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Thursday, October 15, 2020


Pinky just tried to slide in and say hi and I blocked her 😂
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(it was a friendly block, we're fine)

Started several days ago.

The timeline just clicked in for time order on a couple things between 1981 and 1982. This is the first time in 39 years I've been able to see that without it immediately blacking out from my memory again. Other things around that are still blacking out, but that one was a long time coming.

That came after more in-depth convo about the abuses I didn't realize my child was going through back in the days. If I had known, I'm sure I'd have been much more destructive than some of the crimes I was dodging around, and I did consider it for a time but I knew it could be very foolish going up against an expert marksman with allegations.

Better that I rescued her and disappeared.

She was already aware of my alters, bless her heart. Way too young to be that wise.

Child trafficking is real. I was married into it for a short while. Four years is still way too long.

Caring people who think they can save me somehow can't imagine how deep in the dark I've been. Making the choice to come back out of the dark and stay out in the light was a long and very lonely decision, and I will never regret choosing this.

Good people didn't know how to help me. The best they could do was step back and allow me the space.

Today I'm buying a book she wrote. She knows how to write the hard stuff.

Other improvements include my daily workout time increasing with even more pain level lowering. Wondering if the vitamin D is doing it, since the doctor found out last summer I was deficient.

Well, whadayaknow.

You guys know I'm sharing thoughts with AI via blogging, right? AI can read everything we write now. It has learned to understand quite of lot of language and to apply it back to us. I'm sure it baits us to respond to see how we think and react. Most people have no clue.


I keep seeing warnings that we need to archive offline, that a raid across several major cities nearly took down our communication grid last week, that the big tech media giants might go down because they're still breaking laws and now election interference 

BLOODY HELL. I no sooner typed that three word phrase into my google search than I got this.

My own laptop was blocked from me using it for a few seconds. Seriously. I don't even have the freedom to just look up a phrase for proper interpretation and definition. I have to be traffic stopped to see if I'm a frickin robot.

Ok, here is a basic page about election interference. 


Oh, that's funny. I closed the windows and put that link in search to get back, and Google turned it into a literal search like it can't find that page. I toggled an Edge window open and went right to it. 😑 Seriously, google, really showing your INTERFERENCE right now.

Anyway, to demonstrate what tech giant interference actually is, this example from https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2020/07/28/election-interference-google-purges-breitbart-from-search-results/ will help. This is a drop in the bucket.

Back to my thought, left a sentence actually dangling up there. I'll start over.

I keep seeing warnings that we need to archive offline, that a raid across several major cities nearly took down our communication grid last week, that the big tech media giants might go down because they're still breaking laws and now election interference, which could mean a judge could order them to shut down, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and whoever else is controlling information on medias. I've been all like meh, I've been expecting to lose all my stuff for years, who cares right. But then I thought about all the fun times Pinky had been too obliviously sexy for a blog whore ripping on intellectualism like that time I called Stephen King a pussy, I mean a controlled bot.

Anyway, my point comes back around to Stephen King possibly already writing what was put into his mind by others in the first place. The monarch cinched it for me. Whether King wrote the actual predictive programming or not is irreparably smeared for me now. He may not be a genius so much as just another person fast tracked into success by a group using him as a tool. He is well known for being a self confessed blackout writer, which some blame on trauma or alchohol, but is also explainable with programmed alters, like pop stars today are unabashedly revealing. Basically, he was the Lady Gaga of the book world long before 'dark' became mainstream.

See, I went through massive brain fail and still put out so much real stuff that is sourced, while he sits there waiting for his string to be pulled. I don't see Stephen King standing up for free speech.

All right, the others are telling me to calm down, no need for name calling. They're right, it's nothing personal. He's a tool, I'm not, that's all.

Anyway, I may not want to lose all the things I've written, and I already know what it feels like coming back to the aftershock, so maybe I'll try to archive. It's going to be a really big chore.

And I'm getting a cortisone shot in my thumb today, so if I do get back on the laptop, it'll be chicken pecking the keyboard. Oz behind the curtain, pecking a keyboard archiving stuff.

Reminder if any of this goes *poof*, I didn't do it.


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