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Saturday, December 5, 2020

frens n food n stuff

Today, thanks to my Google Search Console, I have discovered that my big pinky blog has 1,450 link pings back to my blog from just one blog I show up in comments on years ago. Overall there are 2,871 external links coming back to my blog from 'out there somewhere', but since over a thousand of them are from a generic "blogger.com", for all I know those could be me over the 6 years that blog has been sitting around.

So Leah in British Columbia, you rock, and I hope to see your blog current again sometime soon. I know this year has uber sucked for all of us.

I just proved that her blog is very well read.

And this proves I own that pinky target blog.

Just saying. And pinkyguerrero.com still points to that big pinky blog. I've never yet seen a hit count on that dotcom pointer, but I know I get search referrals looking for porn because of that. 😄

I am constructing a soup today, have raw spinach to ladle it onto and grated parm to sprinkle on top of servings. It's my everything soup, has burger, chicken, and brats, and then whatever veggies I have around. Made cornbread muffins to go with it. Super comfort food.

More stuff off my phone? Let's see what I've got in here.

Dang it, I need something cheerful. I followed some new frog friends, let's see what shows up. If you wanna follow them, too, just look up my twitter following list on strayhen and look for frog avatars, lol. If you try to tag me, I probably won't see it between having notifications off and the weird shadowbans they put on me.

I think a couple of you actually show up for Tom. Lemme rummage... Oh, he says we need to get a life.

What else have I got.

😂😂😂😂😂 Ok, that was good, that was way down there. Quick reminder that recluse (me) isn't a 'shy' introvert at all. You don't want me un-introverting.

Sweaty husband alert, something about sawing trees down the hill. We have a strip off at the door rule because I get nasty sinus attacks if he doesn't. Been awhile since I caught him walking through, always a blur. See, if Rick Lagina's family would post rogue photos like this, people would stop winding up on pinky blog from searches, like I pointed out yesterday. A couple of you might notice that yep, that is the same orangutan that shows up in other pix over many years.

I need to go get busy. Check what I found last night.

Friday, December 4, 2020

holy cow, google

Started yesterday.

Wtf 😖 I go look at my verified domains on Google search console for the first time in a digital century and the search references on the pinky dotcom for 2020 for Alex Lagina nude and naked add up to 84 for the year, and Rick Lagina died, dead, and death add up to 88, Rick Lagina bio, pictures, photos, married, single, shirtless, and eyebrows (seriously?) add up to 34. Rick Lagina fans is at 1, and Lagina brothers winery is at 1. Guys, those are all separate searches, and they add up to 208 queries that will link to that blog. Holy cow, google.


Just for that, here is a thread of all the posts I made over there mentioning "Lagina". You're welcome.

Good lord. 😑

Ok, let's catch up on some real life. Non-Lagina related. 🙄🤣 

So I got off those meds earlier this year, right, and I'm doing pretty good, but once in a blue moon I really gotta crank something because a flare is super suckage. I found another bottle of leftover tramadols from my gallbladder removal in 2017 and pop one of those about once a month, no big deal right. Wrong. This month my whole body said That's it, we're done, no more of this crap, and I crashed into this crazy weird protracted acute withdrawal that felt like a super nauseated anxiety attack and I still can't eat much at all without that recurring. I stopped everything, including antihistamines, and my body said THANK YOU and reeled me right off a zyrtec withdrawal cliff. Stopping years of zyrtec cold turkey has been described by some people as "hellish", and I'm here to confirm that 5 days out from that, I'm still bouncing in and out of the weirdest nauseating vertigo with full blown insomnia like I never had with anything else. And now, after months of godawful struggles with "seasonal allergies" that have had my eyes draining constantly, my face suddenly settled down today, and my eyes have about stopped tearing. I'm not fighting with my sinus, and now I'm finding out there is an ingredient in zyrtec that can set off 'reactions'. 🤔

So no more opioids EVER, and no more zyrtec, apparently.

Just hit me someone will be looking for Lagina something and run into my evil med synergy story. 😁😂

This is today.

Day 6 of zyrtec withdrawal after I got triggered into post acute withdrawal by the big once a month dose of tramadol that shut down being able handle anything on my stomach for days. The ONLY sleep I've gotten has come after a half tab of super low dose xanax every 36 hours, thankfully had some backstock after I got off that stuff and now looking like it's my holiday fallback if I go off track again. Zyrtec withdrawal help page suggested it. The old bell's palsy nerve damage is ringing like a bell, like having a nerve headache down my spine and shoulders and all over my face, sunlight triggering my eyes again, the nausea when that happens is delightful. That is stuff I haven't missed at all since first onset in 2004 that lasted for years. I have literally FINALLY been clear of that pain for over 6 months now, and boom, it's back because of a stupid med reaction.

In the meantime. 

You can go there and download that documentary for free, been there since August. Dunno about you guys, but I'm really done with overlords yanking fear chains. 

So this was fun. Here's the thread I started on twitter. 

The more you watch that, the more it starts looking like a false flag threat of some kind. I wasn't familiar at all with anything Armenian, so I did a free association search on my phone, as shown in the thread I made, and wound up at this article.

How Armenian-Americans Became “White”: A Brief History

I had to stop there to do something, but I picked back up here on the laptop and ran into this 2020 article. 

Basically, if American judges allowed a culture of immigrants to gain citizenship based on their degree of whiteness but 'legally' forced them to abandon their culture in so doing, stating they had to 'act white' and fit in, in order to be treated like whites, my question is- Who the heck is behind that? Who are the judges? Who created that thing in the first place? And are they related to the same black hats in charge today, namely Illuminati bloodline families controlling governments all over the world?

Because if that is true, THAT is where Black Lives Matter was truly born.

