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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

luring Pinky out

This from October just hit me. Jacky cares very much about Pinky and isn't sure what to do.

I love fans. Sploit says she misses Pinky. I think we all miss Pinky. I don’t think Pinky is ready to come back out yet. She tried making a new blog today and it was dismal, so she deleted it. I’m cheering her up.

I really do feel bad for Pinky. I keep trying to pull her back out and she's just not ready to come out and play yet.


Ok then. Sudden bolt over to the dotcom to repost the scariest thing I've ever published. I think it's safe to say Pinky is still pissed off about the propaganda machine.

Do you know how hard it is NOT to delete all my stuff and vanish sometimes? BUT then I'd have to live with myselves.

Broke a tooth today on a seed in a popcorn ball. I usually get those all out.

WOAH. O_O I was going to get a link and this popped up as auto suggestions. Extremely interesting this happened after I just ran off and reposted that thing on my dotcom wordpress. I've never EVER had this happen before.

It's hard not to feel the AI is getting a little personal. O_o The question of anthropomorhizing AI just got surreal.

Probably just a blip, right.

Welp, back to YouTube. I'm trying to stay outa trubba and I keep bouncing back out into the fray. Kinda wondering now if the whole Tom watch thing is me just trying to cheer Pinky up. I can tell she likes it because she laughs, so I guess I'll keep doing it.

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