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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

RIP coffee maker


click for ebay

Not sure how long we had that coffee maker, guessing at least 20 years. We've had osmosis water filtration about that long, too, so cleaning with vinegar to get the mineral buildup off wasn't necessary. No, that one clicking out isn't ours. It's an identical very nice barely used model that is really probably worth way more than $80 because they haven't made those in years. No, our cord has been taped up for awhile and finally caught on fire, plus the clock hasn't worked in forever, plus a few other little fixes, so it's going to be a huge void in our lives.

I've already been looking through a few dotcoms and have decided to hit a Walmart personally tomorrow to see how much that cuts down cost on a programmable yet simple model that doesn't actually start my laundry and go feed the chickens. I'd just love someone to create another under the cabinet without a water hookup. We looked high and low for those one year and felt very sad how passing a trend something that simple was. Anyway, I chopped $20 off one I liked last night browsing online just switching dotcoms, perks on the stove like the olden days only it's spiffily a little more modern and, again, simple. If I can find it in a box store, I don't have to wait for delivery.

In the meantime, we're using a smaller guy I bought for backup just in case and had stored in the closet. Just really glad this last one didn't burn our house down. Pretty handy Scott was right there when it literally flamed up. I have black streaks on my white wall.

I should probably refresh more of our electronics. We've had so many storm surges over the years, no telling what will go next. Our microwave is as old as the kids, and they've already got kids of their own. Not a clue why it still works great, but we've had it upside down vacuuming out the little grill vents occasionally during deep cleaning sessions, so maybe we're just fastidious and very, very frugal.

And I guess that is why we can have nice things. At least, it looks like it. I'm enjoying a rainy day, cozy on the inside. It's been darkish most of the day, little bit of lightning, mostly organizing my thoughts for a day out shopping tomorrow.

Because dang.

Totally for real. We've got eggs and cans of tuna for backup in case the world crashes or something. Me and tuna go way back.

Playing with filters again. Wound up realizing just how much Scrubs I need to marathon through for my #TomCavanaghWatch because I ignored it so badly when my daughter was still living here, and I'm just shaking my head but admiring that Dr. Kelso nailed so much monologue. Also, I somehow missed Ralphie being in so many episodes and started noticing other background regulars. After about a week of sporadic watchathons, it hit me how terribly depressing the show is behind all the humor, and I bet that's why I left the room so much when the show was still fresh. I mostly watched with my daughter the same way some men watch sports with sons, basically I really suck at small talk and emotionally invested interaction. Turned out years later when we were on the phone and I mentioned I was doing a search for Pariah on The Flash because of rumors it might be Tom Cavanagh, she knew exactly who that was without having seen The Flash and I never remembered him from Scrubs, so that right there tells you where my head is on the scifi/comics litmus scale of popular television.

Anyway, I start season 3 next, and I don't know why this even popped into my head, but I started wondering today if anyone has ever thought to do a Tom Cavanagh vs Jeff Goldblum writeup, and so far I'm not finding anything, although I did run into one person saying you could switch Tom for Jeff if it was a certain character (check this cached page), which had me looking off into space like J.D. on scrubs imaging out a sort of celebrity wrestling on set to get their lines in first.

Honestly, I can't imagine the two of them in the same film without some kind of major fan group explosion, but I decided to hit my ever trusty go-to Oracle of Bacon to see where they fall in their careers, and was shocked not to see Cavanagh pop up at all on the list of Toms that popped up when I moused over.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? Welp, surely he'll pop up now, I'm plugging his name in.

And here we go, I had no idea.

And the link there goes to this wikipedia page. 

Pittsburgh (2006 film)

And I just found it on amazon, so.

Ok, then. Things you learn rambling on a blog on a rainy day.

What else is happening around here? 

Won this sweet little build in the spire.

Not sure yet if I'll keep it beyond its 50 day expiry.

Also this. It might be pertinent to pay attention to people who keep trying to share this stuff against it being removed over and over. Why is it so important to cancel this?


In case blogger or some other reason doesn't let you see that, go to this link.


I have a feeling the biggest celebrity on the planet is going to be showing up sometime this year. I keep hearing rumors.

For some reason, Lithuania took a huge interest in that post on Feb. 28th of this year. Both the post link and general blog link went a little viral for some reason

In case you might not have a clue what in the world Lithuania and JFK Jr might have in common, the world of politics was exploding right about that time in their area. This snip will click out to the page it refers to.

The ship that blocked the Suez Canal is part of the mess, since heavy weapons were captured during that search, along with over a thousand dead people and over another thousand people being trafficked, which I linked on twitter, but the screenshot will click to the link I tweeted.

You know what I think? I think Juan O Savin is JFK Jr and that he's eyeball deep on all this political stuff going on behind the scenes, and the deep state has been terrified of him ever since Trump got in and started writing executive orders.

And I think we've been watching a world scale military op leaking us info around treason-complicit mainstream medias blocking what's really going on so we'll stay docile and stupid.

And I think the wealthiest people all over the planet are getting their asses handed to them, because it takes wealthy people like Trump and JFK Jr to beat filthy wealthy vampire families who run everything behind all the curtains.

And I think I have never enjoyed being alive on this planet as much as I have these last few years watching all this roll out.

And if you're just now joining me and don't know what the heck you've been missing, start digging back for all the links I've shared. LEARN.

Gotta run, Scott is on his way home from work now and I need to start supper. Here's a good way to start catching up.

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