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Thursday, February 11, 2021

time passing nonchalantly, like it does

They don't even try to hide it. I keep getting the weirdest calls this week.

That web address diverts to this one en route. https://phonesear.ch/ I think these phone search sites are data mining sites. I'm guessing that my local medical help line got hacked, because this all started after I was released from hospital last week. My health care network asked if I'd like someone to check in with me every day and I said yes. That may have been a mistake since the numbers they call from are outside that health network.

Our whole area is a solid sheet of black ice. Lotta people staying home from work today. Not Scott. He slid in sideways.

Schrodinger's John John.

This was from last week.

One of these days imma spring for a fun wig. Really wish life had been this fun when I was younger. 

What too many people are unable to see.

Yes, working and playing. Both. Anything fun? Oh, I dunno, maybe this.

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