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Friday, October 9, 2020


That day I finally passed Lisa Marie Bowman on webmii. 😂 

I've only been trying to do that since 2014, lol. 😁 I often use her as a gauge of how I'm doing overall since she's so prolific.

I'm actually constructing a stew. I made the stock 👉recipe👈 last night, today I cooked off some burger and brats, and now I'm simmering celery and carrots in the stock before I add the 3 meats (chicken, burger, brats), 1/2 c. of jasmine rice, a few diced tatos and a diced rutabaga, 1/2 head of cabbage, single serve can of corn, can of petite diced maters, and from there it's anything goes. I've tried several different ways of flavoring, like hungarian with paprika and sour cream, mexican with chili powder, cumin, and queso, italian with oregano and parm over raw spinach, you name it I've probably tried it. (Never add spaghetti or pizza sauce. Just don't.) It's our fave soup. One time I creamed it up to make a sort of creamy tomato out of it. I'm not crazy about putting green beans in, and I'm not always in the mood for cabbage. You guys could go crazy trying out all kinds of combos. Or like lay out a crust, thicken the soup up, and bake it off like a pot pie. I always parm pot pie crust. Tomatoes are optional for that, of course. Everything is optional. This is a 'kitchen sink' recipe, just throw in whatever you got, great for old roasts. If you're a velveeta fan, this is a good basic cheesy soup recipe.

I steer away from canned soups because so many of them contain wheat in some form as a thickener or a flavoring agent (soy, malt, etc). I haven't eaten anything with wheat in it since September 2014. Nasty sudden allergy response blew up on me through 3 different meals, multiple trips in for phenergan pushes and handfuls of prednisone, so much benadryl and zyrtec that I dried out like a mummy. No more wheat.

I used to toss in a handful of various dry beans, but I stopped legumes after cashews and peanuts blew up on me 3 years before the wheat. I think one of my kiddos adds in things like mushrooms and bacon. I've also tried parsnips and butternut squash. One woman I spoke with uses sakujarima radishes. Spicy sausage is marvelous with the cabbage if you feel inclined.

The main thing is patience and timing out the order of the things that take the longest to soften up, and precooking the meat separately. Get a side of crusty bread going and you've got comfort food heaven.

This is probably the easiest way to start building up your immune system before flu season sweeps through, especially if you've been masking a lot for work and stuff.

Think about this-

If you were held down and forced to rebreathe used air, you'd want to fight it, because that really isn't healthy. Because we're being conditioned to comply with state mandated masking, we are adjusting to rebreathing our air. Our oxygen levels might still remain acceptable, depending on the thickness of the mask and your ability to breathe, but if you are a pregnant person or someone with an already compromised immune system, your body requires as much oxygen as you can get, no filters. Children with developing brains adapting to filtered air is almost unthinkable, yet millions of people all over the world are masking kids. Older people are higher risk for fall injuries and deaths from strokes and heart attacks when they mask, and this should be part of our education from sources telling us to mask, how to properly mask. But we're all slopping through it not realizing (because we haven't been scientifically and medically educated) that we are harming our own immune systems simply just rebreathing air for hours every day. Since our bodies are dealing with that kind of stress with every breath, whether we realize it or not, our immune systems are already working overtime making sure we aren't reinfecting ourselves with our own germs. Imagine holding your toothbrush in our mouth all day. Imagine getting a lungful of fresh sneeze germs. That is what we are doing when we are masking. We're keeping all that next to us to pull back in. Our bodies can't win for losing against that.

So it's very important to build your immune systems up as much as you can before flu season sweeps over. It's bad enough getting strep and colds, but flu can develop into pneumonia, and pneumonia can kill. Our lungs are our most immediately necessary minute by minute life organ, besides our hearts, and lungs can go down awfully fast once they become infected.

Feed your lungs powerful immune boosting food.

And if it needs salt I usually just parm it. Whatever sausage or cheese you add will salt it up a little, sometimes pre-cooked meats are already salted.

More soup ideas I'm running into-

Hawaiian- creamy coconut and chicken 
Mandarin- I love sesame oil
Chowder- mmm, seafood
Wilted- these are actually really good
Spicy- sometimes ya gotta
Beer- yes, beer soup, whole list of recipes here

Ok, I'll stop. I've been hooked on reading recipes since I was 7.

Actually need to go work out, I skipped yesterday. I made a workout playlist, it keeps getting longer and I keep going longer, but mostly I wimp out around an hour. My feet can't take more yet, even in asics. Working on that.

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