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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

look up autonomy synonyms, perhaps


Technocracy blocking patriots talking about freedom of speech

Ha, Google analytics, you rascal, just got confirmation that you are cutting out 89% of a particular traffic. You dawg.

On the other hand, I'm very pleased that I don't need to preach about using your proxies. 👍 You guys know I'm all about the autonomy behind the freedom to stealth lurk. Still... 😉 And to be fair, Google was keeping the autonomy, it was a blogger fail that Google analytics confirmed.

But you guys know I relish looking up realty listings. I love maps, I love 'traveling' through my laptop, I love seeing new things and new places, and I learn loads about the world looking stuff up. Thank you, mysterious reader.

Yeah, still don't have a hard tracker installed. I know, I was thinking about it last summer, decided I'd rather keep flying blind. I don't need to see people's back yards. Or golf courses...

In case that got new readers' attentions, yes, you'd be surprised what people can see about you tracking around the webs if you aren't using your proxies. For the love of (insert cherished love here), do NOT walk out of a phone store and instantly plug into the webs without hitting your settings first. I've literally seen that in trackers. I've seen people parked by libraries and schools and literally on military bases and at hospitals and colleges (and sometimes in big corporate structures at work, those label themselves on maps) popping in and I wanna shake 'em. Use your stealth.

Oops, sorry, got preachy. 

But, you know, that time in 2017 (example link, not confirmed if correct one) I literally caught street view of which side of the luxury resort/spa in high end Los Angeles when I had trackers. The only thing missing was what floor they were on. I can't see that stuff any more. Oh, and that other time in 2017 when I caught the France thing. I was in a quandary back then and almost stopped blogging.

Oh, ha 😂 forgot about this one from 2016.

Written late yesterday afternoon. Skip if you hate anything stats.

I think my favorite thing about statcounter is that it'll totally believe everything about you is in another country, including your hardware and software equipment and hosting and user service, and then blandly point blank say incoming from this city and state in the U.S. that is completely unrelated to Mountain View Google, Facebook, or any other massive bot referral masking system, and then I know the user manually adjusted the IP to look out of country. If everything about the IP is too matchy, that's a mask. A normal person with the usual stuff can ping up to 5 IP locations hitting a page because everything your system uses from hard drive to wifi IDs with its own ping, and out of country using almost anything chrome or google and especially a translator pings through Mountain View, and then Facebook has a couple main locations that I know is FB routing the ping before I even see referral address. Anyway, I waited a few weeks to see if this would happen again, because one day they got a little Pinky happy and I didn't wanna scare them off, but I guess not.

So here's what happened. They thought they were masking, but their corporate network pinged and I was able to easily look up that corporate HQ street address and phone number in the heart of Orange County, so this whole "I'm from Canada" thing is stupid. Also, it kind of looks like they might have bids out to national defense gigs, among other things, so basically I think I'm looking at players covering a hacking organization with a security front.

God knows why I even got that traffic, but I was heavily playing around with clickbaiting back then, so I guess they bit the worm. At any rate, I stopped tracking and telling a long time ago. I think I terrified everyone I knew in areal life and they stopped interacting with me much (I'm also friend blocked). I have never to my knowledge actually doxxed anyone, although I have been doxxed myself (by a friend who blocked me *cough*), so I totally know what that feels like. I would never dream of doing that to anyone. But trackers have been educational, I've learned on the side how to spot fake resident spam callers, literally have a street listing in a real neighborhood posing as an old person kind of stuff. You guys would probably freak out a little if you knew how saturated our residential areas are with stuff like that.

You guys don't see me jumping up every other sentence to do something. I know, what is up with this blabby week? Well, my thumb was stuck. Got that cortisone shot and now I'm catching up after taking a month kind of off. I can do chores faster again now without the pain, yay, and typing is fun again, and pretty soon I'll be back in minecraft.


Twitter is still being a scoundrel. Last night anons started noticing we couldn't retweet anything. Today I've got bans on me again. Pinky isn't banned, incredulously. I think Pinky account is highest risk for removal, honestly.

Facebook started cracking down on me again this week, so I slacked off.

Oh, too funny. Forgot about that one. When a person says they are using your platform to espouse their own content to the masses so they won't have to publicly out themselves and risk their own backlash, it's probably time to assess the platform.

