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Thursday, April 8, 2021

I think all our minds have been wrapped in checkerboard for a very long time


Woke up from a dream this morning as someone in the dream was saying something about "artistralia", which was intriguing since I'd never heard that word before. Had to run errands this morning, but I just remembered I wanted to throw that into search and see if it's a thing.

It is. This snip clicks out. 

Why am I not surprised to see furniture. 😑

You know me, I started wandering through, clicking around like you do, and wound up in checkerboard hell when I hit Perigold. (Get it? Hit gold. Nevermind.)

I mean, it's cool stuff, just I'm so burned out on that level of 'nice' being associated with very dark family lines, knowutImean.

And then I blundered into Fergal the Frog.

Before I go any further, I'm going to share with you guys that I've been clipping out the extended parts of the web search addresses, the cvid stuff, because you don't need to know my computer ID. When you put something into search, notice that the address that comes up might have &cvid in it and shortly afterward you might see your computer type and IP after qs or query source.

Did you know that "cvid" is that embedded into our lives? The whole 'covid' thing is a very lengthy elaborate joke on us, the the more it's in our faces and carved and etched into everything around us, the more blind we become to it. Illness slang looks like old computer slang, if you think about it. Seriously, put it into search.

Just like computer viruses.

By the way, if you scroll down in that last search with Fergal, you wind up in Wayfair. Just pointing that out.

Oh, look, CVID and covid.

Do you feel like you've come full circle yet? I feel like we're caught in a weird reality maze or something.

Ok, that was fun, where were we?

Got it? Good.

Because now you can start noticing all the movies and TV shows that have checkerboard patterns somewhere in them.

Like this one. Clicks back to my review.

Welp, I've got more errands to run, gotta dash. Here, take a braincation from checkerboard. You're welcome.

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