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Thursday, October 8, 2020



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K, finally got good feedback on this blog experiment. You know how I was cranky for the last 5 years over blogger not giving me good stats and stat trackers leaving out entire countries or regions and finally caved to verifying properties with google analytics but my original pinky property was too overloaded to sift through that much, right. Even google told me my site was too big to crawl anymore and just stopped. That was back when I had one of the beta test versions of analytics.

So I made tiny blogs in the meantime with very little content and didn't link out much, waited a couple years and finally wrangled with reinstalling as verified property again and after two months (*two frickin months*) I finally got enough stats to see how this works.

I have now verified that blogger saying one post having 11 visits in one week has to be only unique IPs because google analytics said, No, hun, you got 41 pages opened by one of those IPs on this one day...

So my analytics numbers for page loads on one day is four times my blogger numbers for visitors for one week, at least on that week. And keeping in mind not everyone does that, you can still see that if I were to go back and look at the original pinky blog numbers, total logged unique IP timestamps plus over time returns is now 167,869, imagine me having the time (or the staff) to check those against total pages they opened up, and I've literally caught tag trails in the past going through 50-100+ posts like they'd settled in with a book for the afternoon. That raw 167K only represents the door opening. And that is just blogger stats. That doesn't count analytics stats.

Also my bounce rate on the original is still over 40%. Nice.


So if you guys wanna continue your online adult schooling during this pre-election phase of lockdown, you need to hit this site because it's basically the most important history and even some underground gossip you could check into that is affecting us very badly this year. You get a slam history course in 45 minutes flat and suddenly understand ALL THE THINGS about why the f*cking lockdown. You will be so pissed. No, it's not about coronavirus.

See, I don't blissfully fold up and just believe what I'm told to believe by people who lie for a living. You start to wonder wtf when the people holding up stimulus while people are drinking themselves to death in secluded growing poverty are still drawing really nice paychecks themselves and they're not even legit at work, they are working from their luxury homes.

So that's the truth behind the whole thing and now it's up to us to decide who we are and what we want or just fold up and keep dying in our growing poverty and just nod back saying joke's on us, then.

Joker & gangsters = politicians, Harley & Birds of Prey = proletariat slaves, police station = mainstream media 

:edit: For those needing clarification on bounce rate.

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