My partner in freedom of speech crime. 😘

Imagine literally being cut off from being able to reweet AT ALL. You guys not living on the edge would probably snowflake out about it.

Click to know your meme, guys. This is real. Yeah, I know, feels like we're living in cartoonland.

Welp, I've gotta a buncha stuff done around my house while this was sitting open. 

Here, put something relaxing up on your big screen while you go make more popcorn balls.

draft dodging

From 2015. Call me prophetic.

The dreams are getting more intense every night. One particular part was showing me how language is tricked out. "They don't see yet that..." Seems simple enough. But then it came blazing home to me that simply stating that not only presupposes, but categorically states. If someone is using language to envisualize the future, that is superposition cognition. Our brains are quantum. That means we can create through words and visual concepts. By using words in such a way that the future is set and we will arrive, we are establishing that we own the future. 

Think about this while you attend to your daily programming schedule. Pun intended.

I'm not the first to trailblaze that kind of thinking. In making sure my wording was sound, I ran into several discussions on the validity of this kind of thought processing. If that is the case, then our perspectives are collectively evolving, emerging. There are a number of us collectively thinking through these things, thank you hive mind internet.

Honestly, after I got coffee I went straight to roku on my big screen and slid into entertainment updates, which I'll share in case you feel like I just broke your brain and you need a bandaid.

Since I brought up yesterday that I'm finally starting to process all my dealing with Dad passing last year, I'm also almost up to the point this time last year where I finally started the final processing of my friend's murder. (one side of a lost coin) Then after Dad passed, I jumped blogs and started processing years of emotional backlog in high gear. A long time ago when I was in my guidance and counseling degree program, I sat in groups sharing their experiences with parents passing, and watched men weeping from losing their dads. I don't recall my dad ever crying much until he got very old, and then it was more a few tears breaking free during an urgent need to share bible than anything (he wasn't very capable of emotionally connecting otherwise), so seeing men cry was a novelty for me. I've not really seen either of my husbands or any of my previous boyfriends actually cry, either. My life is void of men weeping, except on TV and in counseling classes. Since then I've met a number of people on medias who have lost their dads and openly express their grief and talk about crying all day.

I have yet to cry a single tear over my dad passing. I don't expect to, either. Conversely, I've cried nearly every day since my mom died. Just writing that brings tears. My dad killed my feelings out a long time ago. I can't even feel sad about that. If anything, I'm relieved I can't feel anything about not feeling anything. I thought I hated my mom all my life and discovered after she passed that was a cover for a lot of secrets, and it has taken years to find all the secrets locked up in a hundred little closets in my head.

Moving on, I want to get rid of the drafts in my blogger that I never got back to, so I'm dragging them into this post. A couple of you who know my older content will remember my birthday is on United Nations Day and that I've been keenly interested in reading all the charters and projects through the years. Apparently so have other people. Most people don't take the time and can't grasp that something like this is possible. It's real. Feel free to get to know their 'mission'. You know, behind all the other missionshttps://www.un.org/en/

This was cool.

Learn more here.

I used 👉this taquito recipe👈 last night, they were super yum. 

Oh, here we go, drafts from other blogs. Not a clue what got my attention enough to start this in June 2019. A soul mate themed reflection idea is evidently lost to the ages.

Have you ever made a mistake just so you could feel miserable?
Recrimination is not my strong point. I suck at baiting myself psychologically. People who feed off their own emotions like a drug mystify me. I’m terribly Vulcan in that regard.

Do you believe in soul mates?
I ran into a quote somewhere about how interesting it is that most people find their “soul mates” within so many short miles of their homes. I don’t have a soul mate. I’ve never yet run into anyone who clicks with me like that. Cosmic irony would dictate that most of us either have generic ‘soul mate’ slots, or that our one, true soul mate is on the other side of the planet and born 60 years too early or too late. You know, the next time someone asks me what my religion is, I think I’ll say “Cosmic Irony”, because that seems to answer to just about everything I go through in this life. The faith required is skepticism. I’m really good at that. If I do have a soul mate, that person is in another galaxy about eight and a half billion years before or after my time.

Do you post pictures where you look good but your friends look bad?
I guess the first mistake is thinking I have friends, and the second is thinking I give a crap how I look.

Are you friends with any of your exes?
I guess the first mistake is thinking my exes are normal sane people, and the second is thinking that I don’t wish they were dead.

