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Saturday, January 9, 2021

the Temple of Congress

Nancy Pelosi called the U.S. Capitol "the temple of our American democracy". This snip clicks to The Hill article.

Words are important. Let's check dictionary.com, and then think about how these definitions might be layered into the mainstream doublethink doublespeak narrative.


Obviously, we don't have democracy if an entire national election got hijacked, and yes, there is plenty of proof and stfu if you're an automatic kneejerk troll who refuses to use your own brain at all to see the reams of proofs I and others and especially lawyers have already published and shared. Govt by the people for the people is a joke since 4/5 of us had our votes stomped right out of that national election. Equal rights and privileges don't exist in a world where elite leaders can break laws willy nilly and live comfortably during lockdowns that are killing people with despair. And to be clear, America is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, not a democratic republic like Pelosi keeps saying. The Constitution protects our habeas corpus, democracy does not.


Govt buildings are not temples. The Speaker of the House of Representatives knows better than to bandy words around. Church and State are supposed to be separated by law. Even metaphorically, Capitol Hill being referred to as a temple (aka a temple on a hill, which is biblical) indicates it refers to a false god controlling society. To make this reference in this emotional context for mainstream narrative is SPIN designed to hook listeners into believing she means well.


How in the world do you skip from such an official definition to pretty much what amounts to literal orgy?

Maybe this is a big red flag we should be paying attention to. 🤔 Let's see who else uses the word congress.

These snips are from Benjamin Fulford.

I want to be very clear.

ANY of my friends who knowingly support child trafficking via supporting the people who run the child trafficking industry (which I've shared plenty about in past posts and on social medias) are COMPLICIT in my book. This doesn't mean we can't ever talk, it just means you suck prodigiously and I can't trust you.

ANY of my friends who unknowingly support this agenda via supporting people who run the child trafficking industry need to wake up because this WILL be hitting mainstream very soon now, and you WILL have choose a side. No more sitting on the fence. You either support child rape, torture, and murder, or you don't.

THIS is what is behind EVERYTHING going on in politics right now.

I have spent the last 3 years extensively researching this and finding other people researching even deeper digs on all this. Over those 3 years I have shared links to sources showing how this started, who all are involved all over the world, how the U.S. was compromised, and how we are now in a war to purge out and clean up that nasty mess ALL OVER THE WORLD. Your 'news' will not tell you this. They are complicit. I have shared these things at the risk of losing everything I have on the internet over technocracy's stupid cancel culture, at the risk of me and my extended family being doxxed, and at the risk of losing most of my friends.

Sometimes something is more important than hiding behind avatars and pretending to go along with the crowds.

Truth is not on your TV screens or your social media apps.

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