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Thursday, November 25, 2021

burnt feed

On Tuesday the 16th at exactly 5:39:19 p.m., some of my blogger domains were simultaneously updated for inbound links. Not all of them. Just particular ones.

Just thought that was interesting because I'd never seen that before and because it was so precise. I have no idea why that happened.

Also, despite blogger's feedburner analytics no longer being supported, I can at least see through blogger referrals that linkbacks from my old feed burners are being shared more than direct links back to my blogs nowadays. I don't mean just bookmarked, I mean posted as links. The top two are Stefani and the biggest military operation in human history, which is very interesting because neither one of them are on a blog that got synched with the simultaneous update. Because the link shares are to feedburner, I don't get direct stats on these through blogger itself, so I really have no idea how many eyes on have happened now since they've dropped detailed analytics. The weird part is that the busiest feed burner link for a count of eyes-on go to a blog that feedburner doesn't even originate from. I'm in brain fry from Turkey Day, so I'm not going to try to figure that one out.

Anyway, the feedburner address to this blog is still easy to get to if you want to slip in slyly where I don't really see you, just go to Pink Feldspar - powered by FeedBurner.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Thursday, November 4, 2021

voice of Q

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Crazy busy couple of weeks. Thyroid back in normal range, yay. Eyes perfectly healthy for my age even after the last 9 months of hypertensive breakouts (now under control), prescription stayed exactly the same. Was exposed to hand-foot-mouth during babysitting with no repercussions whatsoever. Likely also exposed to a norovirus ripping around and a 'bad cold' everyone seems to be getting with barely a blip on my internal radar. Still taking vitamins, especially D, CoQ10, and particularly a stress B with a nice dose of C and zinc that I alternate with a multiple that also has selenium. Fall allergies showed up with the leaves falling, but other than that, I seem to be doing fabulous. I don't mask and I've never had a covid shot of any kind. I've already been through years of chronic health fail that left me nearly immobilized and suffering nerve and soft tissue damage for so many years that I thought I'd be dead by now. Everything changed in 2014 when I got completely off all wheat (GMO, Monsanto), kept changing as I changed the rest of my diet away from junk and carb loading, then a doctor found out I was vitamin D deficient and started me on D last year, and then accidentally discovered I wasn't getting sick at all like everyone else was after I missed a flu shot (2020) after years of religious flu shots.

My big health dive started right after a flu shot on Nov 6, 2007 and lasted for many years, but I never connected that together for a long time, although my sister did. I got sick with EVERYTHING that came along, including life threatening cytomegalovirus that got so bad I was tested for hepatitis and my doctor at the time even speculated I might have an autoimmune liver disease. I'd already been living with lupus after working overnight stat in a hospital for 3 months (pre mandatory gloves with very strong cleaners) where I was exposed to many things (including a mercury spill) while I was also going through the worst of my alcoholism, all of which I believe contributed to massive autoimmune fail. So you can imagine 30 years of my life in autoimmune flares, ongoing nerve fails (which a car accident at 19 started), loss of function and the ability to self care, and living on antibiotics every 3 months like clockwork. That seems to be over now. I haven't had an autoimmune flare since 2014, and the rest of my health has been repairing since then. So yeah, it's a huge deal that I'm not getting sick nowadays while everyone else is. You might wanna pay attention to what I'm saying about that kind of stuff. Stop getting shots, change your diet, take vitamins, get some real rest, turn off the TV and think about things that make you feel good, move around more because our bodies are made to move, and love your people. These things heal us because they are natural and good. Unnatural things and worry and fear make us sick.

Doing a major sweep on household chores this week, next week I finalize packing. Heading out again, ready for the road. Perfect time of year for it. I mean, hopefully gas shortages don't stop me, right. Things to do, places to go, people to see.

Eating lotsa veg, lately hungry for parmed zucchini and yellow squash, cauliflower and dip, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli. Have way more energy eating like that. Birthday week was a binge week, sank like a rock into lethargy. That's over. Finally made buttermilk ice cream for the first time this week, interestingly weird but feels way better on my stomach than regular ice cream. Buttermilk is also good for you. 👉 buttermilk nutrition

Our neighborhood is getting another fiber upgrade. We're already on fiber, but now they've got a window of so many days to upgrade and keep our internet on. Can't help wondering if this is part of the new quantum internet.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

new world order and the resistance

Google analytics is telling me that the bounce rate on this blog for all of 2021 is 50%. Considering how very saturated this blog is with links, I'm not surprised. I pepper so many links into everything I post or have in widgets that people can't help but click.

Every post I've made with Sacha Stone in it, though, has an extremely high bounce rate, which means they leave without clicking anything on my blog. I'm not what they were looking for. I linked his name directly to his current website for you there. You're welcome. Since a larger percentage of readers came for him than nearly anything else this year, I guess it would be nice of me to help you find him. His big thing is the Lazarus Initiative, which is very cool. You can also find vids he's put on bitchute, plus he's on twitter and facebook. He may have more, but that's a good start.