Wow, here is part of one I never published titled "my biggest pet peeve about politics is the cover up" from Sept. 2018.

One of the biggest questions I've ever asked of politics is why the hell aren't the rich people in the world STOPPING human trafficking?

Well, short answer, the rich are benefiting from it.

This is an attempt to actually stop human trafficking worldwide.


Yes, we have local state and federal agents doing their best to synchronize and stop some of it going on, but we all know they're barely nipping the tip of a very big iceberg.

Several teams of anons, law enforcement, rogue research investigators, and even lawyers have stepped out with coordinated presentations of world stats on human trafficking, broken down by regions and states, to add to official government record keeping. They have real time maps of human trafficking routes crossing borders into and out of countries. On top that, the NSA under this current administration has started going after an international network cover for trafficking that includes higher ups going right up to the top of the structure. This is naturally extending to trade overseas and the way business is done worldwide.

Anyone who takes the time to do a little research can see there has been a change this year in the way trafficking rings are being logistically dismantled so that real arrests could and can still happen, including the arrests of high ranking officials in every walk of life.

Why is this not being reported on the news? Well, it *is* being reported, but in such a way that gets Americans extremely agitated at the arrests, like not giving them a clue that the cover up is finally being blown. Does that make the news networks part of the cover up for human trafficking rings overseen by people with big money or high ranking jobs?

This has weighed heavily on my mind for many years. I kept asking and asking why no one was doing anything about this, when obviously we have so many billions of dollars in the world to get things done.
It never once dawned on me that the people holding all that money were in on it. A great big lid is being blown off and it seems like mainstream America is doing their best to get us all together holding that lid on for dear life. We must hate everyone trying to blow that lid off.

I know people who've lost family to 'disappearance'. I've met people who've escaped trafficking. I have studied it in college (sociology degree), and I've researched it deeply on the internet. It's real, it's all around us, and everyone I know is too easily placated with 'it's not happening in my immediate world so everything is ok'. I know someone who took a baby across state lines and was met at a bus station by state police. This was done for MONEY.

I come from nice and honest people. I didn't grow up like that. I didn't have a clue this stuff even existed until I grew up and met a few people. I didn't realize how prolific it is until I wound up in the middle of it myself during my first marriage. I didn't know how heinous it was until I met people who had survived horrific abuses that still make me feel very ill and angry. A few people know the lengths I went to saving my own child from people that would have raped her repeatedly as she was growing up.

I didn't travel anywhere to meet these people. I met them casually around my own area as I was simply living my life. I realized over time how scary it is to know a list of people who've gone through very miserable experiences with kidnappings and/or actually being used, sold, or bought for rape. KIDS. I know from experience how hard it is to get out of those situations. I feared for my life for good reason.

There is not a soul on this planet who can convince me the 'tyrant' in office is a bad person, although I admit I didn't vote for him. There is a lot of hate going on in this world every time memes roll through feeds. I'm done with hate. I'm done seeing the world with blinders. I'm done judging. The people I thought were decent and good turned out to be very bad. The people trying to change all that are being so verbally abused everywhere I turn that I just pray every day this works and all the people are saved from the trafficking.

There will never again come another chance in human history to stop world trafficking. The time to dismantle the entire operation has come. Whether people understand this is what's going on is beyond me. I feel caught between whirlwinds of seething hate against a person who is standing up to billionaires who make money off abusing other humans for sport.

Don't assume a 'parent' with a child is the child's parent. Never assume a child you see in a photo or video clip isn't part of a script to manipulate your world view in some way. Never once think a child is 'happy' because they are depicted as such.

As a child, I was an angel for the public growing up. I asked once what you might think it took to force a child like me (autism) to learn to hold rock still and never react to anything around me. Well guess what. Millions of children around the world have learned the hard way to shut up and act straight. Ask yourself why.

Ask yourself why the world is hating so hard on someone trying to save the missing children, trying to stop more children from going missing. Ask yourself if you like getting that anger trigger every time a meme rolls around. Ask yourself why you were so easily trained to react like Pavlov's dog....

While people simmer and boil over nitpicking in politics, children are being sold for rape. Every time you blow a fuse about something in politics, think about a child being rented out for a gang rape. Got a weird child in your child's school system? Maybe wonder why...

