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Friday, January 1, 2021

being that irritating first person on new year's day

Caution for me poking a big stick at ya.

This graph is the entire reader history on this blog. You can see how strongly the election affected my stats. The end of each month shows a monthly total when I highlight it.

this is my little blog that I was hiding for awhile
the big one is somewhere else being silly
so far blogger is trying to tell me I have only 8 views for December

which is hilarious given that it's been one of my best months all year
I've never seen blogger stats drop the ball like this
Maybe they don't like me putting out what I'm about to say, so
they are being discouraging or something.

My weekly graph looks like this.
That's more than 8...

This post (below) that I circled in red 👇 hit the top 15 out of 264 total posts in the last 33 hours (it's 9:15 p.m. on Dec. 31st) and is located at the tail end of that very steep slide down after the November dot in the graph at the top of this post. That means the post in the red circle beat out 249 previous posts over the last 10 months and it's showing up like neon for me because it's definitely not part of the reader surge around the whole election stuff. It also means blogger isn't showing me on a graph what I can see and add up on December posts, even though it shows me individual post stats. Keep in mind I'm not monetized or promoting any kind of support income, I'm just playing on a tiny little blog and linking it from severely shadowbanned facebook and twitter accounts that I'm managing not to lose so far.

Anyway, THE DEATH OF COVID was in the title on that red circled post. Not in caps like that, I'm just getting your attention.

Two days ago I shared that I had found and sourced proofs of very real SCIENTISTS proving beyond a doubt that covid is a lie being perpetrated on the world as part of a number of exercises intended to subjugate us all under the New World Order. Covid isn't real. Go read 👉2021 resolutions and the death of stupid covid, or something.👈 Ignore the beautiful men at the top of the page.

Those of you who instantly blow that off without even checking it out are part of the reason they are so easily doing this to us. It's called keeping your blinders on.

Another saying is kicking against the harness, which is part of the reason for the blinders. A horse cannot properly aim at what it wants to kick if it can't look back and see it.

This is your blinder. You can also think of it as metaphorically (and physically, actually) being muzzled while we are being very literally censored on social medias for talking about it like this.

Those of us who want to kick against the harness (lockdown) are upsetting those who like seeing the world half blocked out with blinders. Those people can't even imagine the bigger picture they are missing.

I very much hope I don't wind up censored even more over trying to share this. I'm not about begging people to share my links. Hopefully, though, you are grabbing the links to the valid sources in that other post and sharing those direct links with people via texts and emails. This is how we fight back against forced narratives in the digital age. If you feel you can't fight back by taking the mask off, please at least share sources that prove what the real truth is. We can joke about Orwell all we want, but the hard cold truth is, Orwell didn't foresee masking. You need to wrap your brain around the fact that people (including doctors and virologists) have been assassinated all over the world for trying to share this information on actual 'news', and the least we can do is share links that lead to truth behind the narrative.

I'm old enough to remember when we called this Communism and people fled other countries to America over it. Now look at us being persecuted for wanting to take our masks of subjugation off.

Let's divert into bigger picture. Skip everything up to 30 min and then start and continue. This man so perfectly hits the perfect nail so perfectly that anyone actually plugging in a brain can only go OH... See, this is where freedom is lost. Not to thunderous applause, as Padme says in a Star Wars movie, but to no one even caring or listening because it's too much work to engage a brain for a few minutes. But to be fair, we've all been mass engineered via the propaganda machine to auto deflect and shut down to easier "thinking", and if you don't believe that, just try to keep listening. If you can't get through the next 10 minutes at that 30 minute mark, you have seriously been lobotomized by deep state not to be able to think unless you're being told what to think.

And here's a mega truth bomb about Nashville. You're welcome.

And now, let's dig some Felicity saying the eye holes don't line up properly and think about masks and blinders and dumbing down and it's not our fault and they suck for pulling this crap on us and we're done with it now.

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