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Monday, August 2, 2021

back when nursery rhymes survived cancel culture

 Blurbs while I pack.

When young step-father William truly breaks free of the real shackles that bind him, 2.7M cicadas will emerge.

Those of you who know exactly what I'm saying with this visual, yes, you know.

Yeah, imagine someone not having a clue about the true mind blowing Jedi power they have.

This came in an email about a post I could care less about called Mirkwood's Finest. That was probably the last time I ate venison. I dunno if that post gets flagged by readers or what, but this isn't the first time I've been alerted to 'difficulties' with that particular post. Read more about 👉server side error codes.👈

Given what I've been through over the last year from social medias and google with majorly canceling my web presence (seen in full in other browsers), I'm not at all surprised that one tiny little post out of 17 years of blogging keeps catching their attention over and over, and sometimes content is just quietly cut from search engines because there is no legit reason to shut someone down. I can't prove that was venison, I can't prove it was obtained legally, and I'm not a verified food blogger, so who knows, I may have triggered someone.

Standing ovation to this person who actually figured out how to contact me CORRECTLY, lol. Just for that, I'll give full kudos and share the links. This email was in response on July 23, 2021 to this post-  https://pinkyguerrero.blogspot.com/2016/06/base-reality.html

Dear Janika,

I trust you and your loved ones are healthy and safe at this most unusual time.

I’m writing because you shared the HorrorNews.net site on this page at Pinky Guerrero. 

We've just published new research on the most popular horror movies in each U.S. state. 

Here are some fun facts we discovered:

  • The Devil's Backbone, by Guillermo del Toro, is the #1 horror movie in our nation's capital.
  • The Shining, inspired by Stephen King's stay at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, is the most popular horror flick in that state.
  • Oregon leads as #1 for horror film watching, and Host is their favorite movie.

You'll find more entertaining results here at KillTheCableBill.com:-

We've put weeks of hard work into the research, and I hope you'll agree that the results are fascinating. Do you think Pinky Guerrero readers would find our article fun to read? If so, would you please insert a link for your readers? 

Either way, thank you for your consideration.

Best wishes,


PS. KillTheCableBill.com was recently featured on USA Today and PCMag, and it’d make my day to see it on Pinky Guerrero, too ;)

Helen Back
Outreach Manager

Alternatively, since I've still got questionable publishing agencies leaving messages today about my nonexistent book, here is proof that even google alerts doesn't associate my name with being an author of a published book. This is the absolute closest the biggest search engine in the world can get to putting my name with a book being published in real time. This latest guy today (a repeat caller) is using the same name as a verified sports writer in Florida and a big league radio president and a few other people doing their own podcasting, so putting that together with the last info I got, just not an easy person to verify as legit.

I dunno, maybe pay attention to what's being said and the visuals sliding around our brains our whole lives and ask  if it might possibly be related to what's going on now in alt news.

If you are still new to this, the tunnel rescues have been going on wordwide since 2019, and troops have lost lives over this.

I've got some packing to finish up.

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