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Monday, February 1, 2021

fite me

Finally past January! So far so good at home. Not having any huge issues, mostly mild to moderate, although they're still pretty disturbing at times. Still, counting down the days till the sleep study. Also the countdown till the Constitutional Republic goes public. The intel trying to come through is fantastic, but medias are getting so lethal now that I'm really burning out on them. Was up half the night watching a million people keep jumping into new official John F Kennedy groups every time Telegram removed the groups. Brain is mush this morning, already majorly screwing up my collection and upgrade strategies. To be fair, I'm running 4 cities and keep ignoring the invitations to join fellowships. Already have my own, thanks. I'm a machine. I mean, it was cool being part of a bigger one last month, but after singlehandedly delivering up 85 of the badges while still managing to level up 4 cities, I really think I need to take it down a notch and REST. Btw, that diamond stash has to last me all month, don't usually resort to diamonds much in the first place (especially not for tournaments, kinda defeats the entire purpose of GAMING, looking at you, top ranking fellowships choking out all the little guys 😠). That is my allowance I granted myself to keep me focused. Srsly strangling the carbs down now. Tired of being a demo for everything that can go wrong, and it all starts with ice cream. 😒 But hey, it's nice getting a little skinnier again.

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