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Thursday, February 25, 2021

daring to go there

About the time I activated my ranking up and upgraded my fortifications, the game threw that one at me...

What a long draggy week! I'm about done with February playing weather games. This chick in the helm inside the tree is some kind of spring transition snow melting spring sprite person.

When you throw your assignment together last minute and hope the charity you're using to highlight your business thinks going crazy and tossing on the holiday tablecloth is dope. But hey, after a year of covid, it's all good, right. Hold that thought.

Scott's main hall would be a cool house. Wouldn't it be cool if they sold real clock models based on the game?

I thought this was a pretty good way to get 2021 properly launched.

Yesterday sucked for gaming on my phone AND my laptop. I wound up on Scott's computer. So think about it. We're on the same network, we use the same app on our phones, we both play on the same world server, and MY game was interrupted continually on every device and his wasn't. Keep telling me I'm not targeted, especially when I keep getting these phone calls out of the blue from all over creation. Los Angeles, Canada, Princeton NJ... And that's just in the last 6 days.

I've got this on order, hopefully I'll be able to game in peace.

Too bad real life isn't like waking up to a new supply of candy to play for jackpots with every day.

We could all use a coin rain in our lives.

I changed our fellowship. That rank is in the top roughly 35% of fellowship rankings, not too shabby for a group of only 2 players.

My latest army barracks upgrade. Scott is a wee bit jealous.

My hair is finally reaching my shoulders after 2 pretty short whacks during 2020.

This was 2 years ago.

Still not feeling too guilty about slacking off, even though a noob obsessed with Eva appears to be using my group for a link launch back to his page. Meh. He may be obsessed enough to find everything ever written about her, but not obsessed enough to get a thousand screenshots of other people in the actual show. I really should get this one done.

I just keep getting distracted by real digs, you know? Like in my Stefani post that Sweden took so much interest in right about the time all that crap started on me, this is what I was referring to about the weird dental artwork. "This was a hard snip to get because the constant moving is blurry. It's kind of a what the crap scene. Those rods are bored into Stefani's face, right through cheekbones, all around what would be her sinus and upper teeth. I'm going to get gross and say I've seen actual photos of children who are strapped down in small dentist chairs in big empty rooms, and gizmos are holding their lips way back from their bloody teeth, and they can't move or flinch for all the hardware bolting their faces into position. The first time I saw pix like that, I thought it was some crazy off the wall art. Now I know it's real."

Way more going on out there than just child sex trafficking, guys. Way more. It's sick and gross and disgustingly far more prolific than you can imagine, and worth big, big bucks. Torturing children is the fastest growing crime industry in the world, and until you open your eyes and wrap your mind around that, you will NOT understand what the crap is going on in politics. Everything going on is about this industry.

Follow the white rabbit, they say. 🤔 Some of you never, ever, ever connect the dots, bless your hearts.

And even when I connect them for you, you can't SEE. It's like your brains are so deep in comas that you absolutely cannot break free of the brainwashing they've done to you.

The magic of programming, right there in all our faces.

Why has it been so hard for so many decades to come up with laws that actually protect children? Dare to ASK.

Now go back to the top and look at that runway model again. White Rabbit, anyone?

And at some point you've really gotta just wake tf up and go, Oh... Sometimes the programming is this easy to show you.

Remember I had this up last spring. This playlist has been public for nearly a year now, original vids are dated April 2017. Youtube is making it hard to share, and blogger is refusing to acknowledge it's real, so I'm hand coding this.

Brain cleanser. We have the power to think beautiful thoughts, create beautiful things. This is from one of the Maths Town vids.

Meanwhile, Pinky and I have been having a few deepish discussions lately. I'm not one for regrets, but Pinky is having a hard time with a few things. Remember the constant angst? I think what's coming up is the wish to have found a way to live getting around that instead of sludging through it. But I point out that if our fractured selves are a result of problematic circumstances, then it's only natural that at least one of us would wind up with the drag point of view. Pinky says I'm actually the drag, so it can't ever be ironed out, but the real problem is undoing what's actually done. Just not gonna happen. So why work on it like it's a problem? And then it's time to duck from a metaphorical heavy object being thrown at my head from the inside of my head.

I've said before that the entire world feels like it's undergoing a giant inventory, including hearts, minds, and souls. I think we are all being challenged to do our life reviews early, don't wait till we have near death experiences first. Juan says what's about to happen soon with the great awakening will feel like a world scale near death experience, and we'll all be part of it.

I was already bringing up this movie months ago. Pay attention. Once this gets released, it's going viral, and Hollywood and the DS cabal are already trying to squelch everything they can every which way about it.


click that for the trailer

You guys know I love Jim Caviezel.

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