And then wonder why so many rich people in the world are trying to stop him. You'd think they be jumping on the bandwagon since they're part of the U.N. and 'fighting' for human dignity with so much money going into so many programs. You'd think set up a foundation to pay lots of people to make lots of phone calls and having meetings.. um, wait, that's how you set up covers, right?

Human trafficking - statistics and facts

2018 Global Slavery Index

Over 400,000 people living in 'modern slavery' in US, report finds

Trafficking in Persons Report 2018

Oooohhhh, notes from April 2017 on a Sherlock review I never did, "the clue he missed".


started with water, ended with water, water all through

eurus & the woman- Irene and Moriarty were in cahoots already

eurus & Magnussen (the shark)- he knew about Redbeard, was Sherlock manipulated to kill to save Mycroft (not just Mary)?

eurus & Molly- how did she know? Moriarty used Molly to intro to Sherlock.

eurus & their mother- Mom said she'd ___ if anything happened to her kids- background as a Vernett?

Mycroft knew this entire web because he was the hub eurus used to connect them.

Mary was killed under a shark tank- visual for 'Magnussen' succeeding- did Eurus control the secretary?

Is s1ep2 still a stand alone story? How might it connect? Who was M? The eye...

Was John Watson a fluke in Sherlock's life? Was he the key to Sherlock's heart that allowed all this to roll out?

Sherlock's mental state- using drugs to think, using drugs to manipulate others, using drugs to regain control over situations- his internal thought process with John. Eurus couldn't touch John in Sherlock's mind. Was that what she was after? How we fit together in our minds.

Eurus in and out of personalities, experimenting on people, playing games manipulating outcomes to see if anyone could out think her. Finally forcing Sherlock to deal with this head on. Her obsession with Sherlock.

Not understanding the difference between laughing and screaming, but feeling the need to illicit emotional response to her out of someone she wanted to feel attached to. She didn't understand she needed someone to love her, to feel loved, and she was trying to understand this part of herself not working right.

She understood that other people loved Sherlock, and his devotion to them. She wanted that, but didn't know how to go about getting it, being born into an already broken mind. Brilliance had its cost.

With this brilliance she could have gone anywhere and done anything, but she chose to keep coming back to a tortured existence, a sort of public display of epic narcissism.

What is being psychotic like?

Yes, by now it's clear that I've stalled about 3 hours away since I woke up. Not to worry, I got laundry started before I got into this. But yeah, I need to go do some chores. I haven't pulled out this playlist in awhile. Go crazy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

bcuz taquitos


Running out to get my yearly mammogram done
Stay on that, guys.

I'm going to try not to hate winter scarves this year. I'm so done with covering my face up out there.

Last night during Tucker.

Bored. Tired of the mantras on the news. Time to play with filters.

Actually more in a Harley mood. Hang on.

That may have been a mistake. Judge gently. These are all sequential filter after filter saves. I tried every which way to prep it for cartoon and the integrity just wouldn't hold.

I think I'll use this as a wallpaper on my phone. I've had the same wallpaper since summer 2019. Feel free to grab it.

There, how's this.

May put this on my lock screen.

Here we go.

I can't tell their nerf and marshmallow guns apart. But that last shot leads us into today.

K, I'm dying. 😂 Apparently just lifted a meme created for a kinda naughty Tucker review vid from last year. Listening to it, really interesting how things have progressed to this year. Probably NSFW if you click over. I love Tucker. 💕

All this phone screen updating, blasted back to last year's blog while my dad was dying and I was starting to deal head on with coming out about being dissociated (not just yapping on blogs but real life dealing), *wo*, I never checked this before. I was shut down for months in a tar pit not even checking, had no idea I was getting traffic there. Really, no idea. Wonder wtf happened last Halloween for that kind of spike. I'm too lazy to go look around.

Anyway, that Gotham phase had completely taken over my phone from summer 2019 until last night, so maybe I'm starting to move past all that enough now to get the delayed processing going. I hadn't really thought of that blog being visible, it's like I just cut it off from myself moving to this one, but apparently the last 30 days it's gotten a little busy, and I'm noticing this because all my blogs are showing the same kinds of spikes.

