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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

hello, world


After I put that pic into my header on one of my twitter accounts, that account was immediately shadowbanned from being searchable and has remained like that for days, even though I rarely tweet there and none of my tweets triggered a response like that. And THEN most of my blogs lit up with what looks like a team swarm from several countries methodically checking keywords or something. The stats compilation is way too organized to be stray readers, link backs, shared link interest on social medias, or anything else I've ever seen in the last 8 years.

Guess I hit a nerve. Or a bullseye...

Makes you wonder what's up with a 20 year old magazine and a dead guy that makes my twitter account a public enemy. Maybe let's see what's up with that. Last published in 2001. 🤔 Hm, same year the Twin Towers fell... Wonder who was president then.

From wikipedia-
George was a glossy monthly magazine centered on the theme of politics-as-lifestyle founded by John F. Kennedy Jr. and Michael J. Berman with publisher Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. in New York City in September 1995. Its tagline was "Not Just Politics As Usual." It was published from 1995 to 2001.

I was born about a year after JFK Jr. I remember the day his dad died. My mom pulled the car over and started crying. I am autist. I have vivid memories of my very young childhood, which seems to be unusual for many people. The day JFK was assassinated I was in a gray volkswagen in the front passenger seat, and my baby sister was in the back seat. The radio was on, and my mom's abrupt behavior change pulling over off a busy street and then sobbing got me upset. I remember asking my mom why she was crying. I remember she said someone died, and she was so sad. I wasn't old enough to say more or understand, but the smell of the car and how pretty and sad my mom was that day imprinted into my memory and never faded.

The year John Jr. died was a weird year. Everyone was freaking out about Y2K, Nirvana was on the scene, Hillary was all over the news.

Some people find this interesting. Clicks out if you are curious.

As you can imagine, loads of people wondered if the Clintons had something to do with JFK Jr's mysterious crash. The bodies were found, but not actually verified, according to some. Click to see for yourself.

And some of you know I've been blogging what I've been finding since 2018, thanks to other anons deep digging.

I'm going to remind you guys here to dig deeper than top search results, especially when you use google or google owned/related services searches. I've often mentioned that search algorithms bury the really good stuff by flooding the results list with 'pro' (paid) account content. It's not a true library system of knowledge, but a gatekeeping system that controls what you initially see. After you go through a few pages of 'why this is a conspiracy' stuff, you get tired and stop looking, accepting what has been put into your mind simply by seeing it over and over.

If you want to know truth, you need to hunger for it. If you truly want to know real actual truth, you need to not just find heresay and wishful thinking, you need to dig for SOURCES. Find proof. Find evidence. I'm hanging out with anons who spend years sourcing materials, documenting content change updates, and screenshotting, downloading, and/or printing into hardcopy PROOF that this or that once existed on the internet.

I am not your JFK Jr library. I am satisfied that he is alive and part of the Q Plan. I am keenly interested in finding out why

Many people fake their deaths, and we are familiar with this concept. It's not new. If your dad had been assassinated and you had found out some really big stuff about worldwide criminal networking, AND you were in a spotlight 24/7 everywhere you went, would you feel like it would be easier to get some important things done if the world thought you were gone?

And more importantly, if the autopsies were faked, if the Clintons never really got proof he died and knew they'd been set up to be assumed the murderers, would they help cover? And would they freak out if news of you resurfacing started leaking out after they'd lost the biggest campaign ever? Because Trump won.

Twitter shadowbanned me for nothing more than putting George Magazine in my header.

Chew on that one.


Words matter. Visuals help. Reshaping fiction to see truth is a very sneaky way to put things into our minds.

Imagine a really good guy taking down a worldwide network of the most heinous crime the human history has ever known. I feel invigorated this year like I've never felt in my life, and there is NOTHING the deep state can do to quench that or turn me. Fuck you guys. I'm with Q.

Piece of Me lyrics-
I'm Miss American Dream, since I was 17 (Q) 
Don't matter if I step on the scene, or sneak away to the Philippines 
They're still gon' put pictures of my derriere in the magazine 
You want a piece of me? 
(You want a piece of me?) 
I'm Miss Bad Media Karma 
Another day, another drama

And if you guys happen to be Harrison Wells fans, I doodled up another playlist after I migrated out of my dark Gotham corner last spring. Some of it sad, some silly, just mood music on the side while I keep processing through my stuff. Here you go.

