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Friday, January 8, 2021

you are witnessing the greatest military operation in the world

It's been years since I've watched Farscape, but I look at these tickdowns and still say to myself, "Ok, come back in a couple of arns." (hours)

Keeping one eye on downdetector and the other eye on youtube and twitter for significant intel. We spent nearly the whole day running errands and shopping for 3 households and I'm almost too exhausted to sit here and play on Elvenar, but it's having trubbas loading so maybe I'll go lay down.

Fasting bloodwork results coming back. Fantastic for most of my cholesterol, pretty sure cleaning off zyrtec made a big difference because my diet has barely changed. Vitamin D is no longer deficient or even low, yay! Thyroid level holding steady as a rock. Possible confirmation (again) on mild to moderate kidney damage over a lifetime of meds and diabetes that went unaddressed for years, but the other tests around that look great so probably not worrying yet. Sodium is a tad lowish, but it nearly always is. I'm going to ask my doctor about that next week. I've been trying to eat more salty food but I really don't like salt. Scott is surprised I can actually taste it in Dasani water. Did you know they add salt? I stick to Aquafina when I go out. A1C is 5.9 this time.

In case this account gets suspended or whatever, I screenshotted. You're welcome. There's way more info sourcing at strayhen on twitter, although I'm not on twitter that often through the day lately because I've run myself into the ground so hard.

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