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Saturday, September 26, 2020

achievement unlocked

No idea why I suddenly wondered if anyone else had ever said that on twitter besides me. These snips all click to sources.

Turns out he's interesting. 

You can click over to see it on twitter if you want.

But I'm saving it in case twitter gets obnoxious and totally yanks his account. Been seeing way too much of that lately.

Some of you remember I used to wander off down free association trails and get lost. I got hung up the other day on how Q says THIS IS NOT A GAME. I immediately pictured every gamer out there ticking off life achievements for ascension in game mode.

dark night of the soul, check

valley of the shadow of death, check

plato's cave, still gotta conquer that TV addiction 

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if nursing homes made their own minecraft servers for their residents. Can you just see some ornery old coot talking someone's old gramma into trusting him so he can show her how to make a wall more interesting, she gets ticked and crabs at nursing staff to make him stop, they simply say untrust him and she does, and they can hear the old coot cranking in the room across the hall about how he can't place blocks while they watch him uselessly whacking around on the screen. 

😂 Y'all be like don't leave me hanging with that. You're right, back to Eobard, the ultimate stalker!

Dear All Social Medias- Not cool removing user contents when our entertainment pumps us FULL of this crap. STFU and stop removing people's fantertainment content!

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