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Wednesday, February 17, 2021


All these years I've been kicking myself for not finishing my projects, granted under adversity with no help from staff or financial fallback, and then I'm reminded all over again that Manny Coto left us all hanging leaving Odyssey 5 dangling on one of the most brilliant sci-fi horror mysteries of all time without any kind of landing even into a book series, and that guy had access to staff, money, and even friends who would have been happy to be part of developing it, and I feel better because if it sucks for him, it understandably sucks for me, too.

I called false flag on the polar vortex with no power crap on twitter yesterday, and last night intel relay confirmed deep state weather war. See, it doesn't make sense to plan blackouts at all in the face of the worst winter weather in state history, and I'm betting we'll be finding out later that areas of their power structures were sabotaged and/or power is being simply withheld. 4M without power with preplanned power cutting very logically points to false flag. Don't give me power pooling mumbo jumbo, that's narrative.

My laptop is freezing up so bad on game that I'm having to play on phone. May have to go on a hard drive purge.

So here's a big compilation on the adrenachrome info dump. You're welcome.


Im very crabby because my pregnant kid with a child is freezing in TX with busted frozen pipes and I don't feel chatty. I've been up through the night praying for everyone caught in that crap. There's no excuse. We aren't a third world country. If you'd seen the remarkable vids I've seen with underground infrastructure including mag rail transport and fully developed cities, you'd be up in arms crying foul over Texas, too. They keep everyone up here stupid so they can get away with murder when they get pissed off about the gold standard revalue finalization. False flag of the century, big time.

Stay warm, stay safe. I'm so sorry it's come to this level on the chess board. 

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