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Sunday, January 3, 2021

ready for those bandaids to come off?


So one of my Pinky blogs got kinda hacked, not sure if it was a coding mistake or what, but the graphic address from an original code I installed from a host site proliferated itself into all my widgets on that page. Guess I'd better keep an eye on things I use from that site host. One widget alone had 20 copies of that part of the script, imagine that duplicated across all the widgets. That's the first time I've seen that happen.

I've already ranked up from the 43000s to 21902 on my biggest city so far in only 10 days. Scott likes how open my city looks. Most of them are super packed up like cans on a shelf. It actually took a ton of work just to spread out this way.

That's been keeping me outa trubbas on social medias and stuffs. Still super amazed I haven't lost any accounts to technocratic censorship yet. Twitter actually threatened to remove accounts dissing muh covid, and I'm out there with others slapping that sh*t back, and I've got hard info source links.

BTW, MY FAKE COVID POSTS HERE ARE MY TOP POSTS SINCE THIS BLOG OPENED, except for QFS revalue info, but definitely on the way to taking over.

You guys are gonna find out a lot more stuff is fake than you can imagine. Your world has been meticulously constructed to keep you on a crappy little hamster wheel without rising up in some kind of big revolution. You guys who are still thinking I'm nuts need to realize there is hard evidence breaking that the very big majority, literally 4/5 of us who actually voted, voted for Trump, and you can't even imagine how pissed we are that the entire national presidential vote was hijacked like that by a pedophile international crime lord selling us out to the CCP. If you are still closing your eyes and ears to any of that sliding into your brain against your mainstream narrative programming, you're about to see THE NATION RISE UP. And most of us are looking very forward to this being finished up. We're f*k*ng tired of masks and lockdowns and lies and fear p0rn and people literally forgetting about the scientific method existing when they chant SCIENCE like a religious mantra.

Catch up with me. We live in an electric universe. We are super powerful beings. We have been captivated with the magic of the mind falling into a 'mirror', mass propaganda machines with screens that keep us mesmerized while they keep directing and reaffirming group think to the point of mass helplessness. We have forgotten we are powerful because we feel so weak from being poisoned through our food, through our air and water, and through our emotions. When we step back from 'normalcy' and take a genuine look inside of ourselves about who we are and what feels right, we realize this is all a sham. This is a rich man's GAME BOARD.

And we are breaking that game board. Some of us are no longer controllable pieces that can only do as we are told, taught, directed. We have learned that we have the power to be who we want to be.

We are not in Zion from the Matrix. We are OUT. We can SEE. And we can change things by refusing to be pieces on the game board. You are not out if you think you are in Zion. That is not freedom. Freedom is that not existing for you at all.

I like this guy. Don't dismiss him too quickly. Research who he is and who all he is connected with. 😉

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