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Friday, February 5, 2021

the city that never sleeps

Thanx to a cancellation, I got moved up a month for polysomnogram. Machine got adjusted last night. Hopefully the sleep disturbances stop. Gets pretty real when that causes heart damage. I still question my ability to psychologically sabotage myself in my sleep like that, as has been suggested, but I guess any explanation works in the name of  *cough* science. I'm surprised no one blamed it on covid.

I've been through several sleep studies, and while it's basically impossible for me to fall asleep on cue in a nice, quiet room with no distractions, it was monumentally so last night. Didn't help that my room wasn't interior and that simply shutting blinds didn't keep out the traffic noise, including helicopters and sirens. The worst was the vent right over my head blowing cold air half the time because instead of installing the kind of central heating thermostat that simply shuts the blower off, it switches to blowing nonheated and even air conditioned air the second the target heat goal has gone over a degree. They finally turned on a monster hepa for white noise that was like a jet engine compared to my hepa at home, and that was enough of a distraction gateway that I finally slept a little. But not enough! I wanted to get up at 3 a.m. and bounce, like I do at home, and I was gently but firmly pushed back down into SLEEP MOAR, during which they finally adjusted my pressure enough to conk me like a rock. And then someone walked in early and said my name and I bolted awake nearly screaming like a cat on a car engine that was just turned on.

To note that I'm a difficult sleep patient is putting it very mildly.

Back to my cities. Four of them doing tournaments and major upgrading, keeps me busy. I still seem to have a working twitter or two. That's the goal. Not itching to lose my social media histories more than I have to. I've named all four of my cities Laissez Faire, one per world. There are 8 worlds, pretty sure I'm not up to that level of obsession. Two of them are still little jumbled up village areas, one is a solid production town, and my main city is developing into a thriving metro with a downtown. Being able to navigate real life around a complex multiplicity of virtual timer countdowns is obsession heaven. Kinda missing minecraft, but I'm so much more on the ball with a game completely focused on timer countdowns. I've even been cooking way nicer food, like a beautiful pot roast and a yummy lasagna and stuff.

And real life is busy, too. Lotta real life going on. I'd share more but I finally got my cities all set on 9 hour timers so I can go to bed. Ciao.

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