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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

follow up to my Sublime (2007) review

I don't often do this, if at all (so super rare), especially when I'm focusing on only one aspect, character, or actor of a project. I was so impressed with Sublime (2007) that I had to go down several rabbit holes digging up info completely aside from the #TomCavanaghWatch.

Sometimes extras or features on DVDs are just snippets of things that logically would have been part of the film, or behind the scenes and short expressions about the project by cast and crew. The Special Features on the Sublime movie DVD are different, which ultimately led me to discovering this is film series.

From Warner Bros. press release Home Entertainment February 2008

Films under the “Raw Feed” banner are a mix of thriller, horror, and sci-fi with a strong psychological and dramatic edge, and are as much psychological as they are thriller or horror genre. The films have been released on DVD in rated and uncut versions, featuring innovative extra features and bonus content. The “Raw Feed” label originated from the creative minds of Tony Krantz, Daniel Myrick and John Shiban. The first film in the series, Rest Stop (written and directed by Shiban), debuted on DVD in October 2006, followed by “Sublime” (directed by Krantz) in March 2007 and “Believers” (directed by Myrick) in October 2007. The fourth film in the series, the satiric black comedy “Otis,” also directed by Krantz, will be released this summer.

So Sublime is the second in a series of four movies. (Off topic, but this reminds me of the Metal Hurlant series.)

One of the features is titled The Shabeen Josie, and the closest to English translation I seem to get is Urdu (by way of Somali) Josie of the Night. As written in the product description online, ""The Shebeen Josie": Inside an African Juke Joint, a Conversation Between a Beverly Hills Housewife and a Demon" which was actually fairly disturbing, BUT we find out what was in the IV bag. Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs not only rocked Mandingo through the movie, but crushed it as the Demon in this feature (nod to Cheryl aka Carolyn Hennesy, I could feel her melting into the Demon's touch).

Another neato thing on the special features is Bird York singing Have No Fear, which was later used in the 2008 Will Smith movie Seven Pounds.

Kathleen York is also a prolific actress, easily recognized from many other projects. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0948723/

I could bluster on about the cast involved in this Sublime film project, but my day is tight and I've gotta keep moving. Must mention I appreciate the set team, I loved the Grieves house.

Couple quick comments on the movie as a whole-

I love psychological layering, this was maxed out and still held water. You really don't know where all this is coming from except it's George's mind, but the complexity of allthethings grinding through his mind while he's oblivious that he's literally very physically exploring the disconnects within his own brain synapses from the surgical accident and his own brain letting him know there is just no way out of this was exponentially heartbreaking when you realize how trapped he is with his demons.

I honestly don't think my husband would survive this movie and go on with any medical procedures the rest of his life. In that sense, this movie is extremely compelling and utterly successful as an existentially layered horror thriller. I'm not typically a horror movie fan, but I'm actually very happy with this purchase.

Kudos to Tom Cavanagh pulling all this acting off mostly laying down. The part where George is completely restrained and full hookup (for filming, not actual) is bad enough on the psyche, but to lay there acting out being tortured in the most painful ways possible is beyond anything I can ride along with as a viewer without feeling very sick.

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