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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

please unroll

(Yesterday) This is not my week for pie. 😂 Threw the runny one out, figured the vanilla and butter added in after cooking made it loose again so left those out this time, then thought what heck, more cornstarch.

Internet has been out all day, probably a critter or a branch. 


Chasing down a few odds and ends on the webs and suddenly wondered why I've never added up all the visits across all my blogs as a total before. I don't even check WordPress. Maybe I'll run through blogger real quick, that got me curious.

Ok, 2598 over 30 days across 7 blogger blogs , 3199 if I count the main fan blog. And this is a really slow year. Just wondering.

I'm too lazy to wonder beyond that. It's late, that was math, and I'm going back to youtube. 


(Today) Yay, my internet is back! I guess that means it was our local carrier, because we didn't change anything here. I mean, not that big a deal, I have data plan on my phone, it's just easier and faster to copy/paste and fix html on the laptop.

Random thoughts, going down weird free association trails, but do you guys think Tom Cavanagh would be good to play JFK Jr in a movie if he really is alive and pops back up? He could wear brown contacts, but Jr is not a short guy, so I think that could be doable.

Lotta rumors out there, just saying.

I wasn't completely transparent about all the reasons I picked Tom to slide back into watch reviews. With all the clone and body double rumors ripping around some of the anon subsets about Hollywood and politics, I'm thinking Tom likely can't be successfully duplicated or switched out (those of you familiar with both cloning problems and Tom will instantly know why) and that makes him a standalone in a crowd of intensely watched people. Besides vetting background for on the fence validity in an industry under a microscope, I'm risking bets that he's not yet the kind of asset that can be social media activated.

I know, I'm terrible. But people really do want to know.

At least I'm honest.

I'm in a very quiet Q group that allows for discussion if anyone is interested in these things. I'm not an officer but I do have kick capability if we get trolls. I'll deactivate that link if we wind up with trolls. So many ways to test people coming through this blog.

Thought I'd check total on all time visits on the above blogs and getting 219,843 which is cracking me up because I hid most of them from crawlers for so long and didn't bother linking posts from at least half of those. These represent less than half of the blogging I do. It's 293,874 when I add in the fan blog. The fan blog is currently at 73,941 and the big pinky blog is currently at 167,819, so again, you can see the fan blog for a TV show can't keep up with my personal blogs. At all. Keep in mind those are conservatively unique IP hits and by far not the total of all page views. All page views would blow your eyes out.

And the traffic doesn't stop. Yes, I have dry days on the lesser blogs, this being one of them, but even sitting around doing absolutely nothing, pinky blog draws daily world traffic. The only way I can make it completely stop is to pull that blog into private, which I did one year for a few days just to see what would happen when it came back out public.

Add in years of constant views since 2004 when I started. I can't even get an accurate measurement on the original fan blog any more because the coding is so broken and rigid that there's no way to install and verify it, but I see referred traffic coming from there all the time, so I know it's still getting traffic.

The reason I stop and look at this sometimes is because it still knocks me over.

But I can do stuff like this.

In a year when the global currency reset has revalued to gold standard according the NESARA / GESARA that squeezes out global banking, I can hook you up with pre-Trump fiction that demos to you the deep state plan to do a global currency reset and establish global banking as a rigid dominating world control. Our entire spring and summer with covid and masking mandates has been about the war between POTUS and DS over who will win the long chess game over all the people.

How much does it take for you guys to get a clue that the playbook is public because by giving your silent consent without question or protest, you don't try to stop anything because you believe it is fiction?

IF TRUMP WINS, we get release of over 6000 patents, which include free energy for the entire world, easier faster cheaper (possibly free) health care complete with cancer cures, food technology that will solve world hunger, and the end of poverty. If you haven't been paying attention to this, and I understand many of you don't have that kind of time but I'm here making it easier because I've had the time for the last 3 years, you really need to wake up now.

I know, we've been lied to for so long, how can this possibly be any different?

Allow me to share. This is from https://twitter.com/PinkyGuerrero/status/1311980395664224256

My error, Ronald Bernard is alive and has a facebook

This vid isn't about Trump, no idea why they use that picture to represent it.

👉And here is the unrolled thread.👈

I'm worn out. Love you guys.

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