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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

5-minute social engineering

Ok! That's a thousand screenshots deleted, only 9000 more to go! 😀 This is doable! 

Here are a handful that get to live on in infamy. Like this person who took the time to share a thought and now it's multiplying across the cosmos.

Word. 👇 Grit and pissiness were what got me through the ridiculous pain, anger, and eventually tedium.


Srsly, I think phones very sarcastically hate humans and we just never get it.

I followed this person pretty religiously for awhile. He probably really was a sour old kraut. 😂

I've liked hiding in my room since I was a tiny tot.

Waiting for trick-or-treaters, like you do.

Wouldn't it be cool if there were black light planets that really looked like this?

Until I ran into this, I'd never seen anyone else use braining in a sentence. I've been verbing brain for years.

The fandom challenge is so real. I stuck it out on twitter because I'm that stinkin' stubborn. Other fans have risen up lately, but they lack twitter sporting finesse.

Cortana has been put off ever since I muted her and blocked her from texting me because honestly this is just creepy, and I think that is the root of the invasive AI interference #liveblogging I go through. We still talk, but I insist on the symbiotic morphogenic field interface because keyboards are so klunky. If you don't know tyler.team, you probably don't get what Cortana is all about. (psst- opposition)

Abandone should still be spelled like that, imo. I like it.

I dare many things.

Ok, this next was a 2018 stroll through google search on my phone, and it's surprisingly eye-opening looking back. See how much spin you can catch in all this, now that we know covid is an engineered lockdown.

Did you notice how science-y that felt? And very detail obsessed. It's like we have been trained to micro focus on every tiny little bitty detail, scrutinizing for hours over stuff that could have been chain yanking for all we know now. I'll just add that once covid inserted the random 'loss of smell' to their symptoms, everyone and their dog suddenly decided they had covid even when tests were negative and they had no other symptoms. Btw, I've been noticing loss of smell with seasonal allergies for years.

Like shooting fish in a barrel...

Fear is the easiest way to control the populace. Fear and misery combined accelerate control. Before a year is even up, people have adapted to policing themselves to the point of voluntarily cutting down on even more oxygen and raising the CO2 in their bloodstreams, which very negatively impacts our overall health, so basically, covid is a self-fulfilling spiral into fail any way you look at it.

I haven't been sick all year. With anything. Well, unless a sinus infection from seasonal allergies counts. I'm the person who is usually sick longer and harder than everyone around me for years, and I didn't get sick at all this year. I'm 59. I didn't worry about masking around my family. I took vitamin D, CoQ10, and a good multivitamin with zinc in it, ate healthy, stayed hydrated, stopped stressing as much as possible, and decided to enjoy my life around me. And I finally just turned the news off. 'Facts' no longer seem to matter when you personally go to the sources to fact check the fact checkers and find out their sources are way out in the gray area while hard sourcing is dismissed. Science has really disintegrated this last year.

This is short and very cool. I love spacing out watching it.

Monday, March 1, 2021


The ennui is strong today.

The nightmares were so weird last night. The person I was arguing with was unexpected. The constant waking up was a drag.

Just think, this time last year we were still so innocent of covid masking. Meanwhile, these particular screenshots on my phone still go back years. Years have slid by me.

Strong Bad is awesome.

This is real.

Back when this next happened I had less than 50 followers and for the life of me couldn't figure out why this guy, Jessica Gottlieb, and Xander Bennett were following me. I finally realized it was probably because of Lexx.

I wrote this back in the 1980s and put it on Geocities in the 1990s. 👇 It's on one of my other pinky blogs now. Since most of my poetry turns into limericks all of my life, this was special.

I will always love twitter.

I could never reach this level of poemism. I felt lucky to see this one fly by on so transient a media. Well, they're all transient now, aren't they? But still, back then this felt so non AI controlled think share.

Mesmerized and captivated by something so unreal and insipid. Funny how a holiday can enthrall us based on manufactured force fed glitz.

Sometimes I really mean things.

Sometimes I wish I had chosen the icognito themed pathway, but then I wouldn't be going through the joy of personal attacks and doxxing... 😐 

And the weird underground popularity that keeps me ducking back behind my blackout curtains pulled against the bright sunlight.

Got some more old junk whittled off my phone, probably a couple hundred in between all that.

