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Saturday, October 17, 2020

and another view


Dreamed last night a film crew was discussing a director's favorite 'angle' he liked to call 'and another view', where the more action was happening, the more camera angles helped show the story in the fewest frames or something. I have no idea if that is even a real thing, and not a clue why I even dreamed, but explosions were going on.

Before that dream was a minecraft dream where I'd been missing from the server for some days (that is actually real) and I had missed minecraft developing thermonuclear reactions. !!!! 😲 Like, where do these dreams even come from, right. But one of the players had built a big redstone thermonuclear processing facility (IN MINECRAFT) and was tinkering around blowing up locked cases full of pets. I was doing my best to get into a staff mode as quickly as possible to witness the explosions without anyone seeing me, but I kept flubbing up the keyboard and missing them.

And before that, I dreamed I was in a post apocalyptic scenario where society had settled back to about 1950s level (think drive-in movie level) and I didn't have any money and needed to buy a burger after driving several hundred miles in an old van or something without a break. I'm a little confused about what went on while my burger was cooking, but the owner of that place ratted me out to be arrested for something, so I was hauled off by manhandling 'feds' of a sort, although there were no feds as we know them in that dream.

Busy night, huh? All kinds of authorities and explosions.

I can bend my thumb, yay! Haven't been able to move it for a month. The cortisone shot is working.

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