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Sunday, January 31, 2021

George News


George News live location linked a few minutes ago on telegram. You guys remember who owned George Magazine, right? πŸ˜€ 

Saturday, January 30, 2021

all your life

Started days ago...

My action hair is coming back! πŸ˜€

I usually chop it off about once a year, mostly right after New Year's, usually take about 8 inches off and it's still long enough that no one even notices I did that. This year- I chopped it OFF twice. 😧 My anxiety was horrible after my dad died last winter, and masking made everything monumentally worse through losing my voice for 4 months and then developing a sinus abscess during summer hay fever season.

Speaking of all that, had a yearly follow up with my allergist, and he tossed a mask waiver at me and said good luck. An actual doctor note can't budge anything legally around here, even if a person has a wicked combo of asthma, COPD, and cancer. That's how ridiculous this has gotten. I can't help wondering how many people have died with masking as a secondary variable in their failing health. I lived happily on CPAP for 5 years and this year, thanks to the skin on my face becoming autoreactive to everything, I can no longer handle having silicone touching my face without my face swelling up, almost like having a latex reaction, and I know because I also have latex reactions. And titanium reactions, but that's unrelated. But it doesn't take much to trigger hyper responsive immune systems into overdrive. I've been saying for months that after this is all over, we're going to see massive action class lawsuits coming out against the leaders who set up the mandates.

There is info coming out now about In-Q-tel. I had already glanced into that, so... validated.


Rough week, but not a fail week. Might be a sort of rough month coming. I've seen other patriots aka midnight riders go through this, where they're so focused 24/7 on sifting through research and info sharing that it affects them physically, plus the national and international stress can literally be felt by some of us, and it gets to where a vacation becomes so necessary just to survive it that ignoring the red flags can be extremely wearing. Also, I wasn't kidding about the spiritual attack. This was pretty off the wall. I've had some rough nights in my life, but every single day for a full week with no way to regain control over it on my own was really overwhelming. But a great doctor and a shift nurse pointed me back into psychoneuroimmunology and *bam*, the control switch flipped and I can do this.

I did a big thing 3 days ago in the middle of all that that attracted a bit of attention from interesting places, probably the only person on the planet daring to do this thing at this time against a raging tide of belief. The day before I did that, I wrote this.
And anyone who fights back on digital platforms risks being canceled outright. Anyone resisting narrative gets banned from being part of humanity. The judgment has become so swift and severe that anyone thinking outside a very tiny box with independent thinking is quickly swarmed by drones parroting the narrative.

Some of you know I don't tolerate interaction well, even when it's 100% positive, and for years I have discouraged comments and tend not to push anyone to follow me anywhere. Stats are enough for me to see that lurkers mean way more than likes and comments. Quietly returning readers, link share stat bombs, being discovered by someone who sticks around for a few hours reading everything I ever wrote- THAT is better than likes and comments.

Part of stats, though, is that I can't tell if I might be getting a little swarmed by positive or negative views. I really don't want to know. I don't write for sensationalism, but sometimes I point out things that, once real brains are applied, come across like disturbing reveals. All I do is state what, to me, looks a bit obvious, but when no one else is also stating it, I stick out like a neon sore thumb. Takes a bit of grit to hit publish on some days.

Especially on a month that regularly triggers PTSD to the point of hypertensive crisis. This month, something very different happened. It got so bad that I was stopping breathing within moments of falling asleep every single time I fell asleep, and that lasting so long that I nearly couldn't function enough to begin breathing again once I woke up enough to start, and we clocked this several times at a full 30 minutes before I could even stand up. I'm not aware that something psychological can literally stop a person breathing in their sleep to the point of skating around the edge of an actual heart attack.

All my tests came back very healthy, minus the mild troponin levels. There was no indication that should even be happening. One night I was very abruptly awakened by my dad, who passed away last year, and I felt a remote viewer withdraw.

If you guys think spiritual warfare is possessions and exorcisms, you need to get your heads out of the TV. Spiritual warfare is opposition trying to shut you up, sometimes for good. I've seen other patriots suffer intense interruption like this, and all I can say is look up remote weaponry (it's real), look up mind control tech (it's real), look up psychological warfare (it's real), and stop assuming we don't have the science and the knowledge to do these things. Stop calling everything you don't understand conspiracy theories. And dare to stand up and speak against the peer pressure and the social media technocrats. If you can't bring yourself to publicly stand up for your own truths, maybe ask yourself why. Maybe start wondering if you really have been programmed all your life to shut up and fit in. I dunno, maybe look into the whole slave mentality thing.

