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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Wir Wollen Deutsche Bleiben

I can be a little harsh even in a good mood, like in yesterday's post. I bet some of you are wondering where the hell that even came from.

Have you ever read Goethe's rebuttal to Isaac Newton's conclusions on the science of colors?

Let's look for a sec at who Goethe really was.

From http://www.eoht.info/m/page/Goethe+on+religion

And you remember what I found about Newton being a Kabbalist.

So Newton discovered the 7 colors of light refracted in a prism. Goethe intellectually mocked by pointing out the light source was artificial, and then went on to conclude that dark and light together create the polarity that creates colors.

I don't care who is right here. Goethe the atheist correcting the Kabbalist leaving out the darkness polarizing the light is too enticing to pass up. If you don't get it, Kabbalism is kinda like early Luciferianism, for context.

Newton helped create the start of globalism. Goethe clothed it with vain intellectualism. Both men may have been right about many things, but they were both also obsessed with their own intellectual vanity.

And they are both very famous because that was the beginning of doublethink. Why did Newton burn so much of his work before he died? Scientists fear political reprisal.

I come from a long history of Germans on my dad's side. He taught me to think from a very young age. What I learned over my lifetime is that a person can be brilliant with thinking and still be very wrong. Thinking of itself is not wisdom.

I like thinking. It's a wonderful distraction. The thing about thinking, though, is that anyone with half a brain can twist anything up into double meanings, alt meanings, what we call spin nowadays. Goethe was jam packed with spin. It can be hard to see that if you haven't studied enculturation and how different languages work.

What might Goethe have said about Aryan physics, I wonder? Would he have been as pompous to stand up to it as he was Newton? Being born so short a time after Newton's death was perfect for Goethe. If he'd been born closer to Schrodinger, his writings might have turned out very differently.

As you can imagine, I'm dancing all around Hitler, the king of coopting German think. I'm pointing out that along the way of German development in the way of philosophy meets science is Mr. Goethe.

Subsequent generations build on forebears, thought evolution notwithstanding. Yes, I'm accusing Goethe of doublethink. He called out the Kabbalist of the day, but who calls out Goethe?

Those elites who funded Hitler also funded keeping Goethe alive in university curriculums.

Think about that.

Back to the book at the top of this post. THAT is a German book worth reading. I came along that line of history. It wouldn't hurt the world for people to know more about Germans than Goethe and Hitler.

I think I've about worked that out of my system. See ya.

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