can come back to bite, but it can also propel readership. I think the range of publishers I've been mildly complaining about bugging my phone over the last couple years has been interesting, but more interesting is how many of them lately are calling me from Los Angeles. I can't even guess if I'm truly being noticed or simply just a phone number being passed around.

What do I do with that? I hardly take myself or any of you that seriously. Do you guys SEE what is going on in the world nowadays? There is so much more important stuff than publishing a book by Janika Banks, or sadly misconstruing that I've already been properly published when I haven't.

I can't tell if you guys are for real because of THAT. That one thing. Why do all you guys lead off voice mails and texts with a book I've already purportedly published? Because I have never published a book. How can I take any of you seriously when not one of you gets it right? If you guys keep saying I wrote an amazing book but never mention what I actually really do and say, I feel like publishing is just a racket, a scam. Wonder why I don't respond? You don't know me. I am all over the internet, people read my stuff all over the world, and you cannot seem to get what I really do.

It has been really tempting to get a paid tracker on my blogs again, but I keep not letting myself do that. I used to be able to see street addresses and earth maps, look up realtors and see floor plans of your buildings. I could indulge myself, but I don't think that's healthy. Stats are my aspie train obsession, and I really don't need to go back to that level of stalker games. I guess I'm mildly pointing out that if you aren't who you say you are, I could conceivably still find you and see if someone in your areas would be interested in checking out whether you are really legit for me. Wouldn't that be a fun game to play... I could Easter egg the results across random blogs...

Some of you can't be found by your phone numbers alone, though, which is concerning since you are calling as hopefully legit businesses.

And it's interesting that so many of you across North America seem to have my UNLISTED number somehow.

- Janika Banks

:edit: THIS is what is published. Pic clicks to post.

sore thumb

It's still on!!! 😀 When I stop aspirin and vitamins isn't that crucial for this kind of surgery, so yay!!! I'm so ready to get this done, been a little over 2 years since this problem with my thumb started, and I kept having to reschedule the surgery. Have already had at least 3 steroid shots over that time. It has hurt constantly this entire time, but whadayado.

So I probably won't be online at all for at least 2 days, probably longer depending on recovery and how I do with pain med. I don't do pain meds well. Trying to use my hand will increase the need for pain treatment. I've got a TV marathon in mind to keep my mind off. Getting my house deep cleaned today, getting my nibblies stored up ahead, going on vacation, lol.

I found this in 'ocean wallpaper desktop' search, it's on my screen. Click the pic to go download it yourself.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

that nagging feeling you get


Yep, had Pimpy figured out already after he kept contacting me and bugging me to buy bitcoin. Screenshot clicks to link.

PinkFeldspar pimpy mentions from last January

PinkFeldspar pimpy black pilled and how I wound up involved

PinkFeldspar bitcoin posts, lotta info

PinkFeldspar "itty bitty coin crash" my own bitcoin crash parody post

So yeah, there you go, "Manchurian candidate" literally had my phone number getting hold of me on whatsapp. The really annoying part was how super focused on aggressively pushing bitcoin he was without regard to anything else at all going on that was so much more important, especially after bitcoin reveals started coming out. I really liked pimpy but that went amazingly south.

I keep winding up involved in things...