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Thursday, February 18, 2021

quiet obsessions

Today is a list of thoughts.

  • Spam in quiche is no. Just no. Save yourself the trouble.
  • Water molecules that swirled through a deeper earth aquifer for 2M years running through reverse osmosis filtration and steaming into the atmosphere to be breathed into human lungs are very surprised that they suddenly don't know what to do with themselves and everything is a confusing bustle of thermodynamics, resulting in deep thought cabin fever against the polar vortex. Being water molecules was so easy underground. Now it's complicated.
  • Possibilities for laptop problems include slow hard drive crash, slowed internet traffic because overarching power gridlock problems, microsoft screwing my W10 updates again (this has majorly happened, solid history), or it's all my imagination and not real and this is how I handle withdrawal from tech addiction before ascension into a higher plane.
  • Living on dairy as a major food source all my life didn't prevent a very real vitamin D3 deficiency, which upon rectifying seems to have solved years of anxiety to the point where I'm reflecting that, after months being off xanax again, I have no qualms whatsoever about driving out in subzero temps on solid ice to an echocardiogram 20 miles away after years of panic attacks in weather on highways. Interesting. *pokepoke* Nope, no dread. Nada.

Change is coming, against all odds. The storms will keep swirling because the debt slavery shackles will be falling off us soon, and it's really pissing them off. Their supply lines are cut, their 'incomes' are compromised, and an entire world is about to emerge from slavery. The birth pains are rough, might continue to be rough, but WE. WILL. BE. FREE.

This person. 😂 5 days ago. Not sure why this post. Hasn't been back, so...

click that 👆

This past week.

Ok, my internet is grinding to a near halt. I need a playlist so I can get busy. Have a great day, week, spring, guys. 

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