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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

can you hear me running

Dear Flash and people watching The Flash-

This happening in microseconds with Godspeed couldn't keep up with the news team literally having their BREAKING NEWS in place the microsecond it happened. Subtle. How many of you noticed that Godspeed was beat only by the MSM?

Ask yourselves if this is propaganda flashing through your brains during entertainment. Mainstream media IS your God.

Also ask yourselves, during this covid 'pandemic', if CITIZENS HELD HOSTAGE was a subtle reveal to your subconscious minds who is in control. Once you wake up, you notice everything.

Also ask why superheroes wear masks. Why are masks so important, and why can only superheroes save the day?

We're not helpless. They've only brainwashed us to believe we are.

Wake up.

Anons are the ultimate snark, for friends who want more in their lives.

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