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Monday, October 12, 2020

3rd person

I dreamed last night that I saw a little girl running through the countryside along a highway twisting through fields. There were no shoulders to run on, so she was running precariously alongside cars that zoomed past every few minutes. She never looked around, never stopped, just ran.

In my dream I was a bit alarmed that she was alone, and who could find her if she were running? I pulled over and stopped her, told her I'd take her on to town and we could wait for someone there. She nodded assent, so I put her into the car, but she never looked at me or talked. I couldn't guess her age, somewhere in elementary school.

I got her into a tourist style mom and pop coffee shop. An older man there thought he recognized her and left to go get her mother. She never cried or talked except narrating and interacting with whatever she was playing on the floor with a few of the antiques she liked. At some point I joined her, making stuff up as we played, and I taught her about diamond picks and the wise ways to level up in minecraft, should she ever play later in her life.

Her mom must have come while I was getting us something to eat, but another olderish man was around, and he was telling the first old guy that I knew what life was about, which was odd because I didn't think he knew me.

That was the end of the dream. There were a few details but they were more about the environments around us and probably not that meaningful.

My first thought is maybe that's another point of view of how I started integrating myselves. I kind of knew for a long time, but didn't really know, if that makes sense. I was aware but not specifically aware. I was winging it through everything I did.

A common background thought through time, though, is that someone needs to save the little girl.

Not sure what I'm processing, but it feels really third person.

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