I refuse to be a slave.

Maybe open your eyes and see what you've been shown all your life.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Game snips from elvenar.com because
I've been playing it this month

πŸ™‚ Hi, guys. A couple of you have been patiently waiting for what is going on in my bubble. I may bullet point because time has slid by and I don't want to spend too much time on this part.

  • Youtube removed a vid of my grandson as a baby after I privately shared it with a granddaughter on facebook messenger who has a new baby sister. That vid sat in unlisted for years with no problem, the link has never been publicly shared, BUT because I shared a baby being given a bath with a child on a child messenger, that vid was removed without warning. After years of FB and YT not listening to us regarding removing child trafficking and porn accounts, MY vid was removed. THAT, guys, is Big Brother vilifying a normal person fighting for truth to come out about very real child sex trafficking. I'm counting that as a personal hit.
  • My 20 years severe sleep disorder and subsequent successful CPAP treatment is documented across my blogs, briefly tossing in a minor concern about central apnea that hasn't affected me much at all during the years I've been on CPAP. Last 2 weeks my central apnea, which CPAP doesn't directly treat, has developed into an alarming emergency situation, and I have an appointment to go into another sleep study next week. I'm not going to explain further, but I will mention that last night was a reverse remote view experience with actual threats on my family before I woke up. Some people would call that a spiritual attack, some would call it an evil spirit, whatever. Since I am a natural remote viewer all my life, I know when I'm being interacted with remotely. I'm a nobody, but a Somebody has backed me up with Thorns II, only fair to give a heads up on that. Source is over all our punier ways, so don't be stupid. We are told to ask and we'll receive, so don't think for a second that's a puff of wind. I've shared miracles that happen throughout my life, impossibilities that people dismiss.
Lol, that actually helped me trim the paragraphs. πŸ˜‚

I've thought last few days about sharing screenshots from my phone, like I've done in the past, linked to source materials and whatever. I could do that. It would take all day, and it's all out there if you're paying attention at all to patriot accounts.

Or I could say it in my own words.

We live in a bullshit kind of world. We grow thick skins because we are lied to daily by people all around us, even our friends and loved ones. This is the kind of planet where Cruel to be Kind actually makes it to the top as a hit single. Those of you who don't know there was something behind the other band covers, that song goes back to the 1970s. Here it is. 

So if we expect that from people we love and who are supposed to care about us, what can we expect from people who would like to see us canceled, rounded up, reeducated, reformed, and even removed?

You know that saying "Wake up and smell the coffee", right? Well, it's time to wake up, guys.

What you are seeing on your televisions and social media news blurbs are scripted. It's pre-written, sometimes days before events even happen, by billion/trillionaire corporate elites who go to Bilderberg meetings to discuss what all will be happening over the next year. If you are still in the stone age thinking Bilderberg meetings are conspiracy theories, you are a sad, pathetic little human. I was proofing that one years ago, before social medias. I found hard evidence and even an actual meetings report.

It used to be funny to look around on youtube and find compilations of news channels all saying identical paragraphs on the same days. It was easy to see that they got every morning's tagline from a central source, literally reading word for word and sly viewers were synching them side by side onto youtube vids. I saw one that showed 20 different media outlets/channels in perfect synch. If THAT doesn't open your eyes, you are in a sad, pathetic little coma.

We're not supposed to be noticing these things.

Years of things. Decades of things.

Then a wave of autists swept the planet. Babies on autism spectrum showed up all over the radar. Kids growing up autistic, into very picky truth-telling autistic adults. This isn't recent. I'm autist and I'm 59. I'm part of the first wave.

General Flynn called autists on social medias "irregular warfare at its finest". Some of us have felt deep in our gut that we were born for a reason, and over the last few years have been waking up to the realization that this is it now, THIS is what we were born for. We are digital soldiers fighting a very real war against the deep state numbing the masses into the mundane acceptance of debt and mind slavery. The propaganda started with the rogue CIA and television, and quickly grew into an entertainment psyop. We ALL grew up being mass manipulated in a daily/hourly/minute by minute psyop.

