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Saturday, January 2, 2021

this whole post is noob in Elvenar, so skip it if you're looking for news updates


So we're figuring out that our residence to workshop ratio is so precariously balanced that once you tip the scale in the wrong direction, you have to bail yourself out with diamonds. There is almost no coming back from a flub that flattens your available worker population, strangling workshops to a standstill, or over producing at the cost of not enough housing, strangling the ability to upgrade because no coins coming in.

That's right, I started more cities. 😂 I always name them Laissez-Faire and I'm always Yablo, but I have only 3 cities so far, so if someone starts copying me, these are the only worlds I'm in so far.

I corrected so you didn't see it, but someone snuck in that they don't have any cities. I was proofreading and it read "I don't have any cities", so sure, whoever is backseat observing, pop out and grab a city.

I'm not talking to readers there, I'm talking to myselves. I seem to be normalizing the odd pop ins here and there.

Anyway, I'm figuring out that you wanna upgrade at least 2-3 houses as fast as possible to keep population up and coins coming in. When you fill up your starter space with housing, you don't have room for other stuff.

I have a feeling the creators make their biggest profit off players who aren't very mathy or intuitive with money, but happen to have money to burn. Scott and I have caught several development traps that force you to sell off to make room and kind of start over, or fork out a hundred bucks a week on diamonds. People who've ranked into the top 2000 seem to be ridiculously wealthier than we are, both on game and possibly in real life.

Same with manufacturing, but we're also noticing that output never seems to keep up with requirements and you are forced to forage and make swaps or buy from wholesaler. It's wild how much marble I've put into upgrading marble and then finding out it's taking forever to make that back. The game has turned into me looking for all the inbuilt lures that make you buy diamonds (with real money) to fix the hole you dug into, while the game keeps handing you really cool free stuff that won't fit on your available grid, forcing you to either go fight for more expansion (a funny wall pops up there, too, grinding your armies to oblivion), or actually purchase fake diamonds to pay for more goodies. Basically a grid of 5x5, which holds very little, can cost $20 a pop, depending on where you are in the expansion. Scott and I are estimating that some of the players have spent upwards of a thousand dollars or more just to keep upgrading and expanding. That's pretty steep for a game. You have to spend real money to be able to make fake money.

Here is a ranked up player. I love looking at all their stuff, it's really cool. That would either take me months or cost me a few hundred dollars via paypal. And that is just a section of their city.

I was very slowly raking in tax coins from little bitty houses while I'm writing this, need 5600 coins to upgrade one of the houses further. Then it will give me more coins per collection and increase my work force.

Lol, this is how brainiacs take chill breaks. 😎😁😅 

I've been listening to this on repeat while I play, cracks me up to no end because Hanx.

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