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Monday, December 7, 2020

life is but a meme

Very strong caution. My interpretation on this art performance could trigger people with PTSD and certain emotional sensitivities. 

So I went deeper dig on Lady Gaga's 911 video, and yeah, there are some pretty manic decodes out there by several disciplinary points of view, but I've yet to find a good decode that includes interpreting the long history of the dark underbelly around the world through time, which we absolutely know she's into. Btw, snips will click to sources, and all the links in this post will help with overall conclusion.

What we've been learning last couple of years is that bloodline families are behind everything, that art and entertainments are covers for very real comms, and that anything interpretive actually does have concrete meaning when you've learned the symbolism. As The Vigilant Citizen says, "Symbols rule the world- The ultimate reference for understanding the true meaning of the symbols found in pop culture."

I'm not going to look exhaustively at every little thing in the vid, because I could easily spend a week writing a thesis on it and I honestly don't care to put that much effort into it, but some of you know I'd be good for it.

Basic overall grasp of story. Gaga reinterprets Sergei's Pomegranates into a more personal modern day experience that actually looks extremely shallow if you care to see it like that, at least to me. It would be like any music artist setting theirself alongside a 'greatest of the great' in interpretive art of some kind and then saying yeah, tried to suicide... That is a really grandiose way to showcase one's inner demons while the rest of the world suffers in a pit of despair, so I take offense, thank you. This was really the wrong year to do that. So I don't buy it. There's something else going on here.

If you'd like to see a very basic comparison of the video to the movie, here you go. I'd like to add a note that perhaps copying something is the cover here, so most people won't look any deeper than this.

There is more to this video than comparing scene to scene, which gets very layered between movie, dreamscape, and 'real life' as depicted with actors on film. That is already a triple layer, which seems complex enough. Is there another layer? Two more layers?

The first deeper layer below the art interpretations is the weird symbolism assembled in a way as to be its own language, the next deeper layer is the actual comms this video displays for those who are learned in these things.

If you are new to the deeper esoteric layers of the one world religion of the cabal, you might miss the references to Baphomet, adrenochrome, MK programming, and the child trafficking supply chain being disrupted. Add to this the authority Lady Gaga having been presented with, to a particular subset this alerted the world to her place on the food chain of comms, like a sort of shorthand but done in imagery, symbology, and numerology.

Quick note to show you what I mean. When she came out with her Joanne album, she promo'd with Victoria's Secret. Joanne was about breaking free from the industry bosses, but the Victoria's Secret Angels is the very essence of being owned by the industry. Anyone looking too hard at that obvious mashup would be a bit confused, until they realized the whole point was to pass a big lie off on everyone. Lady Gaga didn't break free, she stepped up. She's a boss. She can say anything she wants about being tired of being owned, but the truth is that she is in the upper elite echelon and has a wicked amount of power.

Is she free, though? Let's do a quick flashback to another post I wrote in 2015. That post has its own links, but I'm going to grab a couple of vids, and let's see what the layers look like back then. Is she part of the sell/advertising? Or is she really controlled? They're obviously teasing us, but to me this looks like some kind of product pitch, which I bring up in another post"It's about merching people as products to use in other products. I could get into manufacturing sometime, perhaps, but I'm not an expert in the entertainment trade. All I know is, the best human products come with this logo." 

"I feel free."

Does that look free?

Anyone who wants the Fame could conceivably make a deal to hand over control, although we know that quite a few entertainers are born into it and conditioned from very young childhood. The True Fame Monster — This is what MK Ultra does. 

So after years of handlers, is Lady Gaga now a handler herself? Or is she a top asset? Hard to say, I'm not in the business and I haven't gotten that deep into finding out.

Back to the bike wreck and all those pomegranates. Yeah, did you notice? First thing I noticed was they were broken. I've yet to see any kind of reviewer even mention that. If symbolism is so important, how in the world did they all miss that???

Click this next for historical significance. It's like a life force thing.

So the pomegranates are broken, the life force is disrupted, you can run as far as you want with that. The pomegranates are the supply.

Everything red in the dreamscape is obviously blood. Yes, the accident scene was reimagined in the dreamscape, but to what purpose? To disconnect it from reality. Now we can start looking at the symbology.