Why? What for?

Follow the money.

I've said that before, haven't I? πŸ‘‰Follow the money.πŸ‘ˆ Apparently I say it once in awhile.

Funny that autism showed up pretty quickly after the psyop. Almost like it's a move and counter move from beyond this realm. Perhaps planetary control isn't just sci-fi or religious. Maybe this is part of consciousness evolving or something. (For a reason behind it all, see my post electric sheep and windmills.)

Skip a whole bunch of stuff and look at our world politics right now. Now look at the audience right now. Did you ever think about the audience while you were watching the movie The Truman Show? They kept us focused on Truman, right. Maybe do a 180 and look at the audience. Maybe the movie is really mocking you, an audience, missing that you are watching an audience.

They are showing you how dumb you are, not how sad Truman's life is.

That is how a psyop works. You don't know what you are being led to think, how to see things, when exactly the blinders get installed into your brain.

So, back to politics. Look at that inauguration. Look at the goof ups being made.

There are loads of other 'goofs', too, that should be alerting all our minds to red flags galore, but the mainstream news ignores them and so do most of the viewers. Mistakes slide by unnoticed because people are so asleep they can't seem to see what's right in front of their faces.

Biden signing executive orders was done on a set that copied the oval office. He wasn't in the White House. The inauguration didn't happen live. If these two things aren't setting off alarms or raising spooky arm hairs, what is wrong with you?

Biden didn't fly in on a presidential plane. Other incomings did, why not him? Trump is still flying around on a presidential plane. Are you paying attention yet?

Whatever mainstream media is telling you, something is off. If you aren't noticing it, your coma may become life threatening when the truth shocks start rolling in. If you are kind of noticing and can't put your finger on it because you still can't quite see it, you'll see it better if you turn the TV off, turn your social media news apps off. Turn the scripts off. You can't keep up an independent thought while you've got a psyop running continually in your brains.


Why is this being called a digital war? Because digital has gripped our minds. Because we are caught in a digital web of lies. Because we are so hypnotized by digital that we almost can't function without it any more. We have grown addicted to digital.

And anyone who fights back on digital platforms risks being canceled outright. Anyone resisting narrative gets banned from being part of humanity. The judgment has become so swift and severe that anyone thinking outside a very tiny box with independent thinking is quickly swarmed by drones parroting the narrative.

The really scary part, for us watching all this, is that some of you are literally walking right up to your deaths and nothing stops you from going forward. People all around see the deaths and keep marching forward. The warnings are scoffed off, the concerns are reprimanded by the cult of pseudo-science, and no one is noticing that people are MISSING, that we're all being continually distracted by fear porn and entertainment and lies upon lies while more people go missing.

People are missing. Did you notice?

Wake up. People are missing. Why are people going missing? If you start asking, you might get canceled.

Birdwatch is going to make sure factchecking cancels you. One toe out of line, *poof*. No independent thinking! Only narrative thinking! They subtly herd your mentalities into samethink. Anyone outside of samethink is very bad and must be eliminated. There is no tolerance in samethink.

There is a truth behind all truths on our planet. That truth is that we've had a serious planetwide infestation of human rights abusers criminally running our governments for hundreds of years. That is the one truth behind all other truths. Until you can see this truth, none of the other truths make sense, and therefore you just blindly defend the narrative.

Politicians don't love us.

What is the psyop here? Who is being used for what in actuality? Why? (And I'm not even asking about the message, just look at it.) No judgment, just... why? (clue: samethink)

Sunday, January 24, 2021

nearly nearly there

I had a way then losing it all on my own
I had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown
And I'm not sleeping now the dark is too hard to beat
And I'm not keeping up the strength I need to push me
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine them when I'm alone
And so I tell myself that I'll be strong
And dreaming when they're gone
'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home
Calling, calling, calling home
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine them when I'm alone
Noises, I play within my head
Touch my own skin and hope they'll still be there
And I think back to when my brother and my sister slept
In another place the only time I feel safe
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine them when I'm alone
And so I tell myself that I'll be strong
And dreaming when they're gone
'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home
Calling, calling, calling home
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine them when I'm alone
(Light, lights, lights, lights
Light, lights, lights, lights
Light, lights, lights, lights
Light, lights)
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine them when I'm alone
And so I tell myself that I'll be strong
And dreaming when they're gone
'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home
Calling, calling, calling home
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine them when I'm alone
Home, home
(Light, lights, lights, lights
Light, lights, lights, lights)
Home, home
(Light, lights, lights, lights
Light, lights, lights, lights)
Home, home
(Light, lights, lights, lights
Light, lights, lights, lights)
Home, home
(Light, lights, lights, lights
Light, lights, lights, lights)