Hugs and have a good day, ok? Don't wear your masks in your own house, your cars, while exercising, or out in your own yards. Get oxygen. Fresh air is more important than weird pressure to conform. Airway is your most immediately important lifeline. Don't rebreathe used air, it's not healthy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

for all of us in loss as the storm rages


Can you even begin to imagine the level of public pain, humiliation, and vitriol JFK Jr had to endure leading up to faking his death.

I have my bad days, and I am small and weak, my own tiny revenge crippled literally every day by challenges I can sometimes barely hold course under.

And he is out there helping an entire world reek wrath and ruin on the biggest revenge of all.

The admiration I feel is almost holy. I know he's just a man, but even in 'death' his shadow lies over us all.

Might be one of those feely days. 

Monday, August 10, 2020

covid hair problems


I'm the sort of person, though, that plasters colorful stickers over mistakes so I can't see them. Scott corrects me and says they are "labels" because he prints tape and the other department prints labels, but I will always call them stickers.

Finding ways to screw up my editor...


Hang on a sec, watching  a fictionalized basketball game from the 90s.

The good ol' days, right. The 90s kinda sucked for me but it all turned out. I'm good with it.

This sad movie (pathetic, not actually sad) is reminding me how glad I am to be off the market, as it were. Don't miss any of that one bit. I never even think about if I could go back and have a do-over. None of that bothers me. I was just so glad to get scooped up into a good place, and as long as I resisted over not trusting anyone, I am certainly very lucky. I look back and feel lucky. And that's a pretty nice place to be when all's said and done.

My editor is so screwed. 😂 I have to keep going into html just to do anything. This whole movie is a group of friends sabotaging each other's relationships. Like, it doesn't occur to any of them to walk away from the group. Scott and I both walked away from that crap.

Gear grind, can't wait till my hair grows out. Covid, summer heat, and stupid masking inspired me to self butcher up to my eyes, and the bedhead is getting ridiculously untameable. I feel like my hair is in an awkward teenager phase. Mousse only makes it worse. Trying to do anything aside from a total new shampoo cycle is pure fail.

Wo, k. The movie just got good. Harry fired up a chainsaw. Relationship sabotage just got fun. God, I wish I'd gone that mental when I was in the middle of that crap. Might've been more enjoyable. I'd be even more famous among a certain little group. All the things I've never shared... All the things I learned about philosophers through idiots quoting them. Maybe this movie is hitting too close to home, but I stopped being that passive aggressive a long time ago. Whoever wrote and funded this movie was pure passive agressive when they filmed. That was the 90s, wasn't it? Passive aggressive philosopher quoting. Except my crap happened in the 80s, so add the big hair.

And just like that, the movie is over.

Time to pull my head together and figure out what I'm doing this week. Laterz.

:edit: Scott and I watched this super historically accurately filmed fictionalized movie last night that suddenly sprung insulated underwater electrical cables on us in the 1700s and I about had a fit. Everything up to that point was believable, and then they ripped the world up out of the blue and completely rewrote the last 20 minutes of the movie into unexplainable scifi smashup, and the craziest part was Ben Franklin actually admiring whoever came up with the sabotage machinations, because it was way beyond anything he had tried... Even though the movie ended with a footnote sporting a recent true find about a crude electrical grid found on his old property, it certainly didn't explain the insulated cables magically showing up. I'm super bangheadonwallsloppysloppysloppy why the hell all the historical accuracy if they were going to pull that crap?

I don't watch TV very well...

Sunday, August 9, 2020

my reveal


I've actually revealed most of this in past blog posts scattered around the webs, but perhaps let's speculate on why this might be important now.

World banks, central banks, globalized banks are going bankrupt this year. The revalue to gold standard is now worldwide on the QFS (Quantum Financial System). The deep state cabal all over the world will soon be purged from enslaving humanity under gun running, drug running, human trafficking, and debt slavery. You know I've been talking about these things. But did you know some of my family history literally involves a John Bankes? John and Mary Bankes of Corfe Castle.

