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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

purposely contrive

To be clear, this is the kind of reach I have over 24 hours without even trying. The fact that I'm blogging on a tiny unmonetized blog and barely use my twitter accounts and rarely try to push-promo my own links (and I especially don't play the follower game or beg for retweets) doesn't mean much. People put my name in search engines and they find me. I don't know why, I've never really known why, but this is the reason I chose to publicly choose a side. I got this snip yesterday. Today, after 2 likes on it, my analytics on this particular snip, are completely shadowbanned. The rest are all still there. 🤔 

And that is small potatoes compared to some of the numbers I've gotten live tweeting TV shows.

I don't know how much our internet and media will be changing over the next couple months to next few years, but it's very possible that it will be up to us to migrate our content to new protected platforms. I'm already watching mass migrations to bitchute and brandnewtube and other places. I've created social media accounts at wego and anonup. I've had Gab and Parler for awhile, but I don't check them maybe once every other month, and I see this is not the week to try to pull them up. 😂 

I'm still hanging onto Facebook because my Lexxperience group and page are there. I still have two instagrams at ducklords and janikabanks but I hardly ever check them. 

So if you haven't figured it out, the 'news' from any and every direction now is all clashing and you either gotta close your eyes and throw darts or pick a feed narrative to stick with or just turn it all off and walk away. The one thing we do absolutely know is that troops are in the hotspot cities and we need to stay back.

We will find out the truth after the mess is cleaned up. I trust this whole Plan. I'm finding other things to do. Yesterday I made a batch of cookies and homemade ice cream, sorta like a celebration week, and the 19th is popcorn day, so I'll be making popcorn balls in a few days.

This is a great time to switch gears and play video games (if you've got internet/power), scrub your floors, take a walk outside (if your area isn't on strict lockdown/curfew), get your Valentines ready, work on hobbies, whatever keeps you somewhat enjoyably busy and keeps your mind off for a little while. It's important to keep up our calm. Remaining in a tensed up tizzy does NOT help the good guys. Keeping the 'hive mind' calm is how we reclaim our planet from Deep State, who loves keeping us worked up in the perpetual chaos of fear porn and anxiety. Stop that. Break the spell, guys.

Go see if my vid on bitchute has finished processing yet. That is the slowest vid processing I've ever seen.

Here's a vid I don't share very often. I didn't make it. The person who made it was a teaser jerk poking sticks at people and then yanking the vid, so I quietly conquered.

Be well, ok? Purposely contrive to have a great week. You are more powerful than you can imagine.

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