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Thursday, May 6, 2021

power blip


So last night our electric abruptly went out all over the neighborhood, big time. It was off a couple hours and there was nothing to do, so we went to bed. Scott had just fallen asleep when the power came back on. One of the kids had found an article about someone cutting a big tree that had fallen on a main line, and apparently we're supposed to believe that took out the entire county.

Problems with this story-

Who cuts a tree at sundown?

Since when does one tree take out a whole county?

How was that completely fixed in less than two hours AND reported on so fast?

My personal opinion, given how stringent our county is about keeping lines clear of trees, is that this is a cover story for a precision op that is currently need to know. We've been getting intel drops for weeks about being ready for power outages, and this week the intel is including cyber attack intel and the possibility that part of the outages will be operations designed to collapse cabal business structures and start converting some areas to free Tesla energy.

(I'm assuming we'll know when we have free energy when our phones stay charged...? lol, if we even still have phones, considering the companies that will be going down.)

Even though this area isn't considered big city kind of area, it is a double metro area with several airports, multiple colleges and universities, and big hospital networks that lead the nation in software and record-keeping. We are also an entertainment mecca that draws big money, plus we have a large underground cave network for storage and transport that easily takes in big trucks. Being central to the rest of the nation is probably conducive to our also well known drug trafficking, so it's easy to imagine that we'd be an area in line for operations concerning taking back the country.

I won't go on about what little else I might know about this area, but that was just really interesting last night.

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