Click above snip to arrive to the source of this quote.

This name, with variant spellings Bankes and Banker, derives from the Northern Middle English "bank(e)", itself coming from the Old Danish "banke" meaning a ridge or hillside, and was originally given as a topographical name to someone who lived on the slope of a hillside or by a riverbank. The final "s" on the name preserves the Olde English genitive ending i.e., "of the bank". The surname was first recorded towards the end of the 13th Century (see below). One Matthew Banke appeared in the Subsidy Rolls of Suffolk, dated 1327, and on June 21st 1546, Alse, daughter of John Banks, was christened in St. Antholin's, Budge Row, London. A John Banks of Devon was entered in the Oxford University Register, dated 1597. The famous "dancing horse", Morocco, to which allusion is made by all the best authors of the day, was owned by the Scottish showman, Banks, who flourished 1588 - 1637. The works of Sir Edward Banks (1769 - 1835), who was knighted 1822, include Waterloo, Southwark, and London Bridges. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Walter del Banck, which was dated 1297, in the "Subsidy Rolls of Yorkshire", during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling. © Copyright: Name Origin Research 1980 - 2017

I've known since I was a child that I'm 'back', and that I'm here to do something, remembering at a very young age that I had been a man in a suit with an urgent mission to deliver information, and was killed in an explosion. I figured out later as a young person that I am 'incognito', that I'm currently back in disguise so I couldn't be discovered. I realized by middle age that I have been shown things in dreams and visions all my life (I'm not crazy), that the kind of brain I was born into was designed to be smart enough to win the game, and that I am here to say something. I've shared these things in other blog posts.

I've stepped out as a real person after many anonymous fandom involvements (purporting fandoms to be better at uniquely uniting us across borders than political diplomacy and religions) to reveal that I am a real person rife with flaws, surprisingly gaining me a widespread readership and some extremely loyal lurkers.

I ignored politics in my blogging excepting to keep pointing out that our media conglomerates are owned and directed, that Illuminati were very real and even branded their own logo in plain sight while the world still considered them a laughable conspiracy, that MK Ultra was widespread among the masses, that entertainment was propaganda, that Plato's cave had us all trapped, and I even brought up the Matrix a number of times, all pre-Q.

After years of research and study into the mass media lockstep rhythm programming I could see happening across social medias to all my friends (which horrified me), I stood out like a sore thumb bringing that up, blogging about it, finally losing friends over it. I talked about cattle branding, sorting, and even the cattle being mesmerized to sort themselves and voluntarily walk into metaphorical corrals long before Q showed up.

I looked around and found Anonymous. I realized a lot of us were awake to this.

Q showed up and confirmed all this.

All my life clicked together and it became clear that many of us are here specifically for this fight, this war of the mind, as it were. I clearly understood this was our last chance, our last hope. By 2015, I'd slumped into New World Order already being here and being unstoppable. By 12-21-17 I realized the game wasn't over yet. Some want to talk about time travel wars. I'm showing you a much deeper aspect.

All these things I had written about before. Now I'm going to say a new thing.


I have been deep diving into pineal healing, which seems really new agey till you get used to it. I learned that corrupting pineal processes are at the center of enslaving the masses. This is evidenced throughout history, but I didn't compile that for you here. It's easy to find, so go search up stuff.

As I'm digging, I'm noticing that many seem to be going off course a little worrying about pineal glands and whatnot. Yes, your pineal gland is important. But expand your thinking. I'm going to share some thoughts with you. First, a brief history, then a summary in context.

All my life I've been a puny person. I was fortunate to grow up organically on a farm with well water, but I'd already been through the legendary polio vaccination experiments, plus a challenging fetal development with my mom on darvocet and craving "waffles with syrup and fudgesicles". I suffered withdrawal as a baby and lived on donnatal for several years, and was three years old when my mom first took me to a doctor to see if I was autistic. I didn't learn to read until the second grade and seemed extraordinarily slow learning basic cause and consequence. Once I clicked in to academia, I began to excel with a growing IQ, although my EQ (social intelligence) would take decades to develop.

