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Monday, October 26, 2020

just another product of today

totally not linking to 'source' that hijacked the meme
and doesn't even use it in the article


You know I called it in 2018 

and like I repeated recently.

I keep seeing warnings that we need to archive offline, that a raid across several major cities nearly took down our communication grid last week, that the big tech media giants might go down because they're still breaking laws and now election interference, which could mean a judge could order them to shut down, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and whoever else is controlling information on medias. I've been all like meh, I've been expecting to lose all my stuff for years, who cares right. But then I thought about all the fun times Pinky had been too obliviously sexy for a blog whore ripping on intellectualism like that time I called Stephen King a pussy, I mean a controlled bot.

Anyway, my point comes back around to Stephen King possibly already writing what was put into his mind by others in the first place. The monarch cinched it for me. Whether King wrote the actual predictive programming or not is irreparably smeared for me now. He may not be a genius so much as just another person fast tracked into success by a group using him as a tool. He is well known for being a self confessed blackout writer, which some blame on trauma or alchohol, but is also explainable with programmed alters, like pop stars today are unabashedly revealing. Basically, he was the Lady Gaga of the book world long before 'dark' became mainstream.

See, I went through massive brain fail and still put out so much real stuff that is sourced, while he sits there waiting for his string to be pulled. I don't see Stephen King standing up for free speech.

All right, the others are telling me to calm down, no need for name calling. They're right, it's nothing personal. He's a tool, I'm not, that's all.

Yes, definitely working.

Feels good.

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