The 'red cross nurse' in the dreamscape is practically crusted with diamonds and pearls and a headdress that is reminiscent of something papal, and she's got that red cross and what at first glance looks like a scepter. I'm using the visual clues to connect dots to those links.

Remember this connection for later in the video.

clicks to more

So the red cross nurse is floating down to assist the broken people in the accident. If you know anything about bloodline families and their world history, then you are aware the Vatican is (was as of last spring, to be up to date) the controlling center of the worldwide supply network. Supply? Yes, the Vatican kept meticulous records on everyone on the planet. How do I know these things? I've listened to the man whose team was hired to clean out the Vatican last spring. Do you guys know what a media blackout is?

The supply is purified blood products, very high dollar, and the hosts of the raw products, children. When children are tortured, their fight or flight response churns out the purest adrenaline, purportedly the most valuable drug on the planet. There is a huge market for it all over the world. Some people enjoy the high so much that they learn how to enjoy producing it themselves. Those who don't have the time to farm their own supplies are dependent on supply networks.

The people who enjoy these drugs run in the 'fun crowd', as I call them. We see them all over our TV sets. Not everyone we see gets it, but the ones who globetrot promoting products after 16-20 hour production days for months on end probably do. They are rewarded handsomely to bring in big revenue. They get to meet and greet what looks like the tippy top untouchables. Fair bet that anyone who has met the Queen has been given blood drugs and hooked on them to the point where they can be reliably counted on as controllable assets.

We know from watching spy films what assets are.

Probably most of you are rolling your eyes so hard already that you're getting charley horses in your eye muscles. I used to do that. And then I ran into so much proof of child farming that I got very sick for 3 months and sat up crying through the night dredging the internet for absolute proof that couldn't really be happening. This world is hell, and we are in it, and it's all dressed up in commercials and shopping and TV shows and sports and stuff, and those of us who are still innocent can't see it all around us. We love vampires because they are fiction. We joke that people are vampires because it's not real. We pretend to be vampires because we're just having fun. But vampires are very real and this world is very ugly when you scrape the cream off the pie.

Shall we continue? If you are confused, you need to go back and click every single thing I linked. Told you I could have put a week of work into this.

So I was looking up Armenian stuff in the Friday post, which kind of made sense, but after some thought totally didn't make sense on its own without knowing this stuff. The basic surface connection is that Sergei was Armenian, but they nod so much to anything Armenian that I kept wondering why it was important. Well, if you are aware that there is a world shadow organization running governments toward a global governance, and that they use conflicts to break down and rearrange nations, it becomes about much more than Sergei's experience, doesn't it? It becomes one person's perspective in a very violent world using double standards to rearrange a chess board. Art history can be both a blaze of insight into a timestamp, and embedded coded instructions and results of chess moves. Those who see it for what it is might 'oppress' it, those who only see the emotionally inflicting art can't understand why it would be oppressed. It's not that gender bending and promiscuity are dangerous so much as who use them to control monarchies and destinies. When you really look at the art and realize it depicts certain kinds of child tortures, you know the story is about surviving mind-splitting slavery. It won't be obvious to anyone who has never encountered it openly or experienced it in private. Armenians who look at this vid and think it's about the genocide that happened to their people or is a prophecy meant for them specifically are missing a much larger picture.

Yes, all that spill was from the Red Cross nurse crusted in diamonds and pearls. 😂 

This vid shows the New Mexico flag at one point, wanna guess the significance of that? 🤔

Jeffrey Epstein Chose New Mexico for a Reason- Uffda, dat article 😬

The bystanders being in blue robes (and some looking like they'd huffed paint.)

(check out some more Renaissance art)

Notice the wrapped body in the above screenshot from the Gaga vid, near a pot where someone is stirring. Check out spirit cooking. The restricted vid in that article includes this wrapped body, some believe that is a child. Lady Gaga is prolifically associated with the artist in this snip.

I know I'm going way too fast for some of you, ripping the bandaid off like this. That is already a LOT, so tell you what, Imma leave it right there and let you guys practice cutting your teeth on digging. Go *look*. Go *find*. Because there's loads more, and until you learn to see it, you will always be the serf getting your head smacked around.

Last thought- This whole dreamscape leads in with a mask over her eyes.

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