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Thursday, February 18, 2021



Imagine waking up one day and all the scifi you ever wished was real actually was.

I've been complaining for years that Einstein is old science and that we're not smart for knowing what Einstein did.

I hope you guys are ready for the world to catch up at ludicrous speed.

Weather warfare is real. Plenty of very awake researchers going into full investigations into everything weather history, including turbines, power contracting, and grid logistics, and I'm betting we're going to find out that the polar vortex was full on pissy weather warfare and the complicit mainstream media was there telling you to calm down because we all have to share. The damage done? Lives lost. Frozen water lines bursting across a number of counties. More suffering and financial ruin done more efficiently that a false flag bomb going off in a factory. And once the investigations into the actual decision making process to cut power reveal that power was point blank withheld- gonna be some very upset populace.

Med beds. Regrowing limbs. Curing cancers. Would it piss you off to know that we've had this technology and information for cures for a number of years now?

Imagine no more loan defaulting. No more outrageously jacked up interest. Did you know that's actually illegal and that we've been duped all this time into playing along? Because we need stuff we can't ever afford otherwise, right. Because someone keeps dangling carrots and jacking around with economies and stuff. Someone. Filthy. Wealthy. Rich. Way more rich than Trump ever was.

Behind the scenes. Behind the curtains. Behind the big names, big buildings, big technocracies. Very big, very greedy, extremely selfish WEALTH. They have enough money to feed everyone on the planet. WHY HAVEN'T THEY BEEN DOING THAT?

You gotta ask the right questions.

Why haven't they been doing that.

Time to wake up now. Time to get a clue that they use the 'news' to lie to you and control you.

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