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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

I have creepy eyes

I should do another survey sometime that asks about the color of my eyes. I have the weirdest eyes. In the right light yellow shows up and I look like a werewolf. Here they kinda look a little greyish.

I really hadn't bothered noticing that at all except my W10 randomly decided to ta-da! a new thing on me and suddenly I have this photo app thingy and there I was looking at myself, so I zoomed...

Lotta blue eyed people in my family, so maybe my eyes got confoozled which color they were supposed to be and kinda went with faking brown all this time. I don't know anyone else in my family whose eyes look yellow, though. 

Here we go, this is from a survey in 2012

Wow, my mouse sparkles are going nuts in the preview.

Wonder if blogger will destroy this vid or if I'll have to put it on youtube.

Yeah, blogger, you still suck for vid loading. Just thought I'd check.

Oh far out, it's snowing both in the game and on my blogger. 😂😁😊❄⛄

Neat, found stuff about yellow eye coloring. Apparently, I've got amber eyes. I'd never even heard of that.

6 Rare and Unique Eye Colors - Owlcation - Education

So grey is super rare, amber is pretty rare, and unless you're really looking, my eyes mostly masquerade as brown.

It's funny that I've ignored them most of my life.

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