Let's Get Dangerous

I want to be really super clear about something. Those hardcore truther Trumper people just now waking up to the fact that the Q psyop is dangerous, possibly even a very nasty inverted plan to scrape us all under the deep state umbrella, my first reaction is get your fucking faces out of your screens promoting your own agendas. I went through that blackpill for 5 solid months at the beginning of 2018, and if you are JUST NOW arriving there, you are too busy on your own agendas to pay attention, use your brains, and do your research.

Yes, Q is very dangerous. Q is so dangerous that it's waking up billions of people all over the world to the FACT that the Vatican, the Crown, and DC have all been complicit for DECADES in human, drugs, and gun trafficking networks involving organized terrorism, and that these crime lords had us so utterly locked down in debt slavery and now fear slavery that we are willingly and blindly obliging ourselves into their agenda 21 to depopulate by 2030, whereupon tech will be part of everyone on the planet.

It's all out there, it's all findable. I've sourced and linked it on my blogs. It's real. 

And Q is dangerous???

Yes. Q is very dangerous because much of that power structure has already been dismantled. Just because you see deep state still controlling what we see on fake news doesn't mean the Plan is a fail or a false hope. It means you didn't listen when they said it's a movie and stop watching it.

Getting sucked in like that because you don't have time to keep up is inexcusable at this point. I can't listen to that whiny crap.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

they're not done yet

That's me up half the night playing Elvenar. I've been a top contributor all week to our fellowship adventure tournament. Made chicken quesadillas tonight, not sure yet if I'll make it up late enough for movie gang this week.

Tom getting after me for letting a review flop around unfinished.

Having fun on twitter.

Keeping up with the 'movie'. That's linked on my twitter if you want to keep up, too, loads of good stuff in my feed.

Noobie is doing great.

Super bored with TV, it's been off for a couple weeks, turned off and tuned out. Scott finally let me drag him into The Guild. 

Hope you guys are doing well. Don't let your nerves get to you, they're not done yet. Again, some evidence in my twitter feed.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Happy #NationalPopcornDay

Hope you guys stocked up on popcorn.

My house is a world of calm. If the world shakes, I won't even know it.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

little bitty coin

When you're literally popping tiny coins while whatsapp messaging with Pimpy.. Just missed catching a notification coming in over that. Scott called it LittleBittyCoin. Get it? Bitcoin. Nevermind.

Got this one after I switched cities.

Ignore that web address, I was talking about something else. Anyway, I really did talk to Pimpy, so achievement unlocked and I can chill the rest of the day now.

It all started here, click the snip to see the video.

So I found Pimpy (Hidden Things in Front of Your Eyes) through Charlie Ward and he's honestly my fave for catching up on daily opinionating on world events. Pimpy was at the big DC rally, very cool. I've been watching him for months.

So Pimpy's big thing is he's an investment watcher and apparently really good and trustworthy, runs a big group on FB and has Twitter, lotta live updates on YouTube (investment is this other channel), so if you guys have more money than me and have been wondering about crypto and bitcoin, Pimpy has the experience and interest to get you started or fixed or redirected. Not being paid or even link swapped to say that. He doesn't know I'm writing this.

keep the faith

This is a copy paste over from Capt Ed Hayes Ret.: 20 Points of Why America Is Transitioning Corporate to Republic & Biden Will Not Be President! - A Must Read! Saturday, January 16, 2021 11:12 

From Capt. Ed Hayes, Ret.

I hesitate to send some of these things out since there have been so many that were apparent scams but for what it’s worth here this is. But………………a question I have, IF TRUE,………………….would a military man share this with his Father-In-Law?