During all that time, I had many visions, dreams, and discussions with 'someone'. As a teenager, I challenged both my parents with religious questions to the point of exasperation. Throughout college I annoyed my professors with 'wrong' ideas about academia content to the point of being told I completely missed the point. I continually craved deep dive researches into everything that caught my attention, and I just as continually asked what it all had to do with each other. I instinctively felt that everything was related somehow, that nothing could be coincidental. I finally concluded that if our universe is what scientists say it is, we should by default not even be able to think up fictions or use certain communication sciences. In short, everything we know is a lie.

And if everything is a lie, how can we determine truth?

I turned inward. I contacted Someone, left myself to seek God (and found Him), and continued my ongoing discussions and questions.

Along all this way I have determined some things.

Magic- One of my exasperating questions to my parents at a young age was about God and magic, and neither one understood and thought I was being blasphemous. Here are my conclusions on magic.

  • Magic, as attempted by humans, is pathetic if God is real. No magic could out-magic God if he invented it.
  • If God was that real, then I could ask for anything and be protected above all the illusion I was seeing around me. I've shared multiple personal accounts of what would seem like miracles in my life.
  • Attempting to use magic myself instead of asking God to do it would mean diverting into my own failure, a life theme every time I wandered off path into very dark places.
  • Whatever magic is, illusion or science or miracle or wishful thinking, it seems to work just fine if God is in charge of it. To me, magic (not knowing how something is done) is wondrous, and no less valid for not being cognizant to how it works. Anything being or feeling magical transports our spirits to a higher joy. Dark magic does not do this. Dark magic subjugates others, creates an ownership bond, akin to capturing someone's mind, attention, focus. Dark magic is corruption of purpose for selfish gain, and some in this world take it extremely seriously, as we are now finding out. Dark magic cannot out-magic God. Logically, it is a self-defeating illusion, locking out joy. Darkness cannot abide joyfulness. This simple realization will show anyone their own darkness very quickly, opening a door away from the dark.


  • Once asked, always given, meaning no fear. My parents had great fear, seeming to beg God daily as if He might forget, or take offense if not repeatedly reminded that we feared.
  • Thoughtfully asking and thankfully receiving is a completion in a relationship. This process easily shows us how to live well, despite anything else going on around us.
  • We make better decisions when we realize this process. If a relationship is lacking, it is not healthy, and we learn to seek being healthy.
  • Giving children protection is the beginning of this process.
  • Darkness seeks to take away protecting children in many ways. This will open your eyes tremendously once you begin to think about and notice that.
  • We become protectors seeking to realign the correct process. The extreme of this is the worldwide rescue missions for millions of missing children, shutting down trafficking networks and porn hubs.
  • All my life I have been shown many things, with my 'eyes opening up' to more and more. 
  • Many times this happens during my longest, hardest health crises and depressions. I can easily point out that my pineal gland was probably in terrible health if the rest of me was doing so badly, to the point of becoming crippled and extremely ill for years.
  • That did not stop the questioning and the waves of understanding. In fact, if anything, the more helpless I became, the more Someone or God bypassed my health fails to directly converse with Me, to show Me things I asked to see.
  • I was able to ascend into higher 'thinking' without being physically healthy first, without my pineal gland being decalcified first, even with my brain being very glitchy while I was on handfuls of medications and unable to eat. This raises the question of who we really are in these bodies.
  • A long time ago I reasoned to my mom that if heaven is eternal, and eternity has no beginning or end, then we are already in eternity and heaven is all around us, whether we can see it or not.
  • By this logic, whatever hell is, it is something we choose or reject.
  • And by that logic, we bring heaven with us wherever we go, into any situation. This is what makes believers in God dangerous to ideological constructs.
  • If we can see beyond what our bodies are capable of and understand (see) beyond the reality constructed around us, that logically means our bodies and realities are not what we think or have been led to believe they are.

I did not need other people to tell me these things. Every person has the ability to turn inward and begin this conversation. We ALL have a direct connection to whoever is 'above' us, besides us, with us. Some call it our higher selves. Some call it Source. Some call it angels or Akashic record or Ra (from the Law of One) or spiritual guides. Many simply say God.