And that is not really unusual, depending on what I'm tweeting about or even linking over and then people migrate around my other blogs, but usually it shows up as a small number of readers hanging out reading a whole blog or something, like I touched on something personal and it's share time, brain to brain, in the dead of a sleepless night or something. But this time is different. That little out of the way UNlinkedtotheworld blog just got eyes on from 13 countries over the last week, and the only thing I can timestamp that to in a coherent way is the Sublime reviewing I'm doing over here on this blog.

I normally post the reviews straight to SyfyDesigns.com and link to medias from there, so I generally don't get that traffic on my personal blogs and therefore don't see the turnout like I would here. I have review content across blogs with very low numbers. However, since SyfyDesigns was down for maintenance, I went ahead and linked back to this blog, and it's looking like people from all over the world went on a profile alltheblogs spree checking me out.

Hi. 👋

Back to reality. Since I got my bewbies so smashed up in the mammogram, I stopped for ice cream. It was yum. Tonight is homemade chicken taquitos.

AND, dang I thought I was done with that movie but holy Sublime, Batman, I dragged out a notebook and pen after I got home today and spent a half hour outlining QUESTIONS I STILL HAVE BECAUSE THAT MOVIE IS SO CRAZY. Time to ask what the hell Rayven has to do with Mandingo NOT showing up, plus 4 pages of scribbled notes. So sometime this week, I'll be going there. I can't help it. You guys watching me dancing daintily around the obvious, time to rip some bandages off. And I started a comparative eye study because Tom's eyes are so fun in different light settings. I had an obsession with marbles as a kid, eye studies come close to that for me for some reason. Sorry, aspienado is weird, but there you go. #autist That'll likely be a separate post.

All of you guys who are super tense about politics, this is how you chill, ok? Just chill. Be nice to your bodies and let those crazy brain chemicals relax. Being upset all the time is hard on your immune system. There are studies on that. Masks won't save you. Your immune system is what saves you. Be cognizant of getting enough protein and staying hydrated and eat natural foods with vitamins in them. (Cereal out of a box doesn't count.) Get outside and move around, breathe some fresh air without masks when no one's around. Stop fearing. That's a mind game. Control. You wouldn't dream of doing that to your pets, so be nice to yourself and think about being healthy, ok? Just wearing a mask doesn't equal health. At all. And if they worked, people who wear masks everywhere wouldn't be getting sick at all, would they? But they still are. Use your brain.

I gotta get some music going while I start the taquitos. 4 days till my birthday! Laterz. 

Here we go, short playlist from last year's delayed processing.

Those of you wanting a little more gristle, this was really good. As I wrote on twitter- "If citizen journalism can find all this, that means official mainstream medias posing as news are complicit in covering this up." You guys know that all the vids disappearing off my posts are already backed up in my hard drive, right. If technocracy doesn't want you to know stuff, start asking WHY.

Monday, October 19, 2020

cont George notes


The real loss, the thought of his wife leaving him after all that time spent on his job to make her happy as the measuring stick of his success in life ultimately turning into losing his leg in his mind as his brain kept failing was the final stab. After that, he had nothing left to hold on to while the rest of the guilts still left in the gathered form of Mandingo kept stabbing and cutting away at the rest of his sense of self. 

I had thought in the first part of this ongoing commentary (I think this is part 4 now)  that it was like George was emotionally eviscerating himself out of guilt with a real bowel evac and puncture as part of a vivid backdrop, not yet knowing the depths of this story. Going back over the entire story again and again keeps peeling back layers of encrypted enculturation that somehow haunted his entire working life. We begin to see his complicity, however passive, in the enculturation of ignorance as a rationale for his entire way of life. His son got it, while adults all around him missed it. His brother got it and easily diagnosed the root of the problem. His wife, left out of George's emotional shutdown loop, might have been mortified to think she was the justification for his wilful ignorance of financial consequences, but we never get to find that out. 

When we hear the Have No Fear theme arrive with Jenny to find George staring into the pool, we see George at his lowest point before the procedure the next day. At this point, a person could wonder if all the rest is a complete fiction and what we see in the movie is his hell of spiritual self flagellation while he's actually drowning in the pool, justifying that the colonoscopy would have killed him anyway.

This movie was that layered and that weird. It's my 5th viewing and I'm still pulling it all apart. Notice I didn't even start on Zoe. She was the most fictional of all, and the one he hung onto right up to the end.


The dreams last night were unending ops of so many kinds, lot of ducking in and out and stalkery fieldwork stuff. 