“A US Air Force pilot received this information and he forwarded it to his father-in- law. He says, “We need 100% of the people indoors to see what the US military is going to broadcast on everyone’s tv sets worldwide. It’s going to be very painful; but we can no longer have people divided. “Around Sunday or Monday, POTUS will send out a message saying, ‘My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us. We will go to full global martial law.’ “He will most likely be on Air Force1, sending out 7 presidential messages to everyone’s phones and tv sets worldwide on EMS; all global military via US military will shut down all media, all internet, social media, all tv programming, phones, all on one channel on EMS so US military can broadcast 10 days of the storm, 10 days of sessions, 3 hour video confessions, from a military tribunal, lots of evidence for the scandals listed in the storm. “While this is happening, the government will be making global arrests, Americans will be arrested around the globe and people who participated in this coup attempt against the President of the United States.”

1. Trump was not running for just another 4 year election in 2016 – Trump was approached by the military to run and his entire win has been and still is a military operation.

2. Trump’s first 4 years was to drain the lower swamp first. The swamp was/is deep and incorporated every industry in the world, banking, movie, pharmaceutical, food, you name it they controlled it; much has been handled.

3. Barack Obama before leaving office signed an executive order to pardon anyone prior of any crimes in the government. This is WHY no one was held accountable when the Trump took office.

4. These swamp rats could not be tried for those crimes (ie: Hillary email scandal, Clinton Foundation, FISA spying on the Trump campaign etc) ~ only crimes AFTER Obama left office could tried – therefore, new crimes had to be snared.

5. The military needed to catch them in the act committing crimes with proof.

6. President Trump said in his speech January 7th, 2021: there will be “a smooth, orderly transition of power.”

7. This in no way means that President Trump is transitioning power from his first term to Joe Biden! Did you hear him say Joe Biden?

8. We are transitioning from the defunct USA Corp to the Republic (not Biden). President Trump will not technically get a “second term” and as he tweeted, “won’t be at the Inauguration Day in January” ~ this means there won’t be an Inauguration Day. This was the last recorded term of a President who served in the “American Corporation”.

9. President Trump dismantled the Banking Act of 1781 from England. The United States is going back to being a Republic and Donald J Trump will be the first President of the new republic with the Constitution fully intact.

10. The start date for the new Republic is March 4, 2021 ~ this was the original start date of the new President (until it was changed under FDR in 1933).

11. At the end of President Trump’s speech he said: “Our incredible journey is only just beginning.” Boom

11. No matter what it loks like, it’s all optics; Military operations have thought of everything.

12. Trump won an overwhelming victory and will be the President ~ of the New Republic.

13. The swamp rats needed to commit their crime during the last 4 years; and they have now been snared.

14. Certifying a knowingly fraudulent election as Pence and Congress just did is treason.

15. Now President Trump is still the President of the United States until January 20, 2021. He has the power to invoke the insurrection act. The Insurrection Act deals with treason at a military level.

16. Why did the president not involve the Insurrection Act before? Because it involves the military and people would have accused him of being a dictator. He has given everybody ample opportunity to come clean with the fraudulent election: the Supreme Court, the DOJ, the courts, congress, and the vice president. They all picked their lane for the most part and chose to certify a (knowingly) fraudulent election.

17. Many Trump supporters have been pressured and threatened by the deep state, they always have. People appearing to go against Trump have either been threatened or they are part of the deep state. People have picked their lanes.

18. Do not underestimate the President and this military operation. Trump often appears weak before he wins (read The Art of the Deal). Twitter and Facebook now banning (censoring) the President ~ this gives the President the opportunity to use the Emergency Broadcast System (set up in 2018) in order to contact all Americans for what they will need to hear regarding the next steps.

19. Trump has said over and over: “we have it all (the evidence).” He has also said: “we will never surrender.” And, he said: “the best is yet to come!”

20. Do not watch or trust the MSM; they are deep state. Do not give up. Keep the faith!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

DC lockdown, Pelosi arrested, popcorn, and the upcoming 'covid crisis'

Pix click to sources or sauce.

And this??? πŸ‘€

Earlier today, FB fogged over a legit post I made saying one piece of it didn't fact check properly, and I got pissed and put it right back up, only bigger and better. So far no one is messing with it.

And twitter pulled this on the rest of my accounts today, keeping in mind they completely suspended another account just days ago.