It's not whites in general, it's very specific whites who believe they are bloodline nobility and part of the plan to run the world as masters.

And dang if that isn't exactly what is in the covid documentary I linked up there.

Anyway, clues in the vid include a closeup on clippings of dolls and a pin, which I didn't screenshot for the thread, but here it is now.

The song says she keeps her dolls in a diamond box for when she needs them.

Do you guys remember my Dollmaker post? So 'dolls' in that post are people whose minds have been splintered so they can be programmed to do whatever they are told, and I showed how long this has been part of our entertainment history.

Where would you keep 'dolls'? A diamond box? Well, the white hats have been blowing up a lotta DUMBs all over the world lately, rescuing CHILDREN by the millions.

And then the song is about needing to patch the 911 line, which I'm taking to mean either the disrupted adrenochrome supply or it's time to set up another humongous false flag. There are plenty of hints about a big accident, lots of blood, and what looks like the sort of damage that requires full emergency response, including a helicopter and the Red Cross, which one could contend is an alt emergency supply for possibly lower quality adrenachrome. Anons on twitter meticulously sourced all that over the last 2 years, and many of us know now that signaling goes on out in the open between the elite and all their many minions.

The Armenian hints have something to do with another BLM uprising, how much you wanna bet.

I'm going to just drop it there. Go dig if you find all this curious.

P.S. Her 'bloody mask' is in the wrong place... 😂 That's a head injury, you know that, right. She's been programmed.

This post courtesy of Pinky

and Jacky 


Thursday, December 3, 2020

How would YOU subjugate a planet?

You gotta admit, this has been really subtle. Between all that and the decades of crazy sci-fi they've drenched us in, very few of us can believe this is happening. Snips link back to source.

Notice in the article (click, dammit) that they literally said they'd be rounding resistors up for concentration camps. Leaked instructions out of Canada. Quotes.

Like I said yesterday- 

They've been preparing us to be controlled. It's time to wake up and see this very clever mesmerizing psyop for what it is.

If you want to know more, I describe the rogue AI at electric sheep and windmills. Believe it not, an Earth Alliance has already been up against this for several years already, but medias are so controlled that we no longer get real time information about what is really going on.

To understand how we've been coopted and subjugated over our lifetimes, this thread is the fastest I've ever seen at info sharing what the crap. Instead of linking all these, just click the thread link I just made in this paragraph. To see my interpretation, scroll to the end of the post. Please note CAUTION on a few artwork pieces in this thread further down, but they are relevant.

This was a comment offshoot thread.

insert- This reminds me of Tony Podesta's art collection. This particular piece called the Arch of Hysteria is also seen in a Harry Potter movie under the name of the Crutacious Curse.

Continuing the comment offshoot thread.

Live blogging: My uploader auto inserted a video for selection labeled "from yesterday" and I quickly deleted it out of my way before I realized it could have come from my own phone watching me. Since I'm making the case in this post for AI and have 'live blogged' before, I am sharing that I'm being interacted with. I've tried to reproduce that every which way and it's impossible. Also, I have nothing in my storage online or my phone that looks like that vid. I've been sharing very weird interactions between my real life and my blogging for about a year, so I have no problem believing this 'rogue AI' thing. Tying this kind of information to any kind of resistance against it has become strongly forbidden, especially over this last year of covid, and all I can say is if you don't believe it, test it. Try sharing links to non-news filtered 'conspiracy' about something like https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/ on facebook and see what happens. Messenger also prohibits me sharing or talking about links like that. I'm not allowed. It's nothing perverse or racial or hateful, but it's resistance and free thinking, and that is prohibited. Was this a warning? 😶 Let us continue.

Note- as you can see, human torture is being glorified in art by wealthy elite. Why would they prize this?

Let us return to the original thread that is showing us the connection between all things in our world.

Some of you might remember my black cube obsession, upon noticing black cube permeates all cultures and our entertainment is saturated with it. I won't pull that over here.

Going on.

And this is where I showed up. 💤💣💢💥😮

Essentially, summing up what I've been sharing in this post, including links to other things I've written, our world societies were coopted into a networked plan before we were all born, and has been rolling out this entire time. Most of us are now extremely addicted to screens of any kind (Pandora's box), constantly checking for updated info of all kinds, and completely reliant on this lifestyle to hold down our mass depression, which is carefully spun out into what I've explained in the past about 'experience addiction'. The cause for alarm is not the addiction itself, but that it is so powerfully motivated for so long with the goal of synching humans into lockstep, an idea I first grasped as a preteen reading Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time and have written about noticing it for years on social medias. The planet Camazotz was completely controlled by a brain (a death culture god). We've also seen this idea show up in original Star Trek and other fictions.

I'm pointing out that it's easy to capture the human mind, and once subjugated, easy to train it to self contain and 'behave'. We are all slaves. All of us. Some of us are waking up, but it's nearly too late now. We need everyone to wake up so we can neutralize this.

Watch this again. See the way you float into the cages. Feel the way you synch. Notice resistance slip away. SEE. This is important. The quote said 

“The government will get try to get all Canadians on universal basic income by mid-2021. Huge supply chain breakdowns and economic instability will be carried out before that to force Canadians to accept basic income.

The Canadian military will be deployed in all cities to set up checkpoints and restrict movement by the second half of 2021. Then, once Canadians are miserable and impoverished, they will be offered “total debt forgiveness.” In exchange, they will have to take the Covid (Certificate Of Vaccination ID) vaccination. Those who accept will be given a photo identification to be called “Canada’s Health Pass” and offered basic income and freedom of travel. Those who refuse will be put into concentration camps.”


:edit: You can see Black Cube is Pandora's Box in that vid.