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Sunday, October 18, 2020

rainy coffee jazz chill kind of a day

Haunting the webs for wallpapers. That one clicks out.

Not sure what in the world boosted me to this. 👀 Bouncing up and down like a yo-yo. I hit 6.38 in January 2019, then plunged to 4.17 last March, and last couple weeks I hit 5.98 and now 6.05.

I've been so shadowbanned on twitter and so strangled on facebook that I just stopped caring all summer, said what the hell, and jumped into qanon. And Tom Cavanagh. But mostly qanon. Which is, by the way, not a weird cult. More like a motivational research movement digging up web archives. Finding some nasty stuff at the bottoms of the algorithm piles.

Anyway, I'm super surprised that has been boosting my visibility. Staying active on the internet means better visibility, more to pick up for search engines, but with the shadowbanning, I just figured my current visibility would be toast. I've been tinkering around with boosting visibility for years. You really don't have to do much, mostly get a unique identifier that can be sifted out from gen pop and then put out content all over the place. I used to pay for analytics and trackers, now I'm like who cares, we know the ropes, as long as we're floating over 50% visibility, right. But yeah, I checked, and I'm not floating on Tom content. It helps, yeah, but that's such a tiny part of my content that it doesn't explain being boosted 1.88 points on a 10-scale.

I started this visibility quest because solid platform relates to better sales later, but I never reach that later part. Sometimes wonder if I still want to. Then I go make more popcorn balls and turn the TV on. Or take a nap.

I don't have the kind of dedication it takes to rake in a few coins. I'm chill.

But I still don't shut up, do I. Always got a keyboard out somewhere on the webs...

Anyway, 6 days till my birthday and I'm thinking some kind of coconut cake. Been a long time since I've made a dulce le leche, I could use coconut milk. YUM!

:edit: Sorry, no, I skipped important visuals, coconut milk in the cake and dripping with caramel sauce. Yes, I know you can't make caramel out of coconut milk. Sloppy writing, my bad. But you're jealous, right?

This is about my speed today. Laterz.

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