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Thursday, October 1, 2020

back to The Flash- yes, another rewatch, huzzah!

I got this shot pointing my phone at my TV.


(two days ago)
So I'm still looking around all the particle accelerator news and scifi history online that I can find, and I ran into the Bevatron, an accelerator in a scifi novel written in 1957 called Eye in the Sky. Check out the latest real eye in the sky tech.

Also, some of us already know about Five Eyes global surveillance. If you are interested in mil op level intel leaks, this site is still up. qalert.app

You know, since #teamflash talk about their satellites all the time... May as well get to know real world, guys.

Wo, just ran into the origin of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, lol. It was a scifi story.

omg sadness 😭 I had no idea young Barry died in real life last April. 

O_O Check 👉this one👈 out. 
Scientists have successfully developed a pocket-sized particle accelerator capable of projecting ultra-short electron beams with laser light at more than 99.99% of the speed of light.
And it already has application potential

So this lengthy scifi show about an accident in the pipeline of a particle accelerator is fine and all, a story from decades ago via comics, but is it important? So much of our entertainment can be grouped and sorted into themes.
  • survival after world cataclysm
  • the horror of worldwide pandemic
  • politics extended off planet via a Federation or other 
  • other basic themes
Just saying. If you haven't yet noticed that we just spent the last decade being slammed with this stuff, they you must live under a pretty big rock. Politics off world goes back my entire lifetime and beyond, so I literally grew up swimming in that.

What theme does The Flash fall into? Besides the superhero theme thing. The whole alt-world thing is as dominant as it was in Sliders. Alt-world scenarios weren't terribly common before Sliders showed up in the 1990s, BUT they already existed in comics. I'm looking for earliest world crossovers and so far I'm running into 1966. I turned five that year. So The Flash doing crossover worlds on film now is 50+ years of 'crossover tech' ideas that we've been exposed to, and I keep finding evidence that particle accelerators go back even further. Just to give us an idea how this fits into 2008 common discourse, check out comments at Centauri Dreams where particle accelerators meet black holes. Those of us paying attention are paying attention.


I know I have a list of projects a mile long, but I found myself moping around for 3 days in a row and finally put it up to a vote, what do we really want to be doing? Another The Flash rewatch was the almost instant unanimous answer, something rare in my bossy alt-esque life, so how could I say no? BUT, I put my foot down on committing to studious research through it this time, and everyone happily gurgled promises of focused research, another rare thing in my very distracting and scattered life. Maybe this will be good for me.

So that rewatch started yesterday, and today episode 2 two surprised me. Only minutes in there's this convo after Barry runs off without perms and was barely supervised risking his life saving others. 

Barry: Dr. Wells, I doubt restraint is how you got to be the man you are today.

Wells: In a wheelchair, and a pariah, lack of restraint is what made me these things. 👀 

How many times have I missed that???

I know, right. Did we get the hint that early? Or was that some huge accident of filming fate? Because that was uttered 5 years before official news came out.

There's another thing I've not really brought up during The Flash watches, and I know this will only make me seem crazier, but tell me the world isn't already crazy.

Throughout this series, every modern conspiracy theory out there is skillfully addressed as a real life issue. In this second ep, it's cloning. Cloning is huge with some of the qanons lately, as evidenced by collections of multiple shots of politicians, celebrities, and journalists, and some of them are freakishly casual about pointing out missing earlobes (purportedly a DNA cloning glitch), bone structure changes around eye sockets (body doubles), and other differences that can only be explained by medical gender switching. In this ep of The Flash, Caitlin exuberantly describes how easy it was getting meta stem cells to grow a full sized replica of their baddie in a matter of days or even hours. If I'm understanding conspiracy cloning, it takes 5 months to fast grow replica clones, confirmed by a few now rogue deep state scientists who claim to have been forcefully employed to experiment and work on cloning, which they insist has been going on since the 1940s, and Caitlin scifi cloned even faster. Cloning in comics goes way back, just like particle accelerator science does in both comics and real life.

IF cloning is an actual real off the grid science in our world, then it stands to reason part of why it shows up in scifi entertainment is to soft sell the idea and get us used to it before it becomes publicly marketed hard product. Or, as some film conspiracy theorists believe, these kinds of stories (and now TV shows) are soft intel drops, again, to accustom us to that level of tech so that when we find out it's real, we don't freak out. (Especially if that tech is already integrated into our own bodies without our knowledge or consent.) Please note this very concerning article addresses techocratic giants getting away with a list of personally invasive crimes without general consent of the public or in user settings, although we are learning that much of danger in this world rides on 'silent consent'. For many of us, this consent hinges on keeping us in the dark, ignorant of actual transparency because it is so overwhelmingly onerous that we skip learning about it before we click 'accept'.

I also shared very disturbing insight into 'wetware' in this blog post back in February 2019. We'll get back to this when Harry works on his brain booster tech against DeVoe in season four.

These are not uncommon thoughts among 'the woke'. Just bringing it up.


I guess it would be nice of me to get more screenshots. 😁

Iris West is our personal journey viewer crossover from 'science fiction writing' to journalism. This is from her anonymous blog. Sound familiar? We've had anonymous bloggers for years spilling about the fantastic.

The person who heckled her the most about this 'science fiction writing' was Flash himself, trying to keep a lid on his cover. I see this a lot among certain qanons. There are many who want to blow the lids off, but a few who cautiously keep them in place. Why? Because it's not time for the reveals yet.

Story reveals are carefully timed out in good writing. Too soon and they blow up as laughable fiction. Too late and they fall flat as obvious. Good rhetoric holds reveals out as enticing impossibilities, but visible to all throughout, unrevealed.

I ran into this thread last night. Scroll back and forth after you click. Since we are a nation led on every single day with carrots and apples, we are addicted to leaks about reveals. That thread is as eye opening as it gets.

Same applies to entertainment. We get drips about film projects, we get controlled leaks about story lines and character placement, and we dutifully line up for entertainment on cue. We buy the merch, we haunt the webs, and we world tweet the live broadcasts together. This level of storytelling is hewn out of the science of financial returns. Great storytelling meets great returns. It's not a coincidence that our entire lives are structured around this principle in everything we do, constant and continual leaks and drips of 'information'. We crave it. We are addicted to it.

So early on, we are introduced to the idea that science fiction writing can smoothly morph into journalism. A good journalist never reveals sources and strives for truth. Iris West is our model for good truther journalism.

She's a Flash truther.

😂 Did any of  you ever think of her that way? 

Just a reminder that I am a HUGE Iris West fan. 

See all my The Flash watch hashtags at #theflash, #teamflash, and #teamwells. Most of those are original watch. I'm on at least my 5th entire series rewatch now. About to take out my Gotham bender from last year. I take my TV watching very seriously

:edit: I evidently have a memory gap, my #Gotham hash exists. I imagine more surprises await me.

Yeah, see, I had no memory of this.

This is long and thinky. I'll try to lean back toward a few extra screenshots next time. I'm starting ep 5. Have some fun while I run off and do things. 😄

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