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Monday, February 22, 2021

floofy whip


these looks are very deceiving

I ran into a couple jars of marshmallow creme that expire this month, so I looked around for ways to use them up and settled on marshmallow ice cream. Except it turned out not to actually be ice cream and was way more like homemade marshmallow creme whipped topping. It didn't even freeze properly. Again, you recipe bloggers, a little more honesty and a little less "fluff" in your blogging would be very helpful. I was laughing with Scott about maybe using it as a topping on my next leche cake, really super level up the milks, and he instantly shook his head no, whispering "It'll kill us." And it's true, that floofy whip would totally put any diabetic straight into a hospital.

If that sounds tempting, just whip up a couple cups of heavy whipping cream, stir in a jar of marshmallow creme and a can of sweetened condensed milk, and I added vanilla because who doesn't put that into ice cream, and then just pour into a bowl and freeze overnight. 

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