If brain simulations are to word arrangements what field ops are to coded number patterns, is life experience in this density really about nerve stimuli?

I have a Juan O'Savin headache. 😂

Perhaps, as my back yard photo shows, it's about how rain dampens light glow to more beautiful colors while the chilly air makes coffee feel more cozy.

Yeah, that. I think that will be my Monday. After all, I'm on birthday countdown. I can have whatever I want. 

Right now I'm cuddling on the couch in a fuzzy blanket with the deck door slid open thinking this is so much better than a tent. All the hard years dissolve into this moment. It's all good.

I think the biggest mystery was 👉Sean-Juan👈, our voice in the wilderness, showing up to decry the most obvious of the misinterpretations before being vanished again.

Remember that the tizzy is the show. Getting wrapped up in that distracts us from focusing. We're supposed to be eating popcorn.

Funny story, I've lost two more pounds this last week eating popcorn balls, for real. Very filling. Try it.

I wonder if the Trump texts are comms. You know what about comms? Chill. Eat some popcorn. The comms aren't for everyone.

Don't get lost in a forest of trees, guys.

Digital soldiers.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

the Eyes


This kind of stuff happens sometimes and I'm never sure what to think. I wrote this today, and the timestamp on that post (just before this one) is 9:43 a.m.

I noticed this evening that this also happened on another blog that very rarely gets hits any more. I can't get a harder timestamp than this, but it apparently tracked just before I published the newer post.

You can see the content... 👀

It would be one thing if I were just repeating myself without knowing. It's another thing when I see things like this happen after I've been specifically speaking within earshot of a phone or other listening device or writing with my editor open continually auto saving to the cloud. The specific words and timestamps seem so wildly improbable that I can't see how it's possible to see this experience repeating every little bit, basically, as if someone on the planet were so synched with me that they were tuning in specifically to something I'm literally saying or thinking as I'm saying or thinking it and I have a timestamp and content to prove it. Or it's AI cross referencing my content. Or this is the darnedest coincidence ever that keeps happening to me and since no one understands it, we may as well ignore it.

I've been trying to tell people this has been happening for months, possibly over a year. I'm on record with mental health bringing this up. I say something out loud or blog something really specific and then find out later nearly exact words or phrasing have been timestamped on another blog by a visitor, usually right at the time I was saying or blogging the other words.

The key to me noticing this is that I'll use a set of words or a phrase I don't ordinarily use every day, which is what makes it so bizarre. I so very rarely even bring up leche cake that it seems impossible I'd get a simultaneous hit. To make my point, this is all time stats for that post on that blog. You can easily see how on point that simultaneous hit had to be, given the great swaths of empty time in that graph and so few hits the entire time.

This is the first time I've caught hard evidence of it happening first, before I even put the thought out there in any form. Unfortunately, I don't have better tracking on that older blog.

Don't misunderstand. I'm not alarmed. This has been going on long enough and consistently enough to be more like a tourist attraction in my mind, like I have 7 blogs I watch and this happens across all of them over many months, but it's so sporadic that there's no way to predict it. You could say that I'm obsessed, so naturally I'm going to see stuff like this, but I had nearly completely stopped watching stats for about two years excepting for brief checks once a month or so, until I noticed this happening. I miss quite a lot by not checking more because blogger has a few blind spots in the way their trackers work, but if I pay attention, I see these things happening. What gets a little startling is how persistently over time very particular keywords are. It's really not cool seeing stats light up at the same timestamp for a phrase you say out loud in a mental health appointment.

Not a clue. No idea. Just a weird thing and I'm a weird person noticing it, like a twilight zone character.

Time is not what we think it is. Our world does not work the way we think it does. There is more going on, and although you might love it in your scifi, you are completely missing it in 'real life' because you are not paying attention.

I wrote about synchronicity a long time ago, you can click this next snip to get there.

Do you think I might have dreamt of AI?

And if that is possible, could it be possible that AI gave me the dream to begin with?

Or was it God. Or Someone? Or Me in a higher state telling me something?

For the first time in 12 years, I feel like what I wrote back then has very specific purpose now, in 2020.

What if we are all getting direct information like this and just don't get yet what it is?

It's ok, because I could just be crazy. Maybe I'm a Mandela effect or something...

Or maybe it's time for the world to wake up now.