So I'm skating up to the edge and spitting into the abyss with as little actual provocation as possible. I managed to lay low all this time, but I'm so sick of this now I just don't even care any more. Twitter can burn. I'll stay as long as twitter is still alive because I've been using it for years, but I will NOT cry if it all comes crashing down over their idiocy. They have violated several laws, they've been to hearings, pretty sure Jack is already arrested and this company will be broken up by a court of law sometime in future, but for now, twitter itself as a platform is one of the most brilliant I've ever played on and I really hope it's either salvageable or code copied well enough to be reborn as another platform.

Visitors from the last 30 days are from 20 different countries (including 'other', whatever the heck that is). Waving hi back at you guys. πŸ‘‹

I dunno about you all, but I need a brain cleanser before I go back to bed.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

black pill funk like

My own black pill around this latest administration lasted about 5 months, from January 2018 to May 2018 (keeping in mind that I didn't vote for either main candidate). I wept through the first 3 months dredging through the kid thing, 

and then super deep dove into utter proofs of proofs, and by mid-May that year was finally pulling out of that horrible kamikaze dive into the depths of the oblivion of spiritual abyss.

Since I've been openly depression blogging since 2014 and experimenting with it since 2013hinting at it since 2011 from a mostly private blog and sticking a toe out on a public one, and pretending it was something else since 2007, I am very familiar with the black pill process. I've gone through it repeatedly, and I don't even try to hide it most of the time. Basic black pill is like walking around in a thick fog of extreme disappointment that nothing can pull you out of, and I spent years dealing with bouts of black pill via sarcasm, mockery, ugly truth bombs, lengthy diatribes, and so forth. I heavily struggled with how bad my attitude was for years, to the point of loathing my own blogs, which I mostly kept private. Once I saw how ugly I could be and how much time I was putting into being ugly, I realized I was creating ugliness. I had become that black pill. Pulling out of that into open blogging took about two hard years of strict self monitoring and assessing, with a full mission statement in 2013, which remains private.

Seeing black pilling happen among anons, Trumpers, and Q fans is almost fun, as people-watching sports go. It's predictable, and really does sort the wheat from the tares. It's not fun, though, when someone close to you is going through it, and, despite my wealth of experience with it, I feel like last night was a big fail on my part.

Black pilling is also known as 'dark night of the soul', where deep introspection is about the only way forward once 'truth' hits and knocks a person out of their little sky like a BB in a sparrow. If truth doesn't fit the reality construction a person lives in, their 'safe zone' of 'facts', as it were, either there is auto deflect back into safe zone and utter rejection of truth, or there is massive disillusionment at rapid speed and nothing to grab onto during freefall into that life gutter where everything seems miserably black, and it only makes sense in that state to accept that all is lost and there is no hope. The long, dark night of the soul is that in-between period between the fall and the rising back up.

That is the point where soul searching kicks in for some people. Some of us absolutely cannot accept that all is lost, and we find that red line inside of us that defines what we will and won't accept as reality on this earth. And if that reality is horribly real, we do something about it. And that is what the Great Awakening is all about. We are a collection of people no longer in slumber who draw lines around what is no longer acceptable. The truth, as it were, isn't something we found 'out there' or made up. The truth is the reality that humans harm other humans for pleasure and profit, and that we are powerful enough to make that stop, so why haven't we???

Until a person wraps their mind around the heartbreaking fact that there are humans on this planet who will go to any extreme to steal, farm, own, use, sell, and throw away other people like commodities, nothing else in world politics makes sense. Realizing that the network of complicity is so deeply entrenched in every society around the world that we are all swimming in it all around us is so overwhelming that most people feel very sick once that gets past the cracks in their defensive 'truth/fact' mind fort, and many go to extraordinary lengths dismissing it as untrue, probably more as a mental health safety mechanism than anything. Once a truth that big is accepted as truth, all the constructed realities fall apart and the world is forever changed through now-opened eyes.

Opinionating about politics without knowing the root cause behind politics is like trying to follow a recipe with a chunk torn out of it or instruction booklet with pages missing. Opinions are fine, we all have them, but until you learn and accept the truth behind it all, you simply don't know what you are talking about. You can't explain it all away with pieces missing from the real history of politics.