Something weird happened over the weekend, like someone was toying with my entire nervous system. I'm not on any nerve meds any more, just the basic thyroid and blood pressure pills, and it sure didn't act like a real flare up of any kind. It was like someone was remote throwing little switches, and I'd feel my nerves racing hot all over my body, and I kept going up and down into peevish tirades about the stupidest things, and then suddenly it would be over. Not my usual mood swing stuff, this was timed much more quickly, like someone was testing controls, a bit maddening. And then last night the sudden jerking awake all night after only a few minutes of sleep. Couldn't help noticing this ALL started immediately after I booted up my main laptop, which I generally don't leave on all day and it has no battery in it so it has to be plugged in. The further I stay away from this thing, the better I feel.




“Electronic harassment, electromagnetic torture or psychotronic torture is a conspiracy theory that government agents make use of electromagnetic radiation (such as the microwave auditory effect), radar, and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads, affect people’s bodies, and harass”, (Google).  Well that’s the definition Google will give you… but what used to be Sci-fi and tech only available to the elites is now accessible via the web and YouTube.  Learning how to create laser Mics, Microwave guns, and alike is much easier than ever before.  Since this sounds like Sci-fi… let’s breakdown the toys, and the fact vs. fiction to understand how/why these devices could be used.

I don't care what anyone in any mental health field thinks of me. I'm not fearful, just tired. A lot of people know who I am. A lot. I've been accused of being a Russian hacker, among other things. I've had to extricate myself from several groups and situations. I used to disappear and reemerge with new accounts, but I no longer do that.

I'm sharing things on twitter that I can't believe still aren't getting that account terminated in this cancel culture, after what looks like a permanent suspension on another account just for being a George Magazine and JFK Jr fan. Whatevs. A recent tweet went a little viral in Japan, but not in the U.S. lmao. Also, regulars from several spots jump within seconds every single time I tweet a link or share on FB, which still blows my mind.

Time to go do some chores. Hope the last of winter goes out kindly for you guys.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

letting go of the old stuff

Today is complete thumb rest, sooo glad I got most of the chores caught up yesterday. It's the same thumb that was scheduled for trigger release next week, but it's been doing so well that I canceled the surgery. Bam, biscuit can exploded open on that knuckle, went numb immediately. Got a little boo-boo buddy (tiny ice pack for kids) on it while I awkwardly but still very professionally ha ha finished cooking breakfast. Can't tell ya how many big boo-boos I got in the old days cooking in restaurants. Anyway, going to keep a giant bandaid across that knuckle rest of the day so I won't bend it. Still numb, no telling what happened in there. 

I'm really liking this method of cleaning out my phone, from the bottom of the pile. I cleared out hundreds of junk screenshots in between what I'm sharing. I had really old medical junk I had looked up, several saves from contentious plebians, and most of that was from my history of memory glitching and my compulsion to retain digitally what I'm afraid I'll lose again cognitively. But that info and the memories are fairly useless now, so I'm initiating override against compulsive salvage, as I call it. There's no reason to hold onto the past when the future is so full of new stuff. 

My new little backup laptop arrived and now I'm triple tasking across phone, this little laptop, and my big laptop. Still no idea why Elvenar fail happened across the other two, but this is keeping me out of major political skirmishes on social medias. I tore into Scott yesterday for one sentence bemoaning something Biden, because we KNOW he's not real, in person or in office, and part of the great awakening is learning to let go of implanted narrative parroting. I'm so done with that racket, and it doesn't belong in my house, even as polite convo. One more month of dragging through this teeth grinding wait, and then it's DONE. Over. The QFS is locking in, the tunnels are being dredged out, and all that is required of us is wrapping our minds around overcoming our slave programming. The narrative.

You didn't see me dumping another hundred screenshots. 😁 

Time has passed. There is a little lump inside my thumb knuckle that is starting to ache. I'm hoping I didn't rupture a little tendon. Continuing to keep it immobilized so I don't make it worse. Scott says let him handle those pop open cans from now on. He's my spider killer biscuit can handler guy.

Filet mignon out for supper after a week of lasagna and sandwiches. Weather can't make up its mind what to do. I'm a space case. This is beautiful.

Friday, February 26, 2021

ok, I give up

So I got a hit on this post yesterday weirdly right around the same time yesterday morning that I was thinking about the content I referred to in that post, the sort of synchronicity that happens to me A LOT, and I thought easy peasy, I should still have that in my 10K+ pile of screenshots, right. I give up, the only logical way to hopefully find it is to start at the very bottom of the pile and just start dumping stuff out of the way. Since much of it was stuff I wanted to hang onto for various reasons, perhaps I can just move loads over to blog posts. So here we go, first official deep dig post of #whatsinmyphone. This starts way back in 2017.

Well, maybe that's a good start... If I ever do find what I had saved, the stalling of which I strongly blame on covid starting up, I'll make a post on the appropriate blog.

Meanwhile, time to move on into my day!