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Sunday, January 10, 2021

relaxing helps us be ready, too

My first crafting project after I got my magic academy

I'm SLEEPING. Includes naps.

Kinda sprained my thumb doing too much when I'm not sleeping, so I'm resting my hand.

My personal opinion on the big hooplah about to drop from the white hats- (pay attention, ok)
The whole point of their approach is to keep as many Americans safe as possible, and not to make their lives worse. If anyone seriously disrupts power or comms or whatever, it's more likely the black hats. I know some of you are all gung ho about white hats TAKING CHARGE, but the entire operation has been very marked by subtlety and not disrupting lives, including sweetly lowering drug prices and fixing many, many things behind the scenes that most Americans have no idea even happened, so to think they'd suddenly just yanked the plugs out and MOW THE GRASS is kinda not paying attention to what's been happening.

That being said, turn off your screens for a bit, calm your chill, and go enjoy something unrelated, ok? It's just as crucial to the operation that we actually create positivity and think kindly and literally calm so our own bodies can remain in a state of healing as it is to be ready.

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