Once upon a time, someone discovered that drinking another person's blood or eating their brain or liver or heart after a struggle was like taking a very intoxicating drug. That got shared around some groups and cannibalism was born as a lifestyle. Conquerors eating their conquered is historical fact. So is eating babies and even fetuses, which you can see in modern photos from several countries. Ground up human is available in pill form and sold as life boosting, and tonics are created from 'young blood' to assist healing and anti-aging. These are all real and verifiable.

What the public is resisting waking up to is the fact that children are expendable product hosts, easily farmed and processed (for sauce example, look up John of God), easily afflicted into producing blood full of that intoxicating drug. What the public is resisting is the idea that lifestyles and programs all around us are set up to support 'the child' in such a way that missing children are easily funneled through these cover systems. We're talking about millions and millions of missing children all over the world over our lifetimes. Let that sink in. Millions and millions. And those are just the documented missing.

Some of the auto-deflecting back into the pre-constructed reality (fondly known as the Matrix) shows up as lengthy 'fact checking' articles that rapidly settle many minds back into safe zones. Comfort zones. No questioning, that is too alarming. Just block it all out with the thought that it can't be possible.

The problem with that is we have so many people who have survived ritual abuse and witnessed child murders for blood harvesting that whole conspiracy explanations have been detailed around silencing that back up, with hashtags like #metoo sideswiping original movements, algorithms burying proof under mountains of 'fact checking', and hours of brainwashing attention away that we can literally be right next to a person talking about it and flick an off switch in our brains, like it's just not real. It's very real for ritual abuse survivors with PTSD and dissociative depression issues, but the person next to them is so desensitized with programming muffling what can't possibly be true that it's almost like no one is talking.

I've mentioned before in other places that I've met a ritual abuse survivor who was too scarred up to even have normal sex, and that my own child was trafficked behind my back by her father when she was a toddler. My reality was split long ago. I've lived with jagged edges not matching, awkward reality overlays that didn't make sense, chasms between me and the people next to me. Imagine how it feels to be told by 'fact checkers' that the reality you know doesn't exist, and then you watch people scoff it off and even make crude jokes about it.

It sucks.

Then there are the people who can't accept something bad happened in their own lives, and they wall it off so hard that everything must be auto deflected or a super bad midlife crisis looms over and punches them in the gut. They could be awake to their own histories, but they sleep out of self protection. Sadly, that turns into mocking others who are awake.

Being black pilled isn't the end of the world. Black pill is often the beginning of the inner quest for one's truth, which in turn is the truth of the world. We might not be able to see the world truth until we find our inner truth. 

I'm about to switch gears into research.

I don't know why, but I've been triggered a few times this year to go look up Don Juan. Well, that might seem obvious...

Yeah, those two have been on my mind. Pretty sure no one went back in time to defame them with a story, but still, I kept wondering why I felt triggered to check it out.

So I finally did look up Don Juan, went straight to wikipedia, and I found out this play goes way back to around 1630. I oftentimes go on free association binges that somehow turn up loads of useful information, and this is no exception.
"Don Juan (Spanish pronounced [doΕ‹Λˆxwan]), also known as Don Giovanni (Italian), is a legendary, fictional libertine. Famous versions of the story include a 17th-century play, El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra (The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest) by Tirso de Molina, and an 1787 opera, Don Giovanni, with music by Mozart and a libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte."

"Mozart's opera Don Giovanni has been called "the opera of all operas".[5] First performed in Prague in 1787, it inspired works by E. T. A. Hoffmann, Alexander Pushkin, SΓΈren Kierkegaard, George Bernard Shaw and Albert Camus. The critic Charles Rosen analyzes the appeal of Mozart's opera in terms of "the seductive physical power" of a music linked with libertinism, political fervor, and incipient Romanticism.[6]"

So... Libertine Romanticism?

Guys, that was politics.

Looking back helps us see the way forward. Sexual license and brutalizing others for pleasure and profit is a part of our long, dark, sordid history behind the scenes. What scenes? Well, how about our churches telling us to strictly behave while our politicians behave like monsters behind their closed doors. And lately, the Pope being arrested is all over rumors, and we know for a fact that hundreds of priests have either stepped down or been admonished over sexual license with children.