I didn't need to do anything special to prepare. I didn't need to be in any kind of mental or awareness state for this to happen. I didn't need to decalcify my pineal gland, although I'm sure that can't hurt.

I simply needed help, and I needed direct contact. I didn't ask 'Who are you' or think about it having a name or rank. I wanted God. I got God. And once you make this very real contact, things happen. You can choose to reject the reality of those things, or you can accept that this world is not what you think it is.

My relationship and ongoing discussion with this someone has been lifelong. It has nothing to do with church, or with anything a church has ever taught me. It has been uniquely personal with ups and downs as my life has pitched to and fro. Many times when I was alone, I was not alone. Many times during despair and anguish, I have been shown visions of who I am, of things to come, of others hiding secret fears and sadnesses. And I have learned why I came back and what I need to say.

You are not alone.

You are loved. Very much so.

You need to wake up, turn inward, and ask for that hug you need so badly.

You will be ok, because you are not alone. Whatever wind is blowing in your life, whatever grips you in fear or crumbles you in sadness, turn inward and don't be alone.

Joyful magic is very real. Visions and miracles are very real. You can see these things if you don't close your eyes to them and turn away.


I am someone who knows this cycle well. I came back to say that kindness is logical, that you don't have to go through any spells or rituals to reach God, and that the world will be rapidly healing soon because so many of us have awakened to these truths. The more who wake up, the faster we all heal. We are all in this together, and we all need each other.

The turmoil you see around you 'in real life' was orchestrated by dark magic. Mind magic. Mind entrapment. Words lead to visuals lead to stories lead to conclusions lead to being trapped in a mind matrix. The protection you need from this is found inside yourself. The reality you think you see can be seen through. 

It's ok to take a break from that when you feel overwhelmed. Running to medias to check on latest breaking 'news' is an addiction, a fear cycle that you have been brainwashed into. Anons on serious digs have discovered that footage is ripped off and/or reused to keep visuals pumping through your eyes into your brains as keywords keep being said over and over while you watch the 'news'. When you make that stop and go enjoy something, the spell falls off, and after a bit of time, you can actually see this happening.

Our own realities are what we make them. Creating and maintaining a mass illusion takes a ton of energy from everyone to keep it going. If everyone turned off their medias, all of that would stop happening because you are not watching.

That is the true driving force behind everything you see.

Live blogging. My blogger editor suddenly highlighted this post so all it would take was one move to delete it all. Guess they don't like me saying that. Checking up on me.

My personal reality today is being about halfway through my last med taper, a sudden fibro flare in my legs yesterday calming down today, 'phone thumb' from hanging out in youtube so much yesterday, and wishing I had some ice cream. 😂🍦

I hope all of you are ok, because it does look a little scary out there on tv. I love you guys, and was naming people off that I know in New York state to Scott the other day when we heard about the blackout. I know I could be saying this on twitter, but I'm being watched because the qanon accounts are being ravaged again, and I don't want to drag anyone into my wake if my accounts wind up going down. It seems that simply associating with anons sometimes gets other people 'disappeared', so I've been careful not to be that obvious.

I do believe we are all here for very important reasons, and topmost on all our lists is finding our joy. Joy is very powerful. And you guys know I have proof.


Saturday, August 8, 2020

mass covert media- it's time (and a note to celebrities)

So much is happening this week with all the incoming intel and world events now that it's getting hard even for me to really keep up, and I'm a speed reading twitter crawler with 12 years under my belt. This tweet (interesting, twitter won't let you click directly to that link on a laptop but takes you to the thread. Scroll down to the next one. Mobile seems to click over fine.) pretty much sums up the last nearly 4 years now in one tiny short burst, a 2 minute compilation. Caution on abrupt truth bombs exploding your eyes, some people puke.

Also Manhattan- Sorry guys, but it's time now. Lotta links with tons and tons of info if you wanna try catching up.

