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Friday, April 2, 2021


Had a funny thought a couple days ago. I just noticed that the words SUPERSTITIOUS and SUPERSTITION seem to have dropped out of our national vocabulary, which is really odd considering that people keep masks glued on their faces against all scientifically valid premises, as if their superstitious beliefs in mask barriers will keep the covid away. (Doesn't seem to stop strep, and way too many people are panicking that spring allergies must be covid so they're lining up for swabs.) I see people wearing masks when they are actually ALONE and there is no one else around to catch covid FROM. As if covid is hanging around in all the air we breathe. And they feel panicky without a mask on, which used to be called HYPOCHONDRIA.

Just noticing stuff. We used to mock people like that, now masks have become more valid than religion and science and we uphold superstition and hypochondria as virtuous.

Moving on.

Miss this guy.

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