It's always happening somewhere else, isn't it? If we were to start listening to the voices all around us talking about the rituals they survived, we'd know it's just everywhere. Honestly, where do you guys think the idea of Blass Mass even comes from? Ever wonder why it's tied to so much fiction in our entertainment?

Moving on with my free associating.

I get Don Juan and Don Quixote mixed up.
"The plot revolves around the adventures of a noble (hidalgo) from La Mancha named Alonso Quixano, who reads so many chivalric romances that he loses his mind and decides to become a knight-errant (caballero andante) to revive chivalry and serve his nation, under the name Don Quixote de la Mancha. He recruits a simple farmer, Sancho Panza, as his squire, who often employs a unique, earthy wit in dealing with Don Quixote's rhetorical monologues on knighthood, already considered old-fashioned at the time. Don Quixote, in the first part of the book, does not see the world for what it is and prefers to imagine that he is living out a knightly story. 

The book had a major influence on the literary community, as evidenced by direct references in Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers (1844), Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), and Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac (1897), as well as the word quixotic and the epithet Lothario; the latter refers to a character in "El curioso impertinente" ("The Impertinently Curious Man"), an intercalated story that appears in Part One, chapters 33–35. The 19th-century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer cited Don Quixote as one of the four greatest novels ever written.[7] 

When first published, Don Quixote was usually interpreted as a comic novel. After the French Revolution, it was better known for its central ethic that individuals can be right while society is quite wrong and seen as disenchanting. In the 19th century, it was seen as a social commentary, but no one could easily tell "whose side Cervantes was on". Many critics came to view the work as a tragedy in which Don Quixote's idealism and nobility are viewed by the post-chivalric world as insane, and are defeated and rendered useless by common reality. By the 20th century, the novel had come to occupy a canonical space as one of the foundations of modern literature. 

Considered "the best literary work ever written", it topped the list of the best literary works in history, which was established with the votes of one hundred great authors of 54 nationalities at the request of the Norwegian Book Club in 2002; thus, it was the only exception in the strict alphabetical order that had been arranged."

Hang on, cookie break.

Ok, I'm back.

Once upon a time, we were all living within a story within a story within a story, and it was so hard to tell what was real or not that we all went to sleep pretending it was just one story.

We read books and watched films and kept putting more stories into our heads, little realizing our own script had been written long ago by those who controlled all information- newspapers, textbooks, decades of experimental philosophies and logic debates played out on the populace like chess games, and especially comic books.

We did everything we were told. We went to school. We got jobs. We purchased and rented. We paid bills. We upgraded to credit. We fell into debt. We became trapped, frozen into place by our inabilities to pay. We grew cynical. We dug ourselves into justification trenches and modeled good citizenry. We scowled judgment over our papers at those not doing it right...

Once upon a time we watched a film about a man who was raised on camera, his whole world around him modeled to become a giant ad for a mesmerized audience. The audience was watched by another audience who thought they were real but didn't realize they were just another layer in a world so layered up with stories that no one could tell what the real, original story actually was.

Some of the people started 'deep diving' into the history of stories, trying to find out how it all really began. As the compulsion to join this hobby spread around the world, non researchers fell prey to the sutble abolition of the scientific method. Logic was slyly replaced with opinionating. Over a few short years, the people became divided between searching for truth vs defending the truth. What was truth? It was anything uttered or printed by sanctioned 'outlets' that controlled information.

The truth is that you personally have interacted with rapists and cannibals, not just once or twice in your lifetime, but more likely at least weekly, depending on our social sphere through work and extended acquaintances.

It all boils down to that.

Now. What do you want to do about that?

Because ignoring it hasn't been solving the problem.

And politics is a big, fat lie designed to cover up that problem. Why?

So... Hunter Biden's laptop is full of sex vids with kids. He is under investigation for espionage and treason regarding China and more. This is the son of the guy many of you think is about to be inaugurated. Some of us have seen hard evidence that Joe is not only complicit, but an actual crime boss in these matters. It's not hard to find, despite technocratic attempts to make it all stop so you can't find it.

Here's the question- Do you WANT a man in office whose son raped children?

Here's my own thought question- Does defending this make YOU complicit in covering up crimes against children?

Wake up, guys. If we tolerate religions run by leaders raping children, something is very wrong. Softening reality up into magic and happy endings doesn't change the reality we have been living in. We've been asleep far too long.