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Thursday, February 11, 2021

asking for a friend

Do you guys know what worship is? Or remember what worship used to be? We have so many deities in human history, it's hard to imagine sometimes, but I think they've been a bit replaced without our awareness of it. Some think that we have been genetically manipulated to worship, kind of like dogs have genetically changed to no longer be wild, to adore and imprint on humans.

Worship is a form of voluntary (sometimes forced voluntary) acquiescence to the will of the god(s). Sometimes we see governments step up in the forced part, complete with social agendas and punishments for noncompliance.

What is the purpose of worship?

  • occupy the mind (occupy as in war?)
  • focus the individual into a cohesive group (hive mind?)
  • this list could get real long

What is idolatry? Most basic, worshipping false gods. More complex, elevating the mundane to a divine status to emulate. (Pop stars? Fashionistas? Celebrities?)

What is religion? (What are agendas?)

Some of the creepiest stuff I've ever read or watched on TV is when people don't know there is hair raising danger all around them and they still go on about their day like everything is fine, not realizing how often through the day they've looked it right in the face or just missed being entangled in something very scary. I hang on the edge of my seat holding my breath during stories like that.

I've been hanging on the edge of my seat holding my breath a lot last 20 years because when I'm looking around, I'm seeing that exact stuff in real life all around me. It's terrifying, exhilarating in a way, being able to see it like this. What's funny is I no longer fear the usual stuff since the real danger is becoming bolder and more open last couple years about what they are. I'm not afraid of covid. I'm not afraid of anything political. I'm not afraid of anything tangible that could wipe out and destroy anything. I'm not afraid of not having money or a solar flare melting the grid system or even starving to death if everything goes wrong.

But it is hard not being afraid for people who can't or won't wake up and see what the real dangers are. Some people talk a good talk about spiritualism, but then they fear all that stuff. Some people put their faith in politics over their faiths in their religions or God or whatever source they honor. Some people acquiesce to the mandatory status quo that is literally choking massive numbers of us to death and think that by being very still and quiet, it will pass over them. While they think this, habeas corpus is being voted out in favor of democracy, which is not at all friendly to protecting the fearful from house to house search and seize.

Think about it. Search and seize without warrants may come back this year, and some of you are more afraid of covid than you are of military police pulling you out of your house or taking your kids from you over a vaccine.

Either we have rights or we don't. Once we start down the road of enforced vaccines, there is no coming back. They can go on from there with that as the legal precedent, and the way the courts have been ignoring and throwing out hearings on election frauds this last winter, you don't have a say any more if your vote is changed for you. No more vote, no more habeas corpus protection.

What is worship? Acquiescence. Adoration of the narrative. Obedience to the narrative, or the occupying power. Giving up your autonomous power to be who you want to be.

Who do you want to be? Most of us are mouth breathing nobodies on the wrong side of the screen while AI monitors us on every smart device in our house. We are cattle. We are owned.

Dunno about you, but I'm feeling the call of the wild, that homo sapien sapien yearning to manifest my own destiny in this plastic jungle. And my words are going into your brain right now, so you know I have the power to do that.

Pay attention to who is manipulating you, and why. Humans are so easy, like shooting fish in a barrel. Idolatry is the state religion.

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