Readers coming in on mobile for my QFS (quantum financial system) post have been the most consistently interactive, scouring my blog for more information, which I can only copy from other sources, so allow me to offer a direct link to the guy who knows most about it. Charlie Ward was commissioned to work with the white hat military moving the world's gold out of the Vatican tunnels back to it's proper owners around the world. Someone in Spain doesn't like me sharing his stuff on twitter, got a phone call last week from Spain that left a message 2 hours after an identical message came in from the States, and neither has called back again, which was pretty wild but happened on a day I had shared quite a lot of linked sourced information on twitter that doesn't make it onto regular media. They really don't want you guys knowing what the quantum financial system is because it's different from their Great Reset in that it will actually bring debt forgiveness, not just throw FIAT backed checks at you from a government who is telling you that you will be happy in the future when you own nothing. Some of us are mocking that with #metameth tags. They don't like that. Anyway, I saw that original video roll out pretty much live and happened to snag the whole lot of screenshots because I knew it would disappear really fast because youtube was on a cancel spree, and I was right, and that's how my own blog post got so popular. Anyway, Charlie has that original on his official site, and you can see from the date there how long it has been public. Some of us knew about it even before that because we were encouraged to study it in some of our Q groups on discord, many of which were also removed and all the archives with them.

If you are thinking something isn't real because you aren't seeing it on your news screens, it's because mainstream medias and the oligarchs who own them don't want you to know that there is such a thing as debt forgiveness coming. They want your hard earned money, and they'd like to keep playing that game of keeping you in debt the rest of your lives while they sit like fat cats on top of the world. That credit system is actually illegal, but they've got it all set up in such a way that you think loan sharking through credit systems is awesome. You believe your credit score is one of the most important things in you lives. Your social credit score will soon overtake that and ruin what's left of your freedoms, but the QFS is the opposite of all that and you will enjoy life way more once it's finalized.

But enough about my blog. Now you need to go find out why you can't catch covid. I've never been vaccinated for covid, been around people all I want, and I barely had one very mild cold in the last couple of years, and that's it. Oh, yeah, and the ONLY time I mask is when I'm forced to wear one just to see a doctor for something, like getting my eye exam, or a blood draw to check on my thyroid. I used to be the one who got sick continually and had the compromised immune system for a couple of decades, but that's all over now. Once I realized that I stopped getting sick after I missed a flu shot and started taking vitamin D, seriously completely stopped getting sick, I started experimenting with exposure to sick people, and I'm not 'picking up' anything that is called a virus. The only thing I've been treated for in the last 3 years is a sinus infection, which is bacterial. Click this snip for the real science behind why you can't catch covid.

If you'd like to know more about what 'covid' really is, 👉this👈 is a very excellent research. Check out it's imdb page. Trivia- "The Plandemic documentary series is one of the most viewed (more than one billion views) and most censored documentaries ever made." "Plandemic Indoctornation holds the world-record for the largest live stream premiere of a documentary film with 1,900,000 unique viewers." I'm finding out there is also a sequel.

I can't help you if you don't take a little time and check all this out. No one can help you. Your futures will play out like a scifi horror, and I am so sorry for that. All I can say at that point is I love you, and I'm sorry.

Monday, November 1, 2021

the realist deal


Most read post over the last 30 days out of all my blogs was electric sheep and windmills.

Most read post over the last 3 months out of all my blogs was electric sheep and windmills.

Most read post over the last 6 months out of all my blogs was cosmic target.

Most read post over the last 365 days was cosmic target.

My all-time most read post ever is Zev vs Xev.

I'm very happy with these stats, which are still coming in from all over the world.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

cosmetic is an interesting word

Not sure why today particularly, but I'm having a very strong memory of being at the orthodontist on a day he was adjusting my braces.

I hadn't really needed braces, but my mom was an easy sell. My teeth were already straight, and the bite they discussed was off so very slightly that it didn't matter. But there I was.

So about a year into braces, I'm sitting in that chair, just me and him in there. He was kind of older and no doubt had never in his life experienced anyone putting braces into his mouth. He was not a gentle man, nor the sort to be soothing or witty at all. The pain I experienced every time he jammed his big fingers into my mouth pushing down so hard on those metal bands around each tooth finally got so overwhelming that I instinctively bit down fairly hard on his finger. Back then we weren't aware I'm on autism spectrum, but I'd been punished into submissive obedience so often that I was a very easy child to push around most of the time. But once in awhile I couldn't stop myself from lashing back out. Yes, I bit him.

And then he reacted by grabbing all the wires at once and yanking on them, jerking my head really hard.

Neither one of us said a word. I didn't even cry. I knew I was trapped until he was done and that the fastest way out of there was to zone out and let him finish.

Every once in awhile, I still remember that day and the pain I felt in my gums, in my jaw, in my whole face.

I don't know why that memory is popping up today, but it is one of many memories of adults around me behaving more childishly than the child. Because of that, I believed the world to be stupid and I wanted no part of it.

Now I see how we were all blinded by strange ideas about cosmetic importance and how quickly money changed hands over it.

I also recall that another dentist that Mom kept sending us to after school flew his personal plane into a cliff committing suicide after it came out that he'd been scamming parents and pulling loads of extra teeth for cosmetic reasons and a nice cash flow.

Cavities are one thing. Fixing cavities is good. Extra 'work' is not always good.

Nearly everything in our lives around us is extra. Think about that for awhile. Think about the commercial push and the cash flow. Think about how you are getting scammed. Think about the pain you are going through. Might be cancer treatments, some of which are actually more harmful than the cancer. Might be extra meds for a condition they don't tell you can heal up with corrected nutrition that also controls your diabetes. Why are meds more important than regulating food industries that make us so sick that we need more meds?

Seriously, think about that for awhile.