What is the Southern District of New York? That is probably THE biggest swamp. That’s the part of New York where Central Park is. That is called Manhattan. That is where the richest people who exist in America, with the greatest power live… this is where the United Nations is… this is where all this bedrock of evil exists… and where all the tunnels lead to, BTW, and go right to the coast, right to Staten Island… so they can make escapes everywhere… there’s a massive tunnel network there…

Praying my fave actors don't get scooped up. Praying they weren't born into this mess or surviving somehow or even part of the cover up. Praying for everyone's safety. Praying for the innocents that might get caught in the swamp draining.

I understand the fear of stepping out with real info, confessions, tell-alls, especially when you've been in a spotlight most of your life, surrounded by the gilded uncouth who you know have already done so much irreparable physical, emotional, and soul-wrenching harm. I know it's hard to be brave in a place where minions get called up to dox and pillage you, where celebrity deaths are part of the daily fodder grinding away at the mind masses held captive in their own feed addictions. Millions of us know now that you live like this.

And I'm reminding you that many innocent millions more have already died. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

We are near the end. Help really is on the way now. The helos are swarming all over our nation (there are apps to watch that), the traffic to Gitmo is ramping up again (yes, we can see this live on apps), and the purge has reached the Big Apple, at last. Eyes are on you.

Sit tight, but shout out so we know you're ok. I know it looks like some want you all just swept away, but many of us understand that being caught in the sticky web is a survival challenge, and that most of you probably don't even yet know the programming that some of you have been through.

We are all in this together. Where we go one, we go all. I've been stepping out, as have others, risking our accounts, being doxxed, swerving around the slipstreams of the medias, but still getting information out. We care deeply how this war goes, who gets caught in the flux, and how it will end.

A few of us are already very aware this war is already won. The rest just has to legally play out. The public will be confused and probably reactive, but it's time now to step out and let them know we're all in this together, and that we are all ok. I say this knowing that patriots have been engaged in the tweet wars round the clock on their deathbeds, during horrible hit and run type accidents, fighting through the most important war in all of human history. We are all targets.

Q started long ago, around 1962. Anons have been the bridge to the public for years. Yes, there are a few bad actors, but this has grown into a very impressive worldwide Alliance that has been deconstructing the deep state since 2016. This is the war to end all wars. Despite what we see floating into the public that look like faction skirmishes, underneath is a solid world movement hellbent on the final purge of the deep state and all it's tentacles through the world banking system.

Learn for yourselves. Click the links up there. Go see what the 'conspiracy' is about to explode on the entire world, because the time has finally come now, and there is no stopping it.

Some of us were figuring this one out in 2018. This is the first 'confirmation' I've seen that the reveal is in the plan, and it's getting close.

That was the official George account on twitter, the only account that ties George magazine, owned by JFK Jr, to both anons and to Q.

They are still up on youtube. Click this snip to get there.

We believe in non-violent, peaceful civil disobedience. Throughout history the world has been controlled by big ideologies such as religion, socialism and globalism to name but a few. These are all forms of slavery that have stopped our evolution and removed our freedom. We see these ideologies for what they are, systems of control. The time for change is now. "Anonymous pamphlets, leaflets, brochures and even books have played an important role in the progress of mankind. Persecuted groups and sects from time to time throughout history have been able to criticize oppressive practices and laws either anonymously or not at all". ~Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, Talley v. California, 362 U.S. 60 (1960)

It's going to get even uglier now before it's all over. We've been warned of this since Q first showed up. Q said don't panic, just stay out of the way when the time comes. This war is boiling down to removing human traffickers and those that cover up and lie for them, and this includes huge trafficking rings dedicated to children as commodities for rape, torture, sacrifice, and products. This goes all the way to the top. We have the lists of names that will likely be executed, yes, but after they are gone, the film industry will go on and those of you who survived it will be filling in the gaps for the fragile in our populations. Your handlers might be gone, but you will own yourselves again, and the brutal contest for finding work will smooth back out into a much happier career field. Hang in there, ok? It will be hard for some in the public to accept that you survived a brutal industry literally in a spotlight, and it will be up to you to show the public that good people made it through all that ugliness and are prepared to continue in the spotlight as beacons. Some in society will feel fragile and broken after decades of propaganda filming being flipped leaves them feeling lost, unable to think for themselves without practice. Show them we can do this.

I've shared this before. Please know that some of us are with you in mind and spirit.