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Friday, October 1, 2021

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My handeth hurteth. Saw the surgeon yesterday and she said it's all healing great, even with my sudden excursion to hold a baby for a month in Texas immediately after a surgery. Overusing while healing puts me in the 5% club that needs another shot after surgery to bring inflammation down again. I'm pretty relieved because I thought I had done more damage or was getting some kind of new wild arthritis flare. Nope, just needed another round of cortisone. Just in time for the next Fellowship Adventure! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜

Mouse hand support.

Since I was gone part of the summer and no one was here cooking and rotating the pantry, I've got a few things expiring NOW that need to be cooked up and frozen back.

Today I'm working on savory polenta bite bakes, basic 5-minute grits, cool and stir in shredded cheese and garlic powder or whatever flavor you're in the mood for, spread in a pan to refrigerate, when firm cut into small squares, coat in parm, and bake till crispy. Freeze in a ziplock. It's a good little snack to have around, maybe dip in an olive oil based something.

Also cooking up a big head of fresh broccoli to drain and cool and then mash apart, saute down a sweet onion and colored bell pepper and cool down (onion powder is also good if you skip this part), cook up a cup of jasmine rice and cool, when ready just stir all together and add in a cup of shredded cheese and some shredded leftover or canned chicken (or whatever you want), spread in a casserole dish, sprinkle top with crumbs and parm, bake it off, cool it, cut into squares and freeze back individual portions, keeps really well.

 Also have a bit of buttermilk to use up, so I'm making my rustic bread to freeze back. I'm thinking about slicing it and airing it out a little before freezing so it's easy to grab a little slice. I use tiny loaf pans so the servings can be smaller. I never eat actual bread, so toasting a little slice to go with an egg is really nice once in awhile.

And I need to cook off a bunch of cornbread muffins to freeze back because my cornmeal needs saving. I'm also going to fry up some catfish rolled in a cornmeal mixture this weekend.

Another challenge we're having is eggs filling up the fridge. Even giving away 2-3 dozen eggs a week to family and boiling up around 18 a week for salads and Scott's breakfast at work, I've got 6 dozen eggs sitting in the fridge right now, and they keep coming in so steadily that we're going to drown in eggs. Three or four hens would have been plenty, we've got seven. Since holidays are coming up, and since homemade cookie doughs keep in the freezer for 6 months to a year, I may as well mix up a few batches to help open up some room in my fridge, although that'll be temporary. I'll be ready ahead of time for cookie day with grandkids. Another thing I do is add extra eggs to homemade puddings, which makes the pudding even more protein rich without changing anything that you can tell. Since we're diabetic and avoid sweets as much as possible, we're discovering that homemade pudding with less sugar and more eggs is one way to go.

It's a little bit of extra time and work doing all this, but it's really nice not having a kitchen full of factory made snacks.

I'm still holding at the 8 pounds I've lost since the whole Texas thing started, which is awesome since my thyroid med dose was cut 2 dose changes from 112 to 88. So far I'm not feeling a boomerang effect, but it could take awhile. Worst case scenario is lethargy, joint pain all over my body, weight gain, headaches, and brain fog. I've been there before, it sucks. I get a TSH check in 3 1/2 weeks.

For those of you who haven't seen this yet, a very nice writeup called The Greatest War Story Ever Told was submitted by Mark Baughman last week, and even though it's a little rough with dangling sentence parts and possibly words dropped here and there and whatnot, it's a very nicely done overview styled summarization of what has really been happening behind the 'qanon' military scenes, which is quite a lot. It's the first time I've seen something like this, so if Mark really does have access to insider info, then it indicates we're coming closer to the end of this worldwide mess. How close is anyone's educated guess, but if the actual war parts are true (I've seen evidence myself that they are, if you'll recall some of my posting last year about the CCP), then we've literally been at literal war, not just information and legalese war. Based on how much of this content I had already found myself in the past, I'm more convinced than ever that we've been getting military level info drops bypassing media blocks to world citizens trapped in lockdowns as hostages. It's worth a read.

How about a tiny vid trail while I get back to my list of things.

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