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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

busy pinky

Stuff I'm doing today.

  • Baking off a stack of expired corn tortillas into chips. Chips like that are sturdy enough for oven nachos with all the fixings, so that'll be later this week.
  • Upgrading my city 1 barracks after installing the golden abyss yesterday.
  • Prepping for main hall upgrades in cities 2 and 3.
  • Prepping for armory upgrade in city 4.
  • Tournaments just started back up again, thank goodness I've been pumping up my armies.
  • Deep cleaned bathrooms, rugs in the washer.
  • Cooked off cabbage and will assemble this recipe this afternoon, I'll toss that video down below.
  • Got a block of cream cheese out for a mini cheesecake later.
  • Forgot I had cornish hens thawing, so those will go into a pot later so I can make and freeze back some fresh chicken-vegetable stock. I made 👉a recipe for that on my yablovh blog.👈
  • In between all that I've been doing short workouts, like on my exercise ball, walking laps, etc. Super frigidly cold out, cabin fever, gotta burn off some energy.
  • And in between all that stuff I've been hitting youtube and other stuff and sharing on my pinky twitter, if you're interested.
So there you go.

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