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Monday, January 11, 2021

nearly there

Trying out a couple new accounts on platforms that likely won't wipe my accounts out. The screenshots click to sites if you want to try them out, too.

Like other alt accounts I've made, they'll probably sit there... lol.

I'm still on break. My sleep schedule is blitzed and it's affecting me bigly now, so I'm napping a lot and chillin on game. Patriots got this. Btw, don't confooz military industrial complex with our militaries protecting the Constitutional Republic. Just because you see 'army' roll through, don't assume. Just stay back, mind your beeswax, and keep your family safe at home. Few weeks of weird and the mess will be straightened out. Like I've been saying, this was planned out for a long time, and if you still aren't sure what's going on, mainstream 'news' and andrenaline rush social media will only make it worse now. I've got links to good sources sprinkled through posts here, plus on my twitter at strayhen.

Find your inner peace and create your healing calm. We're nearly there.

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