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Thursday, January 6, 2022

I am a Jedi


I had intended to walk away from this blog like an archive, but damn it twitter, you had to go and stop this one.

So here goes.

And I'm having to work on an older laptop because my new one literally slows to a 2 mph crawl now when I work on blogging anything covid related. Gaming is fine. I'm allowed to game. So I'm on Jawn, my old rogue from days of Pinky yore.

So the big deal is this research reveal about vax deaths and then resulting in the World Council for Health calling for an immediate halt to all covid related vaccinations.

To be very clear. My daughter, who has specialist certificates in massage, which means direct hands on contact with very desperate people not getting help from anywhere else, is seeing the severe lymph inflammation around breast tissues that research article goes into detail about, women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and nothing is working to stop it. They are experiencing very traumatic pain, swelling, and inflammation resulting in big lumps in their armpits and around their breast tissue, and they are dying. Yes, they got vaxxed. Yes, the medical establishment is leaving them high and dry. Chemo isn't stopping the damage that mRNA vaccines have done to their bodies. They cannot seem to heal no matter what they do because the damage to their DNA repair is beyond help now. Their bodies can no longer heal what is going out of control,

Why is twitter not allowing you guys to see this information? Why is this not all over the news?

I was in ER last year for possible heart problems not related to covid or vax, was never sick and never vaxed, and I'm fine, turned out to be medically induced hyperthyroidism after a retired endocrinologist shrugged off my last visit and turned me loose, but the guy in the hall next to me had a covid vax the day before and woke up feeling so sick that he came to ER, and he was laying there in a terrible sweat and trouble breathing and everything in his body on fire and hurting, calling everyone he knew to say goodbye because he could feel he was dying. Once the staff realized he was doing that, they got him a private room pronto to die more quietly. What he was experiencing was a direct result of a vaccine injury. His body went into a cytokine storm over it. When you start paying attention to resistors in the medical establishment telling their stories on twitter, you find out this has been really common the whole time. When doctors and nurses refuse to get vaxxed, maybe it's time to pay attention.

I'm seeing tweets from parents of children who have been diagnosed with myocarditis after shots, and they are still trying to be positive advocating shots. Are they idiots? Myocarditis is no joke. You don't just get over it. Children's lives are being ruined over belief in a fear of death being reiterated day in and day out. Parents and teachers are freaking out like people are dropping dead from ebola or something. I hate to point out, but the 'loss of smell' as a symptom comes with other viruses, too. I lost most of my sense of smell many years ago during a particularly rough Bell's Palsy event, and it's taken years to get some of it back. Watching people trigger immediately over the one lone symptom is incredulous to me. The instant fear is literally programmed into the masses somehow.

We're seeing fallout from incoming information blowing up at Scott's work. Roughly half the crew has been vaxxed, not required for work. Unvaxxed trying to share info about health problems related to vax immediately starts angry arguments from vaxxed. Of course no one wants to hear they made a huge mistake with their life, and it's understandable that they'd reject information once they've taken the plunge, but that anger is better directed at big pharma and the elitist crony wealth gathering going on while millions of people around the world are going missing. It's better directed at stopping the rest of the people you care about going over that cliff with you.

Missing. Millions are missing now. They died. The news calls it covid. No one is allowed to talk about covid vaccine injuries and deaths on social medias. Why is that? Why are athletes dropping from heart attacks all over the world? Why are aviation pilots so freaked out about getting vaxed? When you find out about the spike in pilot deaths, you start to get the idea.

If you are still unvaxxed and still on the fence because you think your work requires it, no. Just stop. We are literally going over a cliff into an extinction level event, up to 3 billion or more predicted to die off or go completely disabled over the next 10 years because of the whole vaccine agenda, we're being alerted by funeral directors to sharp spikes in stillbirths after the pregnant get vaxxed, lists of athlete health fails are showing up from fans all over the world, some doctors are starting to warn women not to get mammograms after vaxxing because the radiation will activate more damage, and on and on and on. Is keeping your job worth any such risk?

A real pandemic involves bodies stacking up so badly that teams in hazmat suits go from house to house to collect bodies. Have you seen that happening? No?

I've been bringing up Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 for years, and recently I brought up Lockstep again. What does it take to truly alert your survival instinct? They actually spell it out for anyone willing to spend a little time reading finer print, and the world skips merrily on.

People are disappearing all around us. Quietly, methodically. We don't even miss them. Did you notice? Unless it's someone you personally know or a celebrity or athlete you keep track of, you don't even miss them.

Our communities are thinning out little by little. Pay attention to the world around you. Stores closing "because of covid". What are they really saying? We think everyone is sitting home in a mask. We don't see the houses going empty and vehicles just left sitting there. Are all your neighbors still coming and going? Are you sure? Maybe go talk to someone around you and ask how it's going. Don't wait for a news screen to tell you.

The main point of this post was those links. If you are too busy or lazy or programmed to click and read, that's your call, your life. I've been deep digging for years, I know a lot of things. I know all the whys and wherefores, I know the game and why it's being played, and I know the war is real. I know war has casualties. I know that holding the line means staying alive.

Remember your training. Let go of the fear. Be the Jedi you were born to be.

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