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Sunday, October 11, 2020


That title is Things I Want to Change.

We've done a bit of recovery over the summer from 3 previous years of kids living here and 4 previous years before that of many hours of babysitting from the gitgo. This house adapted on the run to infant, toddler, and then preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten, and now we're slowly recovering back to empty nest. Recovery includes maintenance and repairs across 3 bathrooms, entire livingroom rewired and shifted around (wifi network, satellite, electronics), manually installed home security system, kitchen-dining-laundry space reallocations, packing left behind into storage, utility repairs and upkeep, etc.

This doesn't include vehicle maintenance, yard maintenance, outer home maintenance, the garden, etc.

So I'm looking at the rest that has been pushed off to the sides through all this thinking there are still things I want to change. I may need to schedule a few days off and just gut that stuff out. We have a few weeks till Christmas and new baby arrive, possibly simultaneously.

Next week is a cortisone shot in my hand, which will slow things down for a few days. Last time, about a year and a half ago, I powered through a shot in my hand, which you're NOT supposed to do, and I'm lucky it didn't get worse and wind me up in surgery. Hand surgery of any kind is nothing to sneeze at. Really hoping the cortisone shot will get me past winter before any more problems pop up.

Gotta get moving.

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