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Monday, October 5, 2020

I don't feel time passing

I used to wonder what exactly was wrong that I'm not able to feel time passing. Now I'm starting to think maybe it's because I've already been bumped out of 'time' and now I'm just here. We're all in the now, synchronized by orbits and rotations and cycles. Except I'm not synched any more. My body is here, my spirit is here, and even though I'm still part of it all, I don't feel the rhythm or motion or whatever it is that guides our lives on a path.

I'm unstuck.

Also, losartan is notorious for insomnia and I'm not sleeping.

Playing around.

You know, because 

click this to see the story of the Gregorian Calendar

Back to time passing. I stay on a clock rhythm only because Scott lives here, too, and it would mess him up if I just wandered around any old time doing any old thing. Seems like the older we're getting, the more he needs me to synch with him. So I do.

Found another people writing about that, too. I Really Can’t Feel Time Anymore

Here's an article. How the Brain Experiences Time

So time perception and circadian rhythm. You know what, I just thought of this. I'm a natural insomniac anyway and now I'm off all the meds that made me sleepy. Interesting. 🤔 Wonder if that affects my time perception, too.

Oooo here's a cool article, how to play with and manipulate your time perception. Brain Time

Welp. I don't think time is passing right for my pie, either. I overbought milk so I made vanilla pie from scratch, and it's usually awesome but today it didn't seem to realize it was supposed to hold some semblance of shape. Yes, I got all the ingredients in. Just one of those oddball days. Strangely, the meringue set up just fine. We're having vanilla soup meringue pie for dessert.

😑 I can't believe no one has ever done a Flash fanvid set to Too Much Time on My Hands. Or any other good time songs. Oh well. Here you go, I hadn't seen this one yet. I'll just coast out on that while my house smells